Macro Mad

Well kinda anyway. I have a post up next that has a little story where I am getting peeved at a neighbor. More to the point, getting…

In the End of the Month post from my garden, I will explain the ‘issue’ of contention.

This post was just because each day, with music blaring in the back yard, I am getting more peeved by the moment. Did the neighbor ever hear of an iPod and ear buds for gosh sakes. Believe it or not, this is not the problem.

I was out in the garden this morning with my macro lens in the peace of 8 am quiet. The neighbor does not often get up before noon I think.

But come afternoon, the jazz and blues start playing. I am tempted to stream music outside myself and solve the problem in a very childish and spiteful manner. I have a big Bose system and if I wanted, could rock the whole neighborhood. But I am much more reserved than that and wear my iPod to avoid the Jazz. Oh, did I mention I am not too fond of jazz or blues.

I feed the birds and that causes her grief. Honestly I am sick and tired of the constant complaining about something so darn innocent. The birds make too much noise and mess. Years of being neighborly has gotten to the point of getting the shaft all the time. See the next post and see what is BUGging me. My yard keeps getting smaller and smaller, yet the neighbor behind has an even bigger problem.

See more closeup critters on Green Apples. The post is called Macro World – Look Into My Eyes. I don’t often do macros this detailed, but every so often get the urge to get out my 60mm macro. See the settings for the shots over on Green Apples.

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47 Responses to Macro Mad

  1. I have a neighbor who complains about the birds I attract because they roost on their swing-set and they have to hose it off…hey be thankful the bluebirds like your yard I say….I just smile and so “Oh really” and then do not address the issue…he tried to blame me for the horsetail in his lawn as he thought it was a ground cover I had gone wild…I explained it was a weed or actually ancient plant that was here and will be here…so he just keeps spraying chemicals as do most of my neighbors…at least he backs up a bit and doesn’t spray right to the fence where my veggies are…I have to be careful plants don’t hang over the fence or I will hear it…he is at least nice about it most times. I even relocated a climbing rose so it wouldn’t climb the fence on his side as it stuck him when he mowed. Thankfully I do not have neighbors who play loud music…although I like jazz and the blues…actually I like all music except for rap…great pictures…I love the standing bee..he’s a cutie!

    Neighbors can be maddening when they are not respectful of others and you are the one making all the concessions….if I get one more complaint from my neighbor I will be requesting he stop spraying…after all the wind does carry and I don’t want extraneous chemicals…hey tit for tat. He can make a concession too.

    • Same here. The neighbor complains that they fly to her roof and leave droppings all over the driveway. Now she has an awning over the driveway. Bet she thought that would help. Funny thing is, she does not complain very often to me, but about me and my feeding the birds. I hear the ‘f’ word flying. When this house was first built in 1923, the people who built it also had problems with the neighbors on the other side. What was the problem??? This one is a gas. The one neighbor complained that the neighbor here planted an inferior type of grass and it was ruining their lawn. So what went in was steel edging that sharp portions of it remain today. You will see in my next post, I tried thorny barberry to stop an issue, and it did not work in the end. The neighbors who play rap are behind her and the neighbor on the other side of me. We have a noisy neighborhood many nights.

      • hi donna!
        first of all, let me say i really love your macro work here! its truly fantastic…especially the studies of the insects with a lovely yellow background…sets the subject off really well.
        now neighbours, neighbours, neighbours! they are an inevitable parcel of suburban living. thats why where i live in BC, my nearest neighbour on all sides is about a mile away…and we all get along fine! its wonderful what a little space can do!
        i once had a neighbour who was always complaining about my shrubbery branches hanging over his fence etc, so what i used to do is ask him if he wanted me to come over and lop them off for him, which he agreed to…end of story!
        at the end of the day, i found out a long time ago, and im sure youll agree, that it really can go against you if you are at war with your neighbours, whoever is at fault.
        friend of mine has really evil neighbours…his brand new car got really badly scratched the first night he brought it home…of course, he cant prove a thing! such is life….:)

  2. newvoice says:

    What incredible shots!! And you think you know what a bee looks like – well, I have never seen those kind before! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The bee’s are absolutely lovely !
    As for your noisy neighbours, I know all about it !!! Luckily my noisy neighbors divorced and moved away.But neighbours who complain about the birds in the garden, overhanging twigs, leafs of someone elses tree… God I’d love to tell them they should go live somewhere on the 13th floor and they won’t get birds, leafs and twigs from their neighbours !!

    • How true. But people who cannot be considerate of neighbors will not fare very well in a highrise. Trees start lots of problems. The Mulberry behind me cost me a new garage roof. Problems from others always seem to cost big bucks.

      • Our garage roof was ruined by the neigbours kids as they used it to play on ! She told us; you can’t prove it !
        Leafs on roofs is somethig else ofcourse, but a few leafs on your lawn is nothing to get angry about, is it ?

        • I had a neighbor on the other side that told me every leaf that fell in Fall came from my small Sugar Maple. Our street is loaded with Norway maples and her yard had one too, but she insisted all the leaves came from the puny Sugar maple. What she would do was rake all of them onto my property. My husband used to go ballistic. The Mulberry dropping leaves was less a problem than the acidic berries. I always warn clients of Mulberries and personal property. The staining on driveways is bad too.

  4. Chad B says:

    I can’t wait to find out what the problem is. I want to compare notes!

  5. Amazing macros, fascinating detail. Interested to know the issue. We have been fortunate to have good neighbors and one is moving so we will have a change here.

  6. stone says:

    Can I come over and listen to the jazz n blues?
    I wish I had your problems…

    I used to have an idiot neighbor that would call the police on me for playing my stereo.
    When people were breaking into my house, though… Do you think they bothered to call the police then? God, no… Terrible neighbor!

    Some very cute bee shots… That pic where it appears to be up on it’s hind legs? Adorable!

    • It is not the Jazz that really was the problem, but the fact that each afternoon I had to listen to it in the back yard. It would not have been as annoying, but for the last couple of days, I have been sick and was sitting out (and photographing) in the back yard, rather than working. And Jazz, has a beat I do not understand. It is all over the place and when you have a pounding headache from a head cold, not a good combo. Blues is depressing to me, and I like happy and upbeat. Neighbors here would probably call the police. They call them for everything. If a neighbor parks on the wrong side of the street, or puts out trash a day early, they get on the horn.

  7. Anarya Andir says:

    Wow! As usual, your photos are brilliant!

  8. Donna, someone stoic might say, “This Too Shall Pass,” but it sounds like you’ll have THIS problem until they move. Same neighbors who cut down all the old-fashioned shrubs?

      • You’re a rose between 2 thorns.

        • I had to laugh. My husband and I do not throw parties or play loud music. We keep the property neat and park our trucks in the driveway and garage.This week, parties were on either side of us and lasted long into the night. And it has been happening more often too. Not sure what all the parties are for either. The house behind us just got new neighbors with boisterous kids. I keep finding projectiles in the garden. City living is for the birds now.

          • I stand corrected. You and your husband are 2 roses SURROUNDED by thorns. Do I remember that your landscaper advised you not to live in the city? (It’s hard to leave a house and garden you love.)

  9. nicole says:

    Hey Donna! Hang in there! We know all about that here too! Great shots!

  10. Cat says:

    Beautiful shots, Donna! Sorry to hear about your noisy neighbors ;/

    • City life gets stressful when the temperatures rise. More and more move outdoors and with it comes the noise and mess. Ya, the parties generate neighborhood mess sometimes. I have been picking up crepe paper decorations from a kid’s birthday party and lots of fireworks debris still from the fourth, or at least those that do not know the fourth is long over.

  11. AMAZING Photos – thanks for sharing!

  12. Les says:

    There are few things in life as bad as bad neighbors.

    I love the shot of the little bee rearing up on its hind legs like some kind of bronco.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Amazing shots Donna! The world is so different up close where you can see the upright hairs on a leaf.
    Our only close neighbour is moving soon. I dread her leaving because she is an animal person and the next homeowner may not be. Our dogs are pretty noisy (understatement). There are days when even I who loves them wants to take out a shot gun and shoot them, but my neighbour is such a good sport. She never complains, even when I have given her an opening to do so. Good neighbours make all the difference.

    • The leaves of the pumpkin are really hairy, scratchy even. Too bad you are losing a good neighbor. My neighbor is not always so bad. We used to be friends, but she has this way about her of always getting her way at the expense of others. I was always on the losing end it seems. Self centered people are the hardest to like. The world is made to serve them.

  14. Oh Donna, so sorry to hear you have such issues with your neighbors. You should come down here, I don’t have anyone for 4 acre lots to the right and 6 to the left….and those lots are all woods. When I saw the first picture it was an ‘oh wow’ moment. …..then the rest of those incredible photos came along…each so very sharp and wonderful. Love it.

    • I love where you live. The property is so beautiful and the water…. I am thinking of moving back to PA when my husband retires. We are looking here to move, I just can’t find something small with nice property. My house is small at 1400 sq. feet, but I want a ranch. One floor would be nice. I keep saying that my house will sell to drug dealers. Then the neighbor can bicker with them.

  15. Astrid says:

    Hi Donna
    I’m asking Santa for a macro lens this Christmas – WOW!!! Those insect shots were terrific!
    Too bad you have noisy and complaining neighbours. Ours are fantastic! On one side, they are so quiet, I never even know they’re there. On the other side, they are so friendly and fun. Once though they had their music up really loud. My husband came into the back and I said:
    “Hey – next door is really beginning to push the envelope!” “What’s the matter?” “Well, listen how loud their music is!”………”I asked them to turn it up!”, says he. Hah! Sometimes you can’t win! πŸ™‚

  16. Oh gosh I hate neighbors like that. I’ve had my fair share and probably yours too. I hope things work themselves out with perhaps a move in the future. That was the only thing that solved my one huge neighbor problem-they finally moved.

  17. Kantu says:

    Love your beautiful pictures.

    As for neighbors. People may LIVE next to your house on either side, front, back, across the way, etc. but unless they are neighborly, they are NOT neighbors. Neighbors, in my dictionary, are friendly and considerate of each other. Otherwise they are just people who live near me. My two cents.

  18. HolleyGarden says:

    I loved looking into the eyes of all these beautiful creatures! I’ve had wonderful, wonderful neighbors, and I’ve had neighbors I didn’t like. It’s hard to be neighborly when tensions get high. I hope you and your neighbor can work things out. It’s so much nicer living next to a neighborly neighbor!

  19. Eve says:

    The image of the cardinal is absolutely majestic. Love it.

  20. Brian Comeau says:

    I saw another side of you today… πŸ™‚

    I am really sorry to hear about the neighbor problems. I have one who loves his fire pit and the smoke blows into my yard and inside my house. It’s roughest on my daughter with her asthma so I feel you pain. But he is at least approachable and always very sympathetic. I hope things improve in the neighborhood.

    In regards to your photos… WOW! These are great. That first shot with all that yellow and great detail. FANTASTIC!!! Keep up with the Macro.

  21. The first photo is very nice!

  22. lula says:

    I love!!!! these macros!!! Great shots!

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