Sun and Daylilies Open Garden

A farm with 700 varieties of Daylily! This is a place not to miss in our area. The woman owning the property hybridize and sells daylilies, but her gardens are some of the most beautiful with a variety of colorful perennials.

She also has 50 heirloom roses from the early 1800’s. It is a photo takers paradise and I wish I could have stayed longer. Most of the gardens I have shown, I have spent a long time conversing with the owners and gardeners, but here, I came on the wrong day. No one was home, but having come 50 miles to this and two other gardens that were open, I thought she would not mind me taking photos.

Pontederia cordata, Pickerel weed, lines the bank.

Let me start you at the pond. It is large and relaxing, filled with lilies and other water plants, like shown above. This pretty purple plant needs to be in standing water by about one foot. It is long blooming too.

Further in, the banks are lined with perennials adding texture and color. I could have spent days here, photographing the birds, butterflies, bees, and dragonflies, but you are here to see the gardens.

So take the tour…

Note here companion plantings too. She is very good at color and design. The place has just a sense of a Monet like feel. See if my photos make you see that too. If you don’t, it is my fault for not telling a better visual story.

I will be quiet now so you can have a leisurely stroll. Unwind, grab an iced tea and see you at the end of the post.

If you enjoyed the meandering…. and you want another calm post in a meadow full of pretty wild flowers? See Winner Weeds and a Few Garden Natives. It has the bees, birds, snails, grasshoppers, and butterflies I did not shoot in this garden. I like places where there are loads of critters. Or check out the new Green Apples post, What About Us?

Time to saddle up for another garden tour, see you next Friday with another garden walk winner. But before that, we have two posts from the home front.  I suggest a few garden plants you must have if you like a garden literally full of bees late in the season. And oh, another post with a bee fight. This one I only wish I could have gotten more photos. I never saw one bee stalking another like this, and not for an amorous encounter. I got one of those last year in Beegetting Carpenter Bees. Another head scratcher until a few knowledgeable bee folks chimed in and solved my puzzle.

And still ahead, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble. Those birds are at it again. I also am putting together my hummingbird post. Still not sure what to include in my video. A lot happens in the tiny backyard here at 664.

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41 Responses to Sun and Daylilies Open Garden

  1. bee1designs/Barbara Evans says:

    I know this garden/daylily farm. Fabulous place. I spent an exciting afternoon with the owner who toured me all over in my quest for just the right daylily for a special spot and time of bloom. Am sorry you missed her and missed sharing her love of her land and daylilys.

    • Hi Barbara, I think I have to give Kristina a call. I must have missed quite a bit because I felt a little intrusive walking onto the property with no one home. I added her web page link for those wanting to mail order. She does have some gorgeous daylilies.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love Daylilies when they are planted en masse like this. Just lovely!

  3. Ogee says:

    This must be what my heaven looks like 🙂

  4. Cathy says:

    It looks wonderful there! Fabulous photos too- great post! 😀

  5. What a fabulous place! I would love to have the space for a pond like this one. The blooms are beautiful but like you I could spend the day photographing and enjoying all the butterflies, dragonflies and other critters. Love the last photo of the Rudbeckia!

  6. What a great place to spend a lovely summer afternoon.

  7. Gosh, that place is stunning! I didn’t know there are 700 varieties of Daylilies!

  8. nicole says:

    OMG! I really don’t even know where to begin! I like the center beds that she created and I must say that for having such a large space she maintains a natural yet well designed garden! What an amazing setting!

  9. Well I figured out how to comment but it is a whole new system. I wonder if that’s because I am using the iPad or if the WordPress format has changed. I got the Monet feeling from this garden, quite beautiful. The gorgeous blue sky adds a lot to the scene.

    • New WP update for iPad. That is why the new streamlined look. They said they added features, but it still is a bit clunky to me. The way a blog displays on an iPad now is a whole different app. More than one post appears, so you have to click two times to see the post you want. It was a pretty day. The sky was so blue, but not many clouds.

  10. the day lilies look absolutely fabulous! i also had a read of your post about pruning maples…ive got several maples, but in miniature form…i like to think im a bit if a dab hand at bonsai! what you ahve described is exactly what a bonsai person does to his tree…thinning out, removing branches, etc….but with bonsai, its sometimes better to leave one or two dead branches, to give an air of great age! nice post anyways!

    • I tried bonsai and I am not a patient photographer, and also not a patient trimmer. That is a talent that is honed over time and needs someone that is patient and precise. In fact, one of my juniper bonsai, while over wintering in the attic, got cooked. I was so sad I forgot about it.

      • yes, so true! one does have to have a certain temperament to do bonsai properly! patience is of course vital, as the trees take so long to grow. talking of over-wintering, when i first went to canada, i took 2 of my 16 year old bonsai trees with me, thinking they’d survive teh winters there…that was dreaming of course! little did i know about the winters of ontario! sad to say, both trees froze in the -36C winter in the first year! that just about made my mind up to leave ontario for more temperate climes…amongst other things!

        • Ya, I nursed it through the cold part of the winter, then we had the 85° weather in February and I forgot that it was in the now hot attic and it was toast. You may reconsider Ontario because we have had some pretty mild winters in the last few years. It seems like that is what we will experience in the future too. The weather is really changing here.

          • hehe! yep…so many people i talked to from ontario have said that! of all the times, that particular winter just had to be the worst for many decades…because i was there! apparently, its hardly ever been that cold since…i remember, being a green-horn, deciding to take a trip to downtown toronto, round about late november. we had never heard that they have regular announcements on the radio/tv about weather conditions and how long you can safely be out there, without it threatening your life…and that day, there had been warnings! but i never knew…so down i went, parked up near spadina, and had only walked a couple blocks, by which time my mustache started making strange, crackling noises (i later worked out it was the hair gel i’d used on it!) and my cheeks felt like plastic (-36C windchill). needless to say, i hastened back to the car and off home i went! so yes, that was as bad as it ever gets on ontario and the winters have been relatively mild since then! but, ontario still doesnt have one thing that will keep me in BC…mountains!

  11. stone says:

    Spectacular garden… Imagine the maintenance required to keep that large space camera ready!

    Those are some monster perennial beds… They must sell more than daylilies… Most daylily hybridizer yards don’t have much other than daylilies…

    I checked and rechecked for a link to their online catalog… They must have a website of some kind… I wanna see more!

    I didn’t see a fence, how are they keeping the horses out of the perennials?

    • Oh, the horses are across the street and fenced! She does have specialty rare plants, but I do not know the conditions of sale. Here is her catalog and landing page for her website. Click radio buttons below for catalog.

      There are more pictures of her property on her site. I was there ‘uninvited’ so I was in and out really quick. But Barbara, another garden owner in the area and a gorgeous property I featured, had met her and said she is a wonderful person to talk with. Email or give her a call if you are interested in mail order.

  12. Scott Weber says:

    I love it…so peaceful…if only we could all have a setting like that! I always forget what the Pontederia is…it’s one of those plants whose name I never rememeber.

    • I always think that when I am at the farm… oh to have this sprawling landscape with every imaginable tree and shrub growing en mass, then I quickly jump beck to reality and think that I have a hard time just taking care of my little postage stamp sized property. Like you, I am lucky to design and make this happen elsewhere. The work is always left to a bevy of paid staff and gardeners.

  13. HolleyGarden says:

    What a gorgeous place! I am realizing that I need more daylilies in my garden. And I love the pickerel rush. My pond is not near that big, but that is how I wish my it could look!

    • Daylilies are so easy to care for. The only reason I do not have more of them in my own garden is I like my plants to be more than something to look at. I want them to provide and I never see any insects on the daylilies, good or bad. But, she has some varieties I may add because they are showy. Nice in the front yard to have that pop of long blooming color.

  14. Barbie says:

    Oh wow! Great colours!! I have planted Day Lilies for the first time, so I am hoping I will have such a great display!

  15. GirlSprout says:

    Too bad you missed the owner. What a wondrous place she has created. I like her color choices and all the different beds. I like the larkspur and lily combo.

    • I am planning to give her a call. I use a lot of daylily in designs, and she has so many from which to choose. Since she mail orders, I or the landscapers would not have to drive to get them.

  16. beautiful garden Donna thanks for sharing, Frances

  17. Indie says:

    Gorgeous! I love how she combines the daylilies with many other colors. I love all the hot colors going on with the purple and blue accents. Very vibrant!
    And 700 varieties?! Wow.

  18. I had heard about this garden and all the daylilies but had not seen it…wow so much more than just daylilies…gorgeous images telling a wonderful story of this beautiful place.

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