As I See It

I’m Back…

Oriental Poppy at the Biltmore Estate

I will be continuing to post images from my trip through PA and NC quite regularly in these coming weeks. I finally got reliable internet where I am staying in PA this time, and will be heading home in a couple of days to cable internet that I am very appreciative of after the last three places that I stayed. Unbelievably in NC, the same problem continued with wireless internet dead zones in my hotel. I will be visiting you all, FINALLY.

The Burton Street Community Peace Garden Poppy

Each of my travel posts will be subtitled ‘As I See It’, and will note places that I visited through PA and NC. I will continue with where I lived in PA with more images and text as promised, but as we travel further southwest to Asheville, the posts will be a pictorial look at all the places we went as scheduled during the Fling. I took 1,955 photos on three high-speed 8GB, SD cards with the camera set to fine/jpeg since May 9th.

We had a wonderful time and the weather was great. Many thanks to the organizers, Christopher C., Francis G., Helen Yoest, Lisa Wagner, Nan Chase, Rebecca Reed and Ana Calderin; garden hosts and hostesses, Damaris and Ricki Pierce at Wamboldtopia, Christopher Mello at Gnomon, Safi and DeWayne at Burton Street Community Peace Garden, Sunny Point Cafe, the folks at the Biltmore, NC Arboretum, Nan Chase and more; and the very generous sponsors which I will note in future posts.

Double Poppy at the Burton Street Community Peace Garden

Other bloggers will and are posting much of the same, but most likely will have lengthy commentary which there is no need to keep repeating, and I will let them have the floor in this arena. I take images more from the big landscape perspective (unlike this macro shot post), as I visited Chanticleer, the Morris Arboretum, the Scott Arboretum at Swathmore College, the Biltmore Estate and Gardens, the NC Arboretum, and more.

Red Flanders Poppy at Chanticleer. This strong color combination is one of my all time favorites. Nothing like a field or meadow of poppies.

W4W is on Wednesday, hoping you like the word Harmony where you can see how I use it to relate to color in design. It is a design exercise that you might try. Feel free to explore the word any way you choose, there is always great posts with unique looks coming from W4W, so see all that join.

White Poppy at Christopher Mello at Gnomon

Hope you enjoy all the places that I visited as much as I did. Travel posts resume for Friday with 1,955 photos from which to choose. Decisions, decisions… and I have many more poppies too!

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25 Responses to As I See It

  1. LyndaMichele says:

    These photos are stunning! I love your blog style, your photos make me feel like I’ve been there 🙂

  2. Sounds like it was a fantastic fling! I am so disappointed I wasn’t able to attend, especially since it was so close to me. I had family obligations that prevented me from coming. I am looking forward to all you photos! The ones in this post are fabulous!

    • I was really sorry I you missed the Fling, Karin. I so wanted to meet you. I took many photos, and many are nice, but I am not sure what I will be posting. I think it might be posting Sightseeing Snippets, Sense of Place Impressions, or Garden Moments. So many are posting the exact same views and same garden objects. So many will be talking about where we went. I might do it in abbreviated form so as to free up what people are reading about and photos they are seeing. I did many more gardens on my trip than most though, so I do have quite a bit that will be different.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip and can’t wait to relive it with you…my Harmony post will be ready next Monday the 28th…a bit late but boy have I been busy with this gorgeous weather we have been having…welcome back!

  4. Very nice, Donna! I, too, am jealous–of the trip and the chance to be at the fling. Obviously, I wanted to be at my son’s graduation, too, but I really want to get to the fling next year. I hope it doesn’t fall during a time that I have a commitment. So much to look forward to on your blog!

    • I wish you could have come. Next year is out in San Fran I think, and that will be a fun time. It is hard when they schedule around graduations. So many have children where this conflicts and there is certainly no choice to make. We did request they make it later in June to avoid this, and for those of us in the garden industry busy at this time of year. Buffalo had it in July if I remember and that was great for my schedule. Hopefully they reconsider.

  5. newvoice says:

    How wonderful and colourful. LOVE your photos!!

  6. Victor Ho says:

    Great shots. Perfect time of the year, but then again that was planned wasn’t it?

    • It was a great blogging adventure. I did extend my trip to include a bit of ‘home’ and found that very fun as well. Still in PA, and the sunny weather did not follow me here. 😦

  7. Jennifer says:

    Donna, I am really looking forward to seeing all your photography. The poppies are beautiful.

  8. makkjek says:

    Reblogged this on makkjek and commented:
    eye-catching, soul-catching

  9. Bom says:

    Wonderful close-ups and the landscape view. 1,995 photos! That’s a lot of material for future posts. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Donna. I see that we’ve both been away with erratic internet. I will be home tom (finally) and will try to catch up as much as I can. I haven’t been posting much but have valiantly tried to keep up with your posts and those of other bloggers.

    • Thank you very much for keeping GWGT in mind. I was so disappointed I could not get online, but glad I had many posts scheduled just in that event. I read a few photography blogs that post daily and was itching to see what was being uploaded. Boy, did I miss a mountain of good stuff. I did check out your blog and saw that your newest post I had seen before I left. I never had these internet woes before when I traveled. Only once, but I asked for a room change. In NC, the whole hotel was inaccessible except if you sat right in the lobby. Funny too, the hotel manager said we were the only ones complaining about it, but I found out on our last day many complained and were told the same thing.

  10. b-a-g says:

    Glad you’re back Donna. I thought the fling was like a conference, but it sounds more fun than that.

  11. tina@inthegarden says:

    I was right, your post is magical and your words perfect as they are truly you! I can’t wait to see more. It was SO nice finally getting to meet you!

    • Thanks bunches Tina. It was wonderful getting to know you and Julie. I am already looking forward to next year and was talking to a fellow blogger and friend from Buffalo who might be interested too. I know it was difficult to meet 84 different bloggers, but well worth the effort. I found the sponsors and garden writers a great bunch of folks as well.

  12. Kala says:

    These images are stunning in both clarity and composition.

  13. Jean says:

    Love your photos Donna, and loved meeting you at the Fling. Though I loved all the Asheville gardens, isn’t Chanticleer spectactular?

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