Chanticleer Tour of Ten In Twelve

The Parking Lot Garden

This will be a series of twelve posts on Chanticleer. It is not about me talking design or types of plants. I may pop in a few comments, but for the most part, it is a leisurely walk where you will accompany me. It a stroll though the grounds at a slow pace.

I am betting that is exactly how they wanted you to experience this place. Some of the gardens I have been taking you to were learning and teaching gardens. Plants were identified on site and the gardens all had teaching moments.

My post on the Scott Arboretum is an example and it was picked up and linked to their site. They use that garden as a design laboratory I believe, teaching students horticulture and design. It is one of the most beautiful gardens I have been to and to learn in that environment would have been an educational joy.

But Chanticleer is not the same experience. Sure, you can learn quite a bit, but you are more inclined to stroll, set up an easel to paint, take a seat and enjoy nature or relax in the beauty of it all.

So each of the posts will begin where the last one left off. We start our stroll in the parking lot. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I arrived an hour before the gardens opened. I was granted access because of my profession and got a chance to speak freely with the grounds keepers and horticulturists. You can bet I was in horticulture heaven here. So see the gardens as I did…

See where we go next…

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12 Responses to Chanticleer Tour of Ten In Twelve

  1. Andrea says:

    I love the circuitous paths. Everything is very well maintained, amazing!

  2. Bom says:

    I love all that foliage. Wish I could have my own garden that would have that much green lushness.

  3. I’m a quadriplegic now so I never will see the gardens. If I had but one garden to see it would be Chanticleer so I’m eagerly awaiting future installments.

  4. This is an awesome and harmonious place. Very well arranged. Great job!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the garden walk with me!

  6. Just lovely Donna…want to see those paths for myself one day

  7. Loving your photos:)

  8. A very wonderful place. I’d love to walk there. Looks enchantingly peaceful. Just the kind of dense planting with lots of green that I specially like.

  9. I love the idea for this series of posts and can’t wait to look at the photos on my iPad. I am using my ancient laptop right now so the screen quality is terrible.

  10. What a great stand of Amsonia!! Love the Amsonia lining the walkway.

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