Chanticleer Four in Twelve The Pool

Not much is written about the Swimming pool, but it is one of the most beautifully designed areas. The only thing of note, was during World War I, the swimming pool terrace was used as a Victory Garden.

Today, the area boast beautiful roses, Clematis, and Wisteria. It is a very romantic scene.

The expanse of lawn was used for entertaining and lawn games.

The reflecting pool was built after the gardens became public. It adds a cooling, tropical feel to the terrace.

The sun porch transitions between the interior and the exterior. The arched openings were at one time glazed, making the space functional year-round. But later, when the gardens went public, were taken back to the original design and opened up. When I was here, people sat to enjoy it as it was originally intended.

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10 Responses to Chanticleer Four in Twelve The Pool

  1. Beautiful place and perfect for refreshing to ease the stress in life. Inkjet Paper

  2. I love that swimming pool. It seems to be quite large. But I think I love the reflecting pool even more. It’s just lovely! I have a question about the sun room. If it was originally built without glass in the windows, wasn’t it extravagant to have a fireplace in the room?

  3. Astrid says:

    Hi Donna! Hope you’re having fun “on the road” This garden is beautiful – just my style: clean crisp formal lines and lovely plantings. Imagine using the swimming pool as a Victory garden! I guess you do whatcha gotta do! Glad it’s a swimming pool again. Thanks for the lovely post.

  4. mary lou mcguire says:

    I love the rill…how does it begin? Do I see a fountain at the end?

  5. Its a really exquisite garden!
    Lovely photos Donna.

  6. Donna, The photos in this series of posts are so beautiful and catch the feeling of Chanticleer perfectly. I love the pool area and always wish I could go swimming. I think the staff gets to swim there after hours. Carolyn

  7. HolleyGarden says:

    I love the reflecting pool. And the rose growing up the pillar. This area seems very relaxing. I could imagine a nice swim, some lawn games, and an afternoon tea party.

  8. Chanticleer is on my list of gardens to visit. I love the black sambuncus in the pool pictures. I also love how sculpturally the crepe myrtles have been pruned.

  9. Wow! I think this is mt favorite! But I’m gonna wait for the post on the ruins first…so lovely, you’re so lucky to encounter a magical place up close and personal…

  10. Bom says:

    Have they ever used this as a set for a movie? I was thinking that I would want reflecting pools but then the thoughts of mosquito breeding grounds came to mind. Am I right to guess that isn’t a problem on your side of the world?

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