Chanticleer Ten in Twelve Minder Woods

Off into the woods. Enjoy your walk, but make sure to take a seat along the way. The cooling air is nice.

Do you not feel the temperature dropping?

Birds are tweeting and you instantly get more spring in your step.

The sounds in these woods are both relaxing and invigorating. You feel renewed.

You can always pull up a bench, sit and have a chat, but this is a place for quiet. Think outdoor church sanctuary. The towering trees give a sense of retreat and sanctum.

The Asian garden is peaceful, tranquil, secluded and harmonious. It blends into the surroundings in a calming and undisturbed way.

The bridge is simple, yet elegant in form.

The curved path pays respect to the bridge in acknowledging form.

The brook babbles, breaking the silence so gently. Let’s descend the stairs for it is time to head back.

If you are interested in picturesque photos that I took from along the coast of Maine, check out my other blog, Green Apples. I really appreciate you having a look. I will be posting the better scenic images on Green Apples because I use that blog more for photography with all the tutorials and commentary that I post. I hope you enjoy my photos from Maine. The post following Seagulls Got It Made in Maine will show the effect of 6AM morning light on native and field plants. Fine textures and soft color come alive. If you enjoy seeing plants a little differently, see the photos in this post on Green Apples for Friday night. I hope you stop in.

On GWGT, I will show the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and a few other tourist areas that Carolyn and I visited. We had so much fun and I miss her and beautiful Maine already. Oh, I miss the seafood too! But next week, there are two large gardens with drifts of flowers from the Buffalo area you might really want to see. They are a plant lover’s paradise.

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9 Responses to Chanticleer Ten in Twelve Minder Woods

  1. Now I think this might be my favorite much like the ruins it is peaceful and I just love the paths and the unexpected beautiful vistas as you move along those paths… gorgeous seating areas and I think like a Nature Church…solace and peace abound. I think when I finally visit I will be seeing your posts and saying..oh this is the bridge in the woods from Donna’s post, these are the ruins…oh there is the pond!

  2. Barbie says:

    How peaceful and restful this all feels – thank you for sharing. I love the paths ……! You want to wonder on them forever!

  3. Karen says:

    Lovely photos of a beautiful area…thanks for sharing.

  4. Those paths thru the grass and woods are beautiful. My kind of paths!

  5. debsgarden says:

    Definitely my kind of garden! I can imagine the cool air and the bird song. Thank you for the wonderful tours. This particular one really did give me a feeling of peace!

  6. Hey Donna,
    You cannot imagine how much enjoyment I have received from this 12-part post. You may remember I’ve been a quadriplegic for ten years now and so most of my frequent flying days are over. I’ve been to Kew and many more but if I had just one to go to it would be Chanticleer based on press I’ve seen over the years. Next time when my soul is vanquished, I’ll always have your posts. Thanks my friend.

    • I do remember and think about your posts often. It saddens me to think you are so limited now, but you always have such a good attitude. I wish you well. What a great opportunity to have visited Kew. I bet you have many fond memories.

  7. Bom says:

    I love the mini falls and the shot of benches in the middle of nowhere.

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