Shock and Awe – Squirrel Style

The Battle Plan

The stealthy little rodent makes his move. Determination on his face, sneakiness in his gait.

Down and dirty, flat as a pancake is the approach, learned in rodent military school. Eyes squinted, not to reflect any intent.

Raise the ears so gently, reaching one paw at a time. Check the wind speed and direction, sniff out the prize, listen for any sign you might be exposed to the enemy. Keep eyes peeled for detection. Careful, quiet, sly… the quarry remains unaware.

Ready, pounce.  Surprise the enemy with stealth and an awesome leap into the food. Ha! Scared out of his skin almost. Mission accomplished.

To the victor goes the spoils. Num, num, num….

The loser retreats and thinks how to recapture the food saucer. But meanwhile… waiting and planning brings its own problems.

The gallery looks on. Cheering from the sidelines.

The little bugger has “a stance that says I mean business, beat it.” He even has a grin on his face, the little heathen. The winner is about to be dethroned. OR IS HE!!!

Let’s see what he does with a new opponent.

The chase is on!

Did you have any doubt!

No need for the sourpuss… there is always the Sparrow brigade.


Like Splish, Splash, I’m Taking A Bath, this furry battle was also shot through a window, so some of the scenes have some window glare.

Up next… for GBBD, a collection of pretty field finds and slices of garden life slipped in between, a picture packed post!

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36 Responses to Shock and Awe – Squirrel Style

  1. A.M.B. says:

    Hilarious! We used to coexist peacefully with squirrels, but that changed when we put up the bird feeders.

    • That is why the food is on the ground. The squirrels climb up the Shepard’s hook and dump my feeders, making me get mad and have a bad day. So I figured, can’t beat them so give in and make it easier. What I found was a lot of squabbles happen because I put it on the ground. This made for some fun photo ops.

  2. I didn’t notice any window glare. The expressions on the squirrel’s face are pretty funny. Is that one a black squirrel or is it the lighting?
    That last shot is amazing, sparrow brigade indeed!!!

    • Janet, thanks for the question. I always like questions. It is a black squirrel. Funny thing, what prompted this shoot was I just walked past the window, peered out to see if anything interesting was out there, always looking for hawks, and saw a black squirrel and a gray squirrel doing the nasty on my cut tree log stand. There they were really going at it on display like they were on a stage. Of course, no camera in hand. Ran back to get it, and when I returned the food saucer was busy, but no squirrels in the throws of lovemaking. Bummer. So I made the best of it.

  3. Great captures of your squirrels! My favorite is the one where the squirrel is leaning into the saucer with its elbows. They are very entertaining!

    • Thanks Karin. I had more images of him hugging the saucer, it was like he was afraid the saucer would get up and leave. One image, all four feet are gripped tightly on the rim. I could not figure out why he wanted to be so uncomfortable, that or it was a stance for easy lift off. Who knows…

  4. Indie says:

    Ha, too cute!! I’ve never seen a squirrel do a stealthy army crawl before! That was one determined squirrel!

    • That was the first time I saw one do it too. At first, I thought he was injured, but no, sneaking up on the other squirrel must have been his motive. It was not like the grass was camouflage and he could not be seen. Weird maneuver.

  5. Victor Ho says:

    That is a lot of sparrows. I would have expected them to wait in line as is usually the case in my winter bird feeder. And I am convinced that squirrels have a secret life judging from my observation of their exploits in my backyard also.

  6. Ha ha Genius. Well written and very amusing thanks for brightening up my day 🙂

  7. You have shown us the whole film. Thriller 🙂

  8. debsgarden says:

    This is incredibly cute! The amazing shots of squirrel expressions and interaction are hilarious! Thanks!

  9. Oh my, that last image is incredible! So many sparrows!

  10. Barbie says:

    Haha!! How cute is that! The gallery is priceless!!

  11. You have some pretty entertaining squirrels…we rarely see them here…lots of predators and few feeders…you had too much fun capturing their antics…

  12. OMG – your last photo is amazing! I could watch squirrels all day, like pure comedy and then the birds try and get in on the action – hilarious!

  13. Ida says:

    Oh my gosh this was so fun and just hilarious. Your pictures were fabulous and the captions to go with them just a delight to read. Excellant post.

  14. Jennifer says:

    Great post Donna! Some of these action shots are just priceless.

    • Some of the better action and expression I did not get very clearly, so I did not post them, because the squirrels are so fast and unpredictable. If I did not have work to get done, I could have stood there all day they are so entertaining.

  15. I never realised squirrels could grin in triumph – and here is the proof!

  16. Denise says:

    Wow, so funny! What do you feed them? Must be something very delicious!

  17. Gobetween says:

    😆 excellent post

  18. An amazing, amusing series from a true photojournalist.

  19. Oh my gosh, you are hilarious. 🙂

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