Buffalo Garden Walk Open Gardens -1

This garden is one of the best in our area and you will see more stunning gardens coming up. This garden is designed by the homeowners and filled with colorful flowers. And the flowers were attracting all kinds of wildlife on the 4 acre property.

Daylilies in all colors are used throughout, but the coneflower were the champs attracting bees and butterflies.

The property has split rail fencing and a pretty Gambrel roofed barn. The garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Paths are constructed with natural materials and help in controlling drainage.

It is deceiving in the image, but there are maintenance paths of stepping-stones though the huge beds.

This bird house is occupied and the momma bird was squawking at me from the tree top as I was photographing.

Many grasses are used and will look lovely come fall.

The garden has a new Japanese themed section and the property includes a variety of Japanese Maples.

I met the homeowners of this beautiful property and they are very warm and welcoming people. They do all the maintenance on this large property too. Pretty remarkable with all the plants in their care.

This garden was visited and photographed by Garden Gate magazine in 2011.

Locally, it has been on TV and the local newspapers.

I hope you are getting ideas for your own gardens. I purposefully take wide-angle views so you can see how the spaces work together. You can see how the homeowners incorporate ornament, circulation and structures.

Plants in this garden include, daylily, phlox, coneflower, peony, hosta and grasses. Trees are, pine, hardwoods, maples, spruce and a variety of shrubs.

Below is the Japanese inspired walled garden. It has Asian sculpture and a fountain.

Next, thoughts on the drought conditions across the U.S., and photos of FLYING pollinators. I included camera settings for the critters on the move. After, my garden… and how the drought affected the plants. Then more from the gardens on the Buffalo Garden Walk.

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I love to photograph, paint, draw, design, garden, travel the world, and pass on a few tips and ideas that I learned through experience as a Master Gardener and architect. I am highly trained in my field and enjoy my work each and every day. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY in zone 6-B. Find me at: http://gardenwalkgardentalk.com
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19 Responses to Buffalo Garden Walk Open Gardens -1

  1. It’s truly amazing. I wish I could see it in person because I know that as good as your photos are they can’t show the whole thing but do a pretty good job:)

  2. suekenney says:

    What a lovely garden. Wish I lived closer to Buffalo so I could see it in person. Love your photography as well as your subjects.

  3. I can’t imagine having such a gorgeous garden. It is really lush and thick with so many plants! You say there are stepping stones, they are well hidden. I wish my garden was half that full!

  4. deborahelliott says:

    Fabulous! There is a lot of romance in this garden, and it must be an enormous labor of love for the homeowners. I know they are happy you are sharing it with the world! I like the shots with the old wheel the best. I also love their barn!

  5. I love split-rail fences! And what beautiful pathways! It looks like a very welcoming, comfortable place!

  6. Ogee says:

    Particularly love the paths in this beautiful garden. Thanks for capturing it!

  7. Andrea says:

    Hello Donna how are you now? Are the backlogs already done with? I suppose so as you are posting and photographing again! I love wide angle views, they give a lot of information when it comes to gardens. I am awed at the maintenance they give to this garden, and the pavement i love them too. If only we have enough water to sustain ours during the dry season, i can make a garden lovely too, (wishful thinking :))

  8. Indie says:

    Oh how pretty! I love all the rustic touches like the split-rail fence and old wooden wagon wheel! I would love to see the garden in the fall and how it changes with the seasons. Gorgeous!

  9. What a lush garden! I love the combinations of grasses and perennials. It looks like a haven for pollinators and lots of wildlife.

  10. greenshoots says:

    What a beautiful and atmospheric garden. I particularly liked the unusual and rustic looking barn. Thank you so much for sharing – you really do have a very good photographic eye.

  11. Patty says:

    That is a gorgeous garden. I had hoped to make it down for the open gardens but unfortunately it did not happen. I had seen it advertised in one of our Canadian magazines !

  12. wifemothergardener says:

    Great tour Donna! I have heard that Buffalo opens up all its gardens every year. It sounds like a great place to live! Thanks for sharing your photos… I “pinned” some to save for later inspiration for informal gardens. ~Julie

  13. Fabulous gardens and I can see why they are highly photographed. I love the paths and the natural look…

  14. David says:

    Beautiful garden visit. I love all the stone pathways with the flowers. I’ve never thought of hanging a bird house on a shepherd hook, but it looks terrific.

  15. Beautiful Photos – Have a Great Weekend:)

  16. Astrid says:

    Hi Donna
    What an exceptional garden! Your photos have certainly captured its beauty. It’s neat and tidy but has a wonderful casual country elegance to it.
    Rob Howard, the garden editor from our local newspaper, did an article a few weeks ago about The Open Gardens in the Buffalo area. In early May, my husband and I visited Elmwood Village for the first time. Howard had commented that gardens in that area would be featured as well. If you get to those, I would love to see photos. Thanks!

  17. Your blog needs a “LOVE” button, the “like” is way inadequate. I am so inspired I don’t even know where to begin.

  18. bee1designs/Barbara Evans says:

    Hi Donna – enjoyed chatting with you and love your photography. It takes an understanding of land and plants to capture them at their best as you have done here. Will stop back again.

  19. Gary & Kitty Bannerman says:

    Thank you for the beautiful photos and comments about our garden!!
    Also, the responses from fellow gardeners were so nice to read.
    We enjoyed meeting you and again, thank you for your kind words and
    lovely photography.
    Sincerely, Kitty & Gary Bannerman

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