Chanticleer Nine in Twelve Pond View

Here we are again looking at the ponds, but from the upper terrace arbor. I will let you stroll and enjoy.

Hi all! I just got back from Maine, and if you are interested in picturesque photos I took from along the coast of Maine, check out my other blog, Green Apples. I really appreciate you having a look.

This is the first post that I did since April on this blog. I have been letting it go because it does very well with searches and there has not been much need to post additional material. I use it mostly for photography and garden walk overflow, hence the decent activity. Garden walks are a big draw in our area. So are Photoshop tips.

I am very busy since returning with work, and have gotten to visit some of you. I am hoping to visit more in the next few days. Thank you very much for following this series on Chanticleer. I have three more after this one, and number eleven was my favorite. Next we go into the woods, so get ready to cool off!

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13 Responses to Chanticleer Nine in Twelve Pond View

  1. Welcome back! I am enjoying your Chanticleer series and wonderful photos of these beautiful gardens.

    Hope it doesn’t take you too long to get caught up at work.

  2. More gorgeous scenes from the terrace…love the chairs.

  3. Oh, how magical! Thanks for letting us roam the grounds–I feel almost like I was there. Beautiful!

  4. Grace says:

    What a beautiful place. I love the meandering pathways and the water features. Looks like a person could get lost there.

  5. It’s such a lovely garden. And big!

  6. Bom says:

    Welcome back Donna! We are enjoying the tour of the grounds. Looking forward to the last couple of posts.

  7. This garden gave me a lot of ideas for the borders of my wetlands.

  8. Indie says:

    What a relaxing and peaceful looking place! There is so much in that garden.
    Welcome back!

  9. b-a-g says:

    Welcome back Donna!
    I would love to sit in one of those blue deck chairs.

  10. Andrea Burke says:

    Just found your blog while looking up info on the local garden walks. I love both your garden and the photography. I am trying to work on both myself, while raising a teenager and pre-schooler. Are you a professional photographer or are these great photos just a hobby? Would love to learn some tips for both the garden and photography.

    • Thank you and welcome Andrea. I am not a pro, but am a member of a local photography group, many of which are pros and own their own studios. I have had two semesters of schooling in photography, and have been photographing since 1980. If you are serious about wanting to learn more, I do tutorials and exercises on Green Apples, my other blog. Also on GWGT, but I am now focusing more on Green Apples. My profession is architecture and I am a landscape designer, so I can speak with experience on these issues. As a Master Gardener, I can speak to gardens also.

  11. stone says:

    I love water gardens!
    No close-ups of the iris! 😦
    Weren’t any of the water lilies in bloom yet?

  12. Great photos from Chanticleer! I visited with Carolyn just a few weeks before you did, but I have not managed to get my posts on it out yet. It was still much spring when I was there and more summery for your visit. It is such a romantic garden! Hope work in going well!

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