Daily Inspiration – 2

The Inspiration series continues…see the first of the series to see what it is all about, W4W Inspiration for April 25… Inspiration.

Funny thing about creativity, something jars your soul and shifts your focus to ideas where something then becomes more than nothing. Do you look to poetry, prose, quotes, photography, movies, paintings, sculpture, or music? Music is especially inspiring.

Creativity breeds creativity.

These works of others can put you in another place and time, make you dream, make you think. Inspireā€¦. Remember my post Happy Monday from Pandora?

The movie and the image I did of myself above as a Navi, gave me the inspiration to create a post about being in tune with nature. A subject dear to my heart. The post explores the creative genius of the movie and creator James Cameron, too. It showed where he might have gotten his inspiration for representing the landscape in the film. It was a fascinating study for me.

Look beyond to a new focus

Experience something new. It is where original ideas can come from. Just take a few moments to focus on new sounds, words and ideas, because it is a great way to expand and excite artistry and vision.

From the post, 23 Farm Photos and Just Pics of Marty. Not your typical view of this equine!

And look at something new in a different way. Study it to see every nuance and a lightbulb can go off. Getting to know your subject is a powerful tool to creativity and a jump off point to learn more. Sometimes the focus shifts as a result, and you can see far past what currently binds and restricts concentration. From your study, you see a larger picture. Inspiration!

With a photography subject, a big key is taking what is familiar to the viewer, and choosing a view or pairing that is unlikely the viewer has seen before. This creates drama, interest or curiosity in the subject. Maybe it goes so far to make it art.

But these qualities are difficult to capture, and you may settle for ordinary until the unfamiliar rolls around. The image above is from a series of images where the wasp was protecting this female Carpenter bee from multiple bee suitors, and one very persistent fly. I found this an extremely unlikely event. It was hard to capture this scene with one image and required many to tell the tale. But one great one would have been so much more effective. This post, Beegetting – Carpenter Bees, qualified for getting to know my subject and experiencing something new also.

Below, this Monarch should have been long gone due to the time of year. Again, how do you tell that in a single photo? The post was, GGW Entry, End of Summer Thoughts.

You search out new experiences in order to find inspiration, just that simple. This is where inspiration feeds inspiration in many cases, it is sharing one inspiring story with others that can be the catalyst to thinking of additional experiences. Find what captures your soul and inspiration follows. Since inspiration follows inspiration, you can be the inspiration for others.

Remember my Snapple Capped the Buzz On Bees? I could not stop the research on that subject. There was more and more to find. The excitement built for the subject and so didĀ  the oddity of it all. This from reading the quirky little fact on the back of a soft drink bottle cap. No telling where and how you can find something to inspire inquiry.

More inspiration to come… getting inspired yet? W4W is 25 April. I bet you can find a post where you were truly inspired by something or someone else to get creative on your own. My post for Wednesday is on a place. I am keeping it simple, so others can be creative.

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7 Responses to Daily Inspiration – 2

  1. Andrea says:

    That photo of your equine is really very extraordinary. I had difficult time deciphering what part of the animals those protrusions are!

  2. ddonabella says:

    Words inspire me especially quotes. Of course poetry too…pair that with a wander around the garden to see the unusual, the way the light catches a plant or a visit from the critters all inspire. I love to wander for at least an hour with no particular purpose just looking for what catches my eye…then I try to capture it…very inspiring pictures and post!

  3. HolleyGarden says:

    Inspiration. All gardeners should be able to write a post on inspiration! After all, something inspired us to start gardening, keeps us inspired to continue working, and I believe there is daily inspiration in the garden.

  4. This post very is inspiring!!

  5. pbmgarden says:

    Great images and advice.

  6. Indie says:

    It is truly impressive the chain that one little spark can create. I know I am getting excited about a subject when I start sifting through long doctoral theses and random scientific postings! The camera is a fabulous tool as well, as it can be used to see things that are a little too small for my eyes to fully appreciate.

  7. I have been very inspired by your inspiration posts. Creativity has always been a part of my life, but in the last few years it has become more and more important for me to explore it more fully. Your creativity is beautiful and always shows the depth of your soul. Your Navi is stunningly elegant and fantastical…mesmerizing.

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