Month in Tens March Photos at 664

Good Morning and what a fine day it is this morning. No snow and 57° at 8 am., but it will be 63° by this afternoon and raining, both today and tomorrow. So we bid farewell to the sun until Wednesday.

But what was it like a couple of days ago, all day? Hey, it is Western New York,  and Month in Tens images gives you a peek at how quickly it changes.

It looks like we are headed toward Spring and this may be our final bid to winter. I checked the 10 day forecast before posting these final (fingers crossed) winter scenes. This year was a bust for great winter photos with nothing as beautiful as those I took last year at the Falls.  Even those in my garden have less appeal as previously captured with feet of new fallen snow.

As you take the tour of the garden, you find I did not cut back perennials yet, but with temperatures comfortably in the sixties all week, I will try to find some time to get my garden in shape for the bulbs just starting to break through the soil.

This storm was quite an interesting snowfall with larger than normal snowflakes. The wind whipped the snow like in the first image. The day vacillated between sun and gray skies and you can follow the images from morning to nightfall in this post.

Some images are in color and others in B&W, but that is how the day appeared. No sooner than the snow stopped and the sun appeared, the sky darkened and the wind howled again. Tree branches were falling and trash blew around the neighborhood.

The weather did not thwart the squirrels from getting a free meal. The little guy here kept having to shake off the snow.  He should have given his tail a quick wiggle.

All the garden trees got a soft coating of snow. So much better than ice, since that is what is much more common at this time of year.

The sun peeked in and out and started to melt the snow right off the concolor needles. But the day concludes with a hope for calmer weather, and I retreat inside. But it was hard to pass my indoor garden without a few dreamy, early evening images. After all, what a better way to set a cue for the nighttime slumber a little later.

Don’t miss the previous post if you want to see how March is turning out. The Month in Tens Calendar gives a day by day account of the weather in the garden. I have been documenting the weather and its effect on the garden all year. The next post for GBBD will follow this format today. I most likely will do it on the 14th, the day the Niagara Falls Magazine images.

I would not be surprised to see others take the reins and do a full, all day post. It was the first time I did this, but it will not be the last. I found how much the day changes what you see, and on what you choose to focus. To go from early morning to back inside gives an interesting look at the garden. Maybe the orchids take center stage in the next GBBD post, we will see. I do have few in bloom, although the majority of them are still at rest. Plus maybe you will see my nighttime lighting of the trees and shrubs, which I partially showed in B&W in this post.

After GBBD, the following post takes you on a walk around town. See a really beautiful village waterfront not far from my home.

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15 Responses to Month in Tens March Photos at 664

  1. I really like the black and white photos of the snow. It has been a crazy winter, we are so warm and you are having snow showers. The pines bough with the snow in color is so bright and crisp.

  2. These images are so beautiful and such a nice tribute to the winter, whatever there was of it. I always love coming here and having a feast for the eyes.

  3. The winter storm images were beautiful with the large flakes swirling…even though we had very little winter it appears we did have more than you. They are predicting 3 weeks of the 60s and low 70s…more May than March but I am not complaining…my garden is jumping and I expect by the weekend it will be flying in growth starts…

  4. andrea says:

    Your surroundings still look very very cold, while here we are already very very hot. If only those cold winds can be fanned off this way! I always love your photos, and you know that. The last two photos are my envy, as still i dont have the lens to simulate them.

  5. tina says:

    As always your images are exquisite. Just amazing. Even the snow ones and I can say I think snow is beautiful but not for me. I’m glad spring is coming early. Mud season now?:)

  6. HolleyGarden says:

    It amazes me that you have had snow in March. We are up to 80 degrees here, and I can’t remember the last time it froze. The snow is beautiful, though.

  7. Shyrlene says:

    Photos, where you can see the motion of snow falling – the best! Your macro shots of flower buds – incredible.

  8. a dusting of winter graced your neighborhood…your B&W images really show the drama of the snowfall…beautiful! Maybe your last snow for the season?

  9. Alistair says:

    Perhaps not as much snow as last year, you do make the best of it in your pictures though. I do like the black and white ones of your neighbourhood, just like scenes from its a wonderful life.

  10. Barbie says:

    The contrasts of snow and spring blossoms are a reminder of the greatness of mother nature. Thank you for sharing

  11. Even though was a little bit of a bust this year, it still left you with some lovely snowy scenes. Winter here seems to have come back for one last hoorah. It’s been dumping rain all day, and we may not see the sun again until next week!

  12. Layanee says:

    What a lovely montage. Vive spring.

  13. Grace says:

    I’m wowed by your photography prowess. These images are amazing. Your weather sounds a lot like ours: wet snow, wind, rain…then clearing, more wind, then dark clouds…rinse and repeat. 🙂 All of this while the middle of the continent basks in sunshine. Great post!

  14. b-a-g says:

    Thanks for leaving me the tip on “tracery”. I see it now! – and in your garden too.

  15. jakesprinter says:

    All is awesome .Beautiful post my friend 🙂

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