September Garden Color – A Time to Think

Field, farm, garden.

Just a snapshot of September, mere moments in time, a changing time.

Color comes in so many forms at the end of Summer with so many photographic opportunities. I always look forward to the clean light of Fall, camera in hand. It is a time to reflect on the summer’s past and look forward to the whites and greys of winter.

The light is different in winter, being cooler than the warm light of Fall, but it too inspires an appreciation of what nature brings. But color is complex, in variety, description and meaning.

Field, soft and delicate scene with a little Asian Lady Beetle.

The air is different,

the sun rises and sets differently, both at time and intensity of hue. It is a time to get outside and experience the change in light, temperature and general ambiance of the days. Getting out gives you opportunity and time to clear your head, and think.

Garden – The insects are taking in the last the flowers have to offer. Lucky many blooms make a Fall meal for the insects.

It makes you appreciate the freedom to go where you want and when, the rights and liberties we all have in this country. So much can be looked at as the summer comes to an end and the landscape goes so gently brown.


Color can mean vividness, life, vitality. It also can overstate, and exaggerate. So what feeling does the color brown bring? Change.

Farm – Some flowers are ready to produce seed, others just start to bloom. It is a fine time in the gardens and fields.

Change causes reflection as you see life browning and dying. You feel the resting and peace over the landscape. Perfect quiet at this time of year to be heard, only if in the mind’s silence.

Farm – Many plants are in all stages of transformation.

It is so wonderful to have a voice in this country, one we can express, one we can share to the world if we choose.

I showed this week a memorial dedicated to 911 and with this, the memorial represented how average citizens came to aid, came to the call of duty, came to help those in dire need. It showed how we listened and how we were heard.


It celebrated the best of America, and the best Americans chose to give. It showed our true colors and proudly made one aware of the meaning of the Red, White and Blue.


It becomes so apparent how the choices we make daily seem so inconsequential to actions on a much grander scale. How we can be in a cocoon of safety and thought. But it also highlighted what happens when we choose to take action. Everything changes, no matter how hard we try to prevent it from doing so.

Garden – Some are still keeping the bees busy. Pumpkins are still being produced on the vine.

The garden and fields are in a transformation.  A landscape of contradiction. Some of what we see is pretty and some is not. Some are blasting with color and some are not. Some show life and some do not. Color can impact or color can taint. Think of the context in which it is used and it takes on so many meanings.

Garden – The whites in the garden soothe the senses.

And colors of no color? Well, it depends if it is black or white. Each has different meaning and a sense hope for the future.

Garden – The rain heals a drought parched land.

The whites calm in the garden. The spirit calms as well.

Garden – Even with little holes made by hungry insects the still beautiful roses don’t even hint that the summer is coming to an end. These will be blooming in the first snow of the year.

White seems to soften the scene, to lighten. It stops the eye in a landscape of color, but it stops the spirit as well, to linger a moment and drink up the calm.

Garden – The spiders are marching on home.

Garden – Some blooms are so bright you need sunglasses.

Garden – Others, a prima donna and know it.

Garden – Some plants are food for a large variety of birds and insects.

Garden – Some plants are sending out the young uns.


Farm – Plants can be just one of the crowd.


Garden September 2011

A difference of a year. Much fresher in 2011, yet the hummingbirds are still here, just less to pick from.

Garden – Oh so good it was, but it really says the end of Summer.

Farm – Warming in the afternoon.

Garden – Warming in the early morning.

Garden – reaching…

Garden – Pretty pair.

Garden Another pretty group – Caryopteris, Senorita Rosalita Cleome, and Sweet Pea.

Garden – Thanks to the bird food, a solitary bloom gets life.

Summer quiets down to allow individual voices to be heard over the vivacious crowds of color.  Colors of late Summer, part two on the 16th. Then Fall sets in a few days and you see a transformation, slow, but one in the midst of change.

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I love to photograph, paint, draw, design, garden, travel the world, and pass on a few tips and ideas that I learned through experience as a Master Gardener and architect. I am highly trained in my field and enjoy my work each and every day. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY in zone 6-B. Find me at:
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52 Responses to September Garden Color – A Time to Think

  1. Beautiful expose to bring in fall! I was at our State Botanical Garden today and enjoyed the fall blooms….dried blooms and seed pods are so photogenic. I agree that the fall light is the best to photograph in. It is still warm from the summer but lower and less glare. I bet that watermelon was tasty!

  2. Brian Comeau says:

    I really love the first two images. The pastel color and soft focus are superb. Did you use a filter or PS? The hummingbird, monarchs and bees are great too. You have so much talent and knowledge.

    • Polarizing filter and minimal PS. I have to check on specifics of lens and the f-stop for you. I will get back when I am on the computer where the images are tomorrow. Thanks for the kind words, Brian.

    • Brian, I looked up the metadata and I surprised even me. I thought I used the macro lens on the first image, but it was the 300mm at 280mm. The camera settings were, f7.1, 1/2000, ISO 500. Now that shocked me. I must not have changed the camera from shooting flying birds when I took that shot. Happy mistake.

      The Skipper was also the 300mm, but f4.5, 1/800 ISO 400, a little more reasonable.
      The only post editing was in Lightroom for contrast, vibrance and sharpening. They were shot in RAW, editing is mandatory. I don’t shoot much in RAW for two reasons, well three.

      When shooting birds and bees on the move, you need the advantage of Continuous shoot. So auto focus is used. RAW recording is too slow, the sensor is taxed. Reason 2, the cards fill up too fast and I used high speed cards with 8GB. Reason 3, I am not so interested in post-processing for the blog, it is time consuming.

      Sometime I will do a post from image capture through the post process. It would be interesting for those with the software to follow along.

  3. “Some blooms are so bright you need sunglasses” — What a great quote! And some photos are so breathtaking you need oxygen! September is incredible through your lens, Donna!

  4. nicole says:

    What an inspirational post Donna. We are blessed in this country and your images truly reflect the beauty that exists in this world. Always inspiring to see how you capture color!

  5. sharon says:

    great photos ..the first looks like a painting…..and I love those weed thigs Ive got some here in a glass martini pitcher..and its a great contrast!

  6. TufaGirl says:

    A nice reflection of the changing season. The colors are certainly better this time of year.

    • I agree. They become less during the passing season, that each stands out on their own. Like the dahlia, they are down to only a bloom or two per stem. No more riot of color, just mere selection of most plants. The delphinium that was blooming well last week, is now napping.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful photos, each is beautiful on its own.

  8. Andrea says:

    Hi Donna, your summer is about to finish, while we are still at the middle of our rainy season. It is amazing how colors changed so differently in the temperate climes, and your subjects seem to be just on cue, as if they show up to the photographer’s wishes. I am again transformed to something else with your photos, how lovely. I managed to get a macro lens although only f3.5. At least i can now get some bees and ants. In that yellow flower with bees, did you use the f1.8?

  9. Autumn is my favourite time of year and you have captured it beautifully!

    • I am amazed in all seasons with all the beauty that can be found. Yet, last winter was such a disappointment with little snow. It took more creativity to find things of visual interest. I am hoping for a normal winter this year.

  10. Barbie says:

    Oh the colour – the field flowers are my absolute best!! You have brightened my day!! 🙂

  11. Donna, I’m going to bookmark this link for when I need a lift this winter. This post is a cornucopia of images and a harvest of restful philosophical musings. See my post for tomorrow (9/14) for a shrub that TRULY explodes with color in late summer (and is aptly named).

  12. Interesting post Donna. Love your photos, you certainly capture the beauty of summer’s waning beauty. I love the light that fall brings. The angles and the sparkling elements of light create such great photos.
    We have a wonderful country. We are a proud citizenry. Hope all have their right to exercise their vote.

    • Thanks, Janet. This post was more thoughts on the 911 memorial that was created here in WNY. I find this time of year a somber time in amongst the vast beauty this country and other places in the world have to offer. Fall seems to speak to us and say “appreciate what is around you, you never know when and if it will gone.” Some places around the world know this far too well.

      I am very proud that a memorial was made here and toured the country. I tried to locate where it is right now, but could not.

      I posted that post at midnight EST not as a post that was planned, but because it seemed fitting to express thanks to all that are ‘fighting’ this fight of fear that was created here and around the world. And in the news, we get Yemen, Libya and Egypt just this week. Like I said to Brian in the post on the Memorial, it really is a trying time to bring up small children in this time of uncertainty.

      I too hope others choose to cast their vote, although I am not political in the least. I want a president that I feel will have the nations best interest at heart and will not be hesitant to take action if absolutely needs be.

  13. absolutely beautiful shots, as usual! and i realy like your opening tapestry of 5 photo slices…really great!

  14. Deborah - d.mooncrab says:

    Hi Donna,
    I adore your photographs. They are exquisite. They enhance mother nature creation that much more.

  15. HolleyGarden says:

    Yes, you are right. Autumn bring a sense of peace and quiet reflection. I can feel it in the garden, and in my own mood.

  16. skeeter says:

    Beautiful photos as always! My favorite is the lady bug as they hold a spot in my heart. You have such a talent of capturing the warm and cool moments in time. Beautiful post!

  17. I love these. I especially love the pictures that bring out the beauty of roadside weeds – chicory, Queen Anne’s Lace. Those, and the hummingbird at the Monarda are my favorites!

  18. Gorgeous photos. I especially loved the first color graphic and the chickory photo.

  19. Ida says:

    What a beautiful post. So many wonderful photos. I enjoyed this very much.

  20. Denise says:

    Beautiful photographs. As always. I love the colours of autumn, but I wish summer would last a bit longer.

  21. Loving your photos – SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL:)

  22. The angle of the light seems to change/does change very quickly once September is here. One week I can dry my laundry on the line and the next the light is not strong enough. The sun light though still warm has a bite to it. The air is so much clearer.

  23. I think I notice the air the most. I affects the light quality too.

  24. The light is changing, softer somehow and it brings those glorious shdows – longer and leaner. A gentler time of year, beautifully captured and expressed.

  25. Fall is such a fabulous time as you say to enjoy color and those blooms that stand out now. I just wish we had more rain as most of the late summer and fall blooms are either done too soon or are not coming at all. My garden looks like a spent fall garden now going into fall foliage and browns. We finally had .4 inches last night as we had .01 and .05 previously. With the cool temps that are finally here, the garden may revive a bit…crossing my fingers.

    I love getting out in the seasons to see the change in light…

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