Spring in the Blink of an Eye

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Now on to Spring

We rarely get a decent Spring, and jump from bitter Winter right into the heat of Summer. It is like a bad joke some years. This year is especially finicky with temperatures in the eighties in mid-March and the buds rushing to bloom. In fact, we have had consecutive days of record highs up to the mid-eighties, putting garden plants up to a month ahead of schedule. Now if you follow GWGT here, you can see that is almost suicidal for many of the Spring flowers. They bloom one day, and the next is sayonara, see you next year. But wait, the heat is not all that stricken the delicate petals, we have snow and ice to come.

The temperatures quickly dropped as expected back into the twenties, so many of the flowers shown from last year may not be back this year.  The plants most affected will be the fruiting trees, but some perennials made an appearance a little too soon. The plants should be fine, but just not produce flowers if the buds got chilled.

Hard hit were the Magnolias and I have had clients reporting the trees prematurely losing the flowers. The Magnolias will be fine for the following year, but flowers were frosted and many dropped the petals.

Some owners covered the garden with bed sheets to trap in the warm ground temperatures from late afternoon, while others just waited out the weather.

But honestly, I did nothing other than pick a few flowers to bring indoors, and the hyacinths and tulips that remained outside fared pretty well. But wait again… now the snow is back and you will see our March in the next post, Monthly Weather Calendar, March 2012.

Don’t you just love the micro world of Spring, looking closely as the fairies see it? It takes on another world’s view. Just take two minutes to enjoy Spring from my garden (mostly) in 2011 in the video below.  If buffering plagues you, click the YouTube logo at the bottom right of the video and it plays right from YouTube with no delays, but it is not quite as clear an image. I have cable as an internet provider so the video plays fine here.

See the post Monthly Weather Calendar – March 2012 up next for what this year brought in blooms.

One hundred images will be over in a blink of an eye.

Oh, if you want to feel like Spring and get those Happy Feet moving, I made the video to the song Springtime, by Imagination Movers. I wish I could have posted it with the music, but that is forbidden. I could not even find the song anywhere on the web for you to enjoy. They are a Disney band for kids, and I got my copy on iTunes. Get the song for your kids, it is bouncy and fun. And don’t miss the last installment of the March Calendar up next. Life in the North is so unpredictable.

See the other blossoms over at The Weekly Sunday Post, by Jake Sprinter.


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23 Responses to Spring in the Blink of an Eye

  1. So many great spring blooms that look familiar…the very cold nights are still with us…my lilacs are covered as is the veg garden…the rest will fair as they can…rhubarb has brown leaves…hoping these cold nights warm a bit…the peepers and mosquitoes have gone away again….

  2. Dear Donna, Yes, the micro-world of spring is truly amazing. Your pictures are stunning, as ever. Let’s hope this weird and wacky weather doesn’t do too much damage to those gorgeous blooms. P. x

  3. Lovely blooms, I think spring begs us to come in for that macro view!
    Looked at the dogs in nature link you shared, I agree, they are most disruptive to the delicate balance in the woods. Interesting posting.

  4. What a wonderful video of your blooms 🙂 This certainly has been an interesting spring across the country. It is interesting to read the blogs across the country and know that we are not alone in the phenomenon. Just when we think we have this all figured out….

  5. Beautiful video! Spring came way too early here but I’m enjoying the extra month of gardening that’s been gifted to me! We had days in the 80’s in March. Weird!!

  6. We had some frost the night between Saturday and Sunday, and during the next week the forecast mentions night temperatures down below 25F… Still, the garden will fend for itself, I’m sure, and it looks like the buds on the apple tree are still tight enough that they will make it.

  7. Lisa says:

    LOVED all of your closeups, but especially the gorgeous iris and the busy bee!

  8. Karen says:

    Now that is a video I could watch over and over again. Spring seems to go by just that fast, too.
    We’re still lucky so far; the temps are colder, but no snow. Yet. (Pessimistic me.)

    Gorgeous photography, Donna.

  9. You certainly have a way of introducing us to spring in your garden – joyful.

  10. gauchoman2002 says:

    Great photo montage. Bummer to hear that the seesaw hot/cold Spring might deprive you of some of the flowers that you’ve had in previous years. I’m also quite concerned about our fruit trees and berry bushes. Hopefully there’s no hard frost for the next month or so, fingers crossed.

  11. b-a-g says:

    Enjoyed your video – thanks for the cloud break. The blackish iris is my fave.

  12. Christine says:

    Really gorgeous photos Donna! Got my Spring fix here. Love the dove at “Slow down” in the video – lovely shot.

  13. HolleyGarden says:

    Spring flies by here and then it gets hot. I didn’t realize the North had problems with spring flying by too fast, too. Perhaps it’s like that most places, and we just have an ideal in our minds that spring lasts longer elsewhere. I hated seeing the snow in your video after seeing such beautiful spring images. I can imagine that’s how you feel, too.

  14. Sounds like your spring is like ours but we have no snow. Love the photo of the allium with the turquoise fly.

  15. sergioslandscaping says:

    It’s great that you were able to immortalize the beautiful Spring blooms in your garden! The feeling of looking at these precious flowers is priceless. Being in the lawn maintenance Phoenix industry, we have seen our share of pretty flowering plants but each time is different and unique.

  16. Great video…love the shot of the wasp flying toward the bird house! I remember the springtime when i lived up north where we wore shorts one day and it would snow the next. So unpredictable but it is over in a flash and then the heat of the summer rushes in.

  17. Caring for a garden forces to be in the moment since the weather may become too hot or too cold; the deer may wreck havoc; or a tree may get blown, immediately changing the gardening conditions in the area.

  18. Maybelline says:

    Spring always seems to pass too quickly.

  19. Stunning video! Great to watch and blink… Sunny regards, Mariëtte (the Netherlands)

  20. jakesprinter says:

    Awesome post my friend 🙂

  21. Cassie says:

    Awesome pictures! I especially like the one with the bee, the colors are so stunning! Here is my Sunday-Post-Entry: http://cassiemeetsworld.com/photography/?p=1233

  22. Jo Bryant says:

    These are so great…we are just leaving the warmer months behind so it was lovely to see these all

  23. Colline says:

    Your photos are stunning. You have captured the essence of the theme beautifully.

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