An Artist’s Garden

This garden was awash with color, just like the artist’s paintings. The painting is a self-portrait below of the artist working in her idealized garden.  Notice what I think is a huge Allium?

All colors are present throughout. Many old-fashioned perennials are planted in the beds, along with numerous colorful annuals.

As I mentioned with the last garden, there is ornament in most of the garden beds. Angels are the theme in the figures.

The above image is of a container the artist arranged, and it can be seen below on the patio.

In fact, many containers decorate the small patio.

The hollyhocks in the outside the corner windows.

The front of the home faces a small, community shared pond.

Is this not a colorful and welcoming entry?

I am testing the auto schedule with this post so hopefully this post uploads correctly. I will be going away shortly and I want to schedule Chanticleer posts ahead of time.

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  1. Posted just now on the 4th…my auto posy schedule is not working…very lovely garden and what a great front view from the house and of the garden..

    • I cannot figure out auto post. One time I lost a post, another it scheduled before the date and posted before posts that already were published. Today, I thought it would post at 9 pm and I wake up today and it is posted, but when? My Chanticleer posts, 10 of them are scheduled for 10 straight days. Watch them all post on one day. I will only see what happens with my iPhone, and there is not much to do about it then. I have the WP app on the phone, but that is how I lost a post.

  2. Love that the homes have a shared pond in the center. The colors are amazing.

    • The garden seemed more colorful when I was there. When I looked at the images, I was a little disappointed it did not read as I had remembered. I really was rushed going from garden to garden.

  3. Great color combinations. A MG friend of mine is an artist and it really reflects in her garden as it does in this one. What a lovely gift to have.

    • That is what I told this woman. It seems all artists have an interest and knack for designing gardens, combining color and working with texture and scale. It comes sort of naturally when one does a lot of painting or sculpting.

  4. It’s indeed a welcoming entry. I’d never get to the door. The painting is displayed beautifully!

  5. Andrea says:

    These are very well tended gardens. It is nice to be living in unfenced gardens like most of your countries. But here, most of the big domestic gardens most especially the artists’ gardens are all fenced, actually tall fences and we cannot just peep through. I just see the semblance of what’s inside from coffeetable books! haay pity!

  6. Anarya Andir says:

    Really beautiful 🙂

  7. How beautiful! The colors excite me but the stillness of the painting calms me as well. How really beautiful. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Marguerite says:

    Really like the shared pond, what a great idea.

    • This is like a gated community where the residents pay a monthly maintenance fee I think. There are quite a few like this in our area, but many have planting restrictions and this one obviously does not.

  9. stone says:

    That is a wonderful foundation planting… I hate useless green shrubs…
    I want a painting to live with my flowers…
    So… Tell us, Was this a tour of homes and gardens?
    I think you should go back and collect some seed from that purple hollyhock. That picote effect is nice.

    • The tour is part of the Lewiston GardenFest that I have been posting about. There was 17 homes on the tour and I visited most of them. Not all are as different as the the one on Sunday, Whimsy, and today, on the artist. I may do a post on a few others. There is one with a hydroponics contraption, one lovely shade garden, and another with a picturesque farm. I visit many garden walks in our area, so there is thousands of homes to visit.

      • stone says:

        Ok… I didn’t make the connection… I read this post a number of times… Couldn’t find any indication of what this garden was a part of, but the painting suggested that it was a part of a tour.
        I’ve seen paintings as a part of the permanent garden structure, and while I know that isn’t the case with this garden, I want it to be…
        … Thousands!
        I’m kinda jealous…

  10. Beautiful, Lovely Gardens – thanks so much for sharing:) Have a Lovely Day!

  11. skeeter says:

    A Pond Community! That is so awesome and I would enjoy strolling around the pond and enjoying such beauty as the artist house. I am so envious of the lush and vibrant colors of the blooms. My blooms never look so happy in our heat and drought…

  12. Indie says:

    It is interesting to see how artists and their gardens are related. I know one artist who paints mainly Asian-inspired paintings, and her garden has a lot of those same touches to it.
    Very pretty!

    • Art and gardens go together. I think it is a sensibility the artist has and an appreciation for beauty. Myself, it extends to seeing all things in nature as interesting and unique, worth exploration and admiration.

  13. HolleyGarden says:

    I love the front plantings. It really does make you want to walk up to the front door and meet the people that live inside! And the container planting that you posted a close up of is beautiful. I liked looking at the painting of her idealized garden. Makes me wonder what my idealized garden would look like…

    • The front planting was prettier in person. The sun was so bright, my images did not do this garden justice. It is always hard photographing these open gardens because it is always during the brightest part of the day. I had a 4D circular polarizing filter on the camera today when I went shooting gardens, and if only helped a bit.

  14. I love her garden, and I especially love her painting! It’s delightful!

  15. Fun garden and great photos. I am using my iPad down at the library with wifi and it works perfectly.

    • When I got my iPad, I tried out the 4G with AT&T. It did not work that great, so I bought it without. I heard Verizon is better, meaning I would have to switch. Not sure I wanted to do that yet.

  16. And did it load as you wished? I find the painting in the garden an interesting touch. I love hollyhocks, haven’t had any in my garden for years! Need to change that for next year. Love the cute sitting area, a welcoming garden for sure.

    • No Janet, it did not load as I wished. I found out there is a 16 hour difference and 8 pm equals 00:00 on the schedule. It took loading the post on Framing twice to figure this out. But now I can schedule posts for 8pm EST and have the dumb thing load correctly.

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