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I take a lot of photo walks partially due to my job, probably more than most garden bloggers. Every month with Month in Tens Calendar, you see my garden in its raw form, day by day, only changing as the weather changes. You have seen many of our local attractions and parks as some of my work (architectural and landscaping) happens in these places. Often images from my jobs slips into posts, but I do not call attention to my design work, as I am very private on this front. You see buildings and landscapes I have designed, but would never know it.

I have taken you around the town I live in on more than one occasion, and have been happy to see other garden bloggers branching out into their communities and park systems doing the same. It is nice to see what is happening elsewhere in the world.

What I can notice from these visits, here, and around the world, is not only the beautiful scenery, but also ecosystems at work and landscaping both natural and man-made. I will take you back to Lewiston again this Summer so you can see how the tended gardens come to life. So let’s see Lewiston at this time of year, with the trees bare and the sun visiting us for another day.

About the Place

Lewiston, NY is a picturesque village located along the Niagara River, and was the first European settlement in Western New York. In October 1812, six thousand American troops were sent to Lewiston, NY to invade Canada. Cannons were pointed at the Village of Queenston, Canada. The Americans lost this battle, despite outnumbering the British, because the militia refused to fight on foreign soil. They did cross the Niagara River into Canada to kill General Brock, a British commander.  Some Canadians believe that if it wasn’t for General Brock’s skilled leadership, that their country would be part of the United States today.

The Black Pearl is a sailing ship that departs the docks for weekend cruises at North Water Street. This is not a photo of mine of the ship, but comes from this source.

This summer I may get a photo. This is what their site says about the cruise, “As you sail the Lower Niagara River, you’ll be in a time machine taking you back in history — you’ll see where slaves escaped to Canada, where the first battle of the War of 1812 was fought, where French explorers first landed to trade with the native Americans, and where Niagara Falls started 12,000 years ago.”

Niagara Falls was not always where it is today. Lewiston, where it was 12,000 years ago, is about seven miles from where I live, and if you read here often, you know I can walk to the Falls. Lewiston is where I work often and attend garden club meetings. In fact, I took these images right before a meeting I attended last week.

Wilson is where the Farm is located, but not along the lake. It is off of Rt. 104 at the red arrow and a twenty-mile drive.

I will take you to Olcott, which is along Lake Ontario next. The farm’s owner also has another tree farm there.

But, back to Lewiston. The river looks very different here than where I live because of having the very high gorge walls, upper and lower river with the connecting falls, and raging rapids. Here the waters are calm and navigable by boats and small ships of many sizes.

I do not know how deep the channels are that determine the size of boats and ships, but to the left is a chart showing that the depth at the falls itself is about as deep as it is tall. (source)

I hope this post gives you a little more context to many of the places I take you to and much of what I often refer.

The Silo Restaurant, Lewiston,  NY

The Silo has been a part of the Lewiston waterfront history since the 1920-30’s, and tourists boarded steamers at the Silo to go to Toronto. It is a converted coal silo.

The Lewiston docks are a very pretty spot along the Niagara River. The Niagara River leads to Lake Ontario at Youngstown, NY as shown in the map above.

Unlike getting to the river in Niagara Falls, here, they have boat docks and slips. It is easy to access the river walk.

But, gulls are everywhere. Many, many of them.

Is this not a handsome train conductor?

This is looking back in the direction of Canada. The tall monument in the background is of General Brock, a respected leader. His tall monument stands in Queenston today and can be seen across the river above.

Lewiston really celebrates their waterfront and it is very well maintained.  These images were taken on March 5th. It looks Summer like, no? But check out the post on March 13 that showed my garden on March 9th. You would never guess that the weather can be so fickle here.

About Garden Walk Garden Talk

I love to photograph, paint, draw, design, garden, travel the world, and pass on a few tips and ideas that I learned through experience as a Master Gardener and architect. I am highly trained in my field and enjoy my work each and every day. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY in zone 6-B. Find me at: http://gardenwalkgardentalk.com
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20 Responses to River Walk Continues Further North

  1. I had never heard of the Black Pearl or the Silo Restaurant. I learned a lot about touristy places in my backyard!

  2. Never been beyond the Falls so this was a treat…will have to note this for future travels…I do hope to have time to make some walks about my area and show some sights…depends on the crazy job schedule…

  3. Greg says:

    I thought the “River Walk” was further south. In San Antonoio. lol.

  4. HolleyGarden says:

    What a nice area to live. Lovely scenery. I am always drawn to water, but don’t live near any large bodies. I think you have the best of both worlds. Except for the snow, which I don’t care for! 🙂

  5. Barbie says:

    Looks like the seagulls have taken over the area 🙂 – When spring really hits it must be so beautiful!

  6. Laurrie says:

    A fascinating tour, and with some history and geology too. Thanks for the guided views!

  7. Thanks for sharing a little more of your part of the world. I have been to the falls but only for a tourist stop. You certainly make me want to explore more next time I am in that part of the country. I love all the seagull photos!

  8. deborahelliott says:

    Your weather offers a full range of experiences! Your photos from the snowy March 9 are beautiful, and so are the sunny Lewiston pictures. You are fortunate to live in an area with so much history and natural beauty!

  9. It looks like a lovely area. It can sometimes be so difficult to find time for – or even remember to – enjoy the area you live in, so it’s refreshing to be reminded that sightseeing isn’t just something we should do when we go on holiday, but also something that can be slotted in on the way home from work or on a regular Saturday afternoon.

  10. b-a-g says:

    I’m guessing that you designed the staircase for accessing the river walk.

  11. thequeenofseaford says:

    Donna, what a great overview of the Falls and River. I have never been to the Falls, one place I would really like to visit. We lived in NY when I was in middle school and visited some of the old forts from the Revolutionary War but never made it to your area. Now that we are retired I think it is time.

  12. Patty says:

    I have never been to Lewiston unless I was passing through to elsewhere. It looks like a lovely town (?). I remember the photos of 2 summers ago when you took us through a tour of the place with its lovely colourful homes. I really should make a day of it.

  13. Kevin says:

    One of the most interesting things about visiting blogs is to learn a little bit more about the writer of the blog. I think it’s great that you are able to meld your career with your blog — and share so much of your world with the rest of us. Enjoy spring.

  14. very nice, Donna. Loved the historical info. My husband, Jerry, and I visited Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. It is awesome.

  15. http://lynnfromthegarden.wordpress.com
    I fell on Feb 27th, sprained my left wrist and broke my right arm. Gardening season is upon me and all I can do is spray stuff, take pix, walk around and look. Ugh!

  16. photobach says:

    Encore de très belles photos

  17. Bom says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Donna. We were hoping to visit the falls (additional inspiration from your blog, of course) for our coming trip but sadly it is not yet meant to be. I guess I will have to content myself for now by taking in the sights through your blog.

  18. Thanks for sharing Lewiston through your great photos.

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