Daniel Boone Homestead – Gorgeous Countryside

Boone home.

Welcome to the area where I grew up in Pennsylvania before moving out on my own to the other side of Berks County (the park shown in a previous post). More to come where I lived at this time.

The Daniel Boone Homestead is 579 acres of pristine rolling countryside and is located next to the approximate 400 acres where my parents once lived. Both parents are passed on and lived at the next door estate to the end of their lives.

Boone House and Smokehouse

I grew up hiking the miles of trails connecting the properties. Next post I will show you a few images where the four-home estate was located. I could not drive back the very long private drive since the property is under new ownership, but will show you the first home located at the road. All the homes were similar to the one in which I lived, even the Boone home.

Now for the property at the Daniel Boone Homestead, my stomping grounds.

Tree Lined Driveway

This is the very long drive to the Homestead. The property where I grew up also had a long narrow drive lined with huge trees.

One of the many riding trails through the picturesque countryside in the Oley Valley. Daniel Boone once hiked these trails. He was born here in November 2, 1734, and was raised in an English Quaker household. Daniel was the sixth of eleven born to Squire and Sarah Boone. He only spent his boyhood years here before his family moved to North Carolina in 1750. He returned to visit his boyhood home twice as an adult in 1781 and 1788.

Trail to Barn.

After the Boones moved south, the Maugridge and DeTurk families occupied the property. William Maugridge was Squire Boone’s cousin. The DeTurks were Pennsylvanian Germans who prospered as farmers.

The two images above are the kitchen gardens. Herbs and vegetables are growing similar to the ones that might have been planted in the 1700s.

Barn (right), House (center) and Blacksmith House on the left.

The site today is comprised of seven period buildings, including the Boone House, Smokehouse, Blacksmith Shop, Homestead Barn, 1730s Bertolet Log House, Bake House, and Bertolet Sawmill.

Barn roof trusses and construction.

Homestead Barn, portions are original.

The Oley Valley comprises a multi-township region in eastern Berks County. It is very well-preserved with cultural heritage, colonial architecture and pristine rural countryside.

Resident Farm Geese

Wayside Lodge

The Homestead is currently owned and maintained by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.  The property includes period buildings, a Visitor Center, miles of trails, picnic areas, a lake, and camping facilities. If you want historical background and more information on Daniel Boone Homestead, go to the link above.


The Bertolet Sawmill is a water powered, vertical blade sawmill. It originally stood in Oley Township, and was moved to this site in 1972.

Water power.

Owatin Creek, ran through the Boone property and the estate where my parents lived. I loved this creek. Geese were always swimming here.

It is supported and operated by the Friends of the Daniel Boone Homestead, a non-profit, community support organization.

Bertolet Log Cabin

It was built in 1737 and was moved from Quarry Road in Oley Township to here in 1968. It is a great example of 18th century German log architecture. The fireplace is centrally located, typical of German construction.

The DeTurks, (last owners of the Boone property), and the Bertolets were related by marriage.

Bertolet Smokehouse was also moved here in 1968. It is both a smokehouse and bakehouse. The clay roof was typical of German construction.

A very pretty location.

In addition to showing you where my parents lived, I will show also the interior of the buildings you are seeing here today. You will see period furnishings next post.

The W4W, Harmony with Color post will be published for Wednesday, the 23rd. Join along, my post explores Harmony with Color, but you may choose any way you want to express the word.

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13 Responses to Daniel Boone Homestead – Gorgeous Countryside

  1. Beautiful Donna! I am enjoying this series of posts!

  2. Donna I grew up in Philadelphia, but moved to rural N Indiana when i was 5. All my relatives were in Philly still so we spent lots of time there. But I never had the pleasure of visiting your area there. I love history and will have to make a point to visit this lovely area of PA. Wonderful series and can’t wait for more. Also can’t wait to hear about the Fling!

  3. Laurrie says:

    Thanks for this tour. We visited the Daniel Boone homestead a few years ago, but I never got any photos, so your beautiful pictures were a real memory jogger for me. I love seeing the buildings and countryside again, but my favorite shot is the fence line following the road along the grassy meadow.

  4. Jeanette says:

    Donna, wonderful article and photographs. Thank you for sharing these memories of your childhood. Bucolic, peaceful, blood pressure lowers!

  5. HolleyGarden says:

    How wonderful it must have been growing up there. Beautiful countryside, riding, walking, and history, too! I bet you have great memories. I’ve never been to PA, so I’m really enjoying seeing it – it really is beautiful. And I had no idea the Daniel Boone homestead was there. Very interesting information.

  6. Victor Ho says:

    In a complete aside, I want to thank you again for your comments related to slide scanning. Without your first comment I would not have hooked up with David Sack in England who put me on to Vuescan as a software alternative to the original Nikon software. My scanning has been efficient and fast! What a round about way that blogging has been of such help. Thanks again.

  7. thanks for showing important elements of your visit and past pleasures.

  8. GirlSprout says:

    The photos are beautiful. I especially like the one of meadow and the winding fence. The photos are so restful. I’m a little more relaxed just by looking at them.

  9. Your love of the area really shows with this post. Squire Boone, squire– cool. I think some of the farms in Berks county and the bridges as well, are picture perfect. Your photos really make them shine.

  10. Hey Donna,
    I love this kind of thing. Very nice job
    Love the geese.

  11. Lea says:

    Beautiful country!
    Thanks for the tour!
    Have a great day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  12. What a wonderful place to grow up! The countryside is beautiful and the buildings are amazing! I am particularly impressed with the barn roof trusses.

  13. I have visited this historic site, and you photos capture the beauty of the buildings and location. I had a great time and the fling with you and can’t wait to read your posts about it.

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