Chanticleer Three in Twelve Chanticleer House

Here we are walking up to the Chanticleer House, a mix of French and American design. The stuccoed home has a mansard roof and was built in 1913. The Rosengartens moved into the home year-round in 1924, but had enlarged it by building a new formal dining room and re-purposing the old dining room into a library.

The gravel forecourt is meticulously raked by a head gardener, which takes up to 45 minutes to complete the design, depending on the complexity.  The space is raked maybe four times a week, depending on visitor traffic. I did not dare to step on the gravel. It is surrounded by Asian Cherry trees, Accolade, that are under-planted with Hydrangea.

The design varies from concentric circles, wavy lines to a basket weave pattern, like above.

I was here as the Lenten Roses rested, and the Hydrangea was just beginning to bud. June is when the Hydrangea blooms. Lacecaps are on the right and Mopheads are on the left of this path.

The view is spectacular from the House.

This is the upper Terrace where the Teacup originally stood.

Now let’s head to the pool area.

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11 Responses to Chanticleer Three in Twelve Chanticleer House

  1. A Great Place to Explore and Spend Hours taking photos:)

  2. Absolutely stunning! Isn’t it great to have these luscious photos to view in the heat of this difficult summer? Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful house and grounds. I’m looking forward to seeing the pool!

  4. simply beautiful. thank you for taking me along this tour…=>

  5. Rose says:

    This is another garden on my “bucket list”–thanks for giving us such a grand tour, Donna! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your posts on Chanticleer.

  6. Sue Ellen says:

    I just recently found your blog. I am really enjoying this tour of Chanticleer. I try to visit gardens when we take a trip, we’re jsut not able to get away as often as I would like.

  7. HolleyGarden says:

    What a view!!!! It really is spectacular. And the poor gardener that has to rake that gravel! Seems like a mind-numbing job to me!

  8. It is fun to walk around my favorite garden with you even if I am not actually there.

  9. I love the gravel that they rake much like a zen garden….the images are even lovelier if that is possible!

  10. Wow!beautiful garden and it looks like a paradise breathing fresh air.Thank you for sharing.Inkjet Paper

  11. Bom says:

    I can’t get over having to rake the gravel for almost an hour just to give it a design. If I were the head gardener, I’d be sorely tempted to hit anyone who would dare mess up my design. LOL!

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