Chanticleer Gardens, On the Way Back

This tour takes us back from where we came and past some familiar spots.

Enjoy the walk back, the next post tomorrow, will have some details around the property. It has many more images and highlights some of the container gardens and plant groupings.

Can you just imagine resting in this field?

Or skipping down the path at the Chanticleer House?

Is this not a beautiful combination of texture? I think this is Gunnera in the foreground. Not only is the leaf size big, but it is bright in this shady setting. Notice the upper and lower color of the leaves, it lends visual interest. See how the trees span the path, this makes for an intimate feel to the circulation route, slowing down the viewer.

Every path you travel makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland, like something magical awaits. Each building on the property is enhanced by the generous plantings.

Here the house is ‘revealed’.

Borders are colorful even when dependent on foliage.

My next post gives my thoughts on my visit, in addition to details around the property. It is a much more interesting post from the standpoint that it shows some closeups of the plant’s groupings. It also discusses what you should have gathered in design ideas from the past posts and not just viewed them as pretty pictures.

Like above, did you notice how the path widens at the stairs? It does not just run straight into the stairs. It is a design detail that you can use. Also the depth of the mixed beds are generous, affording the room for color throughout the seasons.

Hope to see you tomorrow too. If you missed any of the previous posts and want to catch up, or get inclined to study the gardens for ideas, they are listed below for your convenience.

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13 Responses to Chanticleer Gardens, On the Way Back

  1. Lovely garden thank you for sharing.

  2. It is as if you are traveling in a fairy tale. I really love that field. Looking forward to your closing post!

  3. gauchoman2002 says:

    Amazing. This series gave me so many garden ideas and all the pictures were fantastic, thanks so much for taking the time while on vacation to take these pictures and share them with us.

  4. Dear Donna, I just spent a very pleasant half hour or so walking through these beautiful gardens with you (thank you for the links). It brought back memories of my visit to Chanticleer with Carolyn and Julie earlier in the year. Then I was fortunate to see the gardens through Carolyn’s eyes, as she successfully transmitted her love for the place to me. Now I feel privileged to see Chanticleer from your point of view. My feeble photographs certainly don’t do justice to its beauty and I wish you would make a book of your amazing views and send it to me. Look forward to your next posting. P. x

  5. Those photos pulled me right into that unbelievable landscape! I want to skip down that garden path! Is this garden in the Niagara area, on the U.S. side?

  6. Marcella Rousseau says:

    Nice sharp photos.

  7. Sonja Daniel says:

    Thank you for taking us along in your pocket on this superb garden visit. All the time and effort you have poured unto this series is much appreciated. Splendid photos and discriptions. I have gone through it several times.

  8. skeeter says:

    I can see me skipping the pathways and also picnicking on the lush green grass! An Wow, on those huge leafs. Thanks for the stroll…

    Stay tuned to a great giveaway at In the garden…

  9. PJ Girl says:

    So beautiful – it really does look magical.

  10. Sadun blogi says:

    It would be nice to walk along that path…

  11. I am down at the library and can now get cought up with your fun Chanticleer posts. I am looking forward to the summary.

  12. Your postings on this wonderful garden are a great selling point!! I would love to tour this garden at a leisurely pace, taking it all in.

  13. Wow! Love to walk this beautiful garden. It’s really an eye-catcher. Every occasions is very much to do here. Nice postings.

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