Biltmore in the Woods

This pretty scene was included in the post Is That a Bear at the Biltmore? To see additional images throughout the property, see that post. As I said in The Rose Gardens at the Biltmore, this property has something for everyone. With The Biltmore Estate Gardens Asheville, NC, this completes the four-part series.

Many Spring flowers were blooming in the woodlands and pond side. Most being small and delicate, one had to look closely.

This is a beautiful scene. Can you see the couple taking pause?

Gray Hairstreak Butterfly, anyone know the name of this tree or tall shrub? The flowers look like Lily of the Valley but also similar, but not exactly like Styrax japonicus. The flower petals are too rounded.

Dogwoods were in bloom and the estate had many varieties, some unusual.

I don’t know what this drab butterfly is, we don’t have them up here.

Worth a closer look.

Some shrubs were blooming gloriously like the azaleas and roses. Flame Azalea above.

There was always a natural way to cross a stream.

This was an interesting application of rocks. They were stood on end to provide a walkable path across the stream.

Many natural bridges were throughout.

Paths went on and on. The property is very large and much of it accessible via the many paths.

“Gifford Pinchot and later Carl A. Schenck were hired to manage the forests, with Schenck establishing the first forestry education program in the U.S.” Wikipedia source.

I bet the Biltmore Estate is beautiful all year round. Can you see it like the Fall images below. I took these on my ride yesterday to Pennsylvania. They are images while still in NY near Corning (Rt 15) in the RAIN. I think it is going to rain the entire time I am here in PA.

It is hard to see the mist rising from the mountains in the scene below, but it was a beautiful sight. It reminded me when I was in the Smoky Mountains. Sorry the photos are not showing the mist that well and are a bit dark. It a little dangerous to get out along the highway, although this is not a busy route. I should have lightened these images for you, but if you click both to enlarge, the colors are very beautiful.

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23 Responses to Biltmore in the Woods

  1. Beautiful scenery, beautifully photographed. You always capture the essence. I just love the rustic railings and walkways in some of these photos.

  2. Deborah - d.mooncrab says:

    Beautiful pictures Donna. Landscape is lovely.

  3. This makes me want to take a road trip somewhere, even if just for the day. Maybe we’ll have to pack the pups in the car and go seek some foliage tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. A.M.B. says:

    Great pictures, as usual! I particularly love your beautifully composed “drab butterfly” photo. Its colors are dull, but it’s still a beautiful specimen.

  5. I really love that rock bridge across the stream.

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  7. gardenerat60 says:

    Beautiful captures. A pleasure to read your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Alistair says:

    Beautiful shots and as A.M.B said even that which may be drab can still fill the screen with interest.

  9. Indie says:

    What a beautiful place! The rustic bridges and stone used are so absolutely gorgeous, especially framed by the mature trees. I think these are the prettiest pictures of Biltmore yet!

    The white flowers look somewhat like a wild blueberry to me. Vaccinium arboreum will turn into a small tree. The butterfly might be a very old and battered Pipevine Swallowtail, though they don’t usually look so brown..

  10. The wilder parts of the Biltmore really were gorgeous. The shrub is Zenobia pulvverulenta or honeycups. It is native to North Carolina.

  11. Was going to say the shrub was a Zenobia, the Gentling garden had a beautiful specimen. Would love to have one in my garden. 🙂
    You really covered a lot of ground while at Biltmore, were you there an additional day??? Love all the stream crossings.

  12. I knew Carolyn would tell you the shrub. I found it for sale in the gift shop too. It was beautiful while we were there. I find it odd I can’t find it in Tennessee.

  13. Donna those paths and bridges at the Biltmore are amazing…I love this place…beautiful and peaceful. And the trees on your drive are so lovely…I love those views. Especially driving. It rained here all day Friday and today.

  14. HolleyGarden says:

    Very beautiful. I especially like the way they incorporated natural bridges along the paths. And yes, you are right – I bet Biltmore is beautiful to see no matter the season since nature paints such lovely pictures for us no matter what time of year it is.

  15. That bridge of rocks is great. Very creative, yet natural. The mountain photos are beautiful.

  16. debsgarden says:

    Gorgeous photos! I visited Biltmore at Christmas time, and the whole day I was saying I wanted to come back in the spring. The winter beauty was a tantalizer, and your spring shots make me determined to visit during that season. The woodland scenes take my breath away. Truly a remarkable house and garden!

  17. Beautiful foliage! I love stony paths…=>

  18. b-a-g says:

    It’s not drab! It just has the autumn vibe,

  19. it’s beautiful Donna and those wide paths mean people in wheelchairs can enjoy some of it too, the 2 last photos are lovely (I enlarged them) especially the last one with the mist, thanks, Frances

  20. Wow…what a wonderful place! The colors and breathtaking views are awesome. I would certainly take pause on that bridge…just lovely.

  21. I can imagine enjoying many a walk through these woods in differeing seasons, the trees are stunning, an dthe paths and bridges playful. I enjoyed your comment about having to look closely for spring flowers, makes the looking worthwhile !

  22. karen says:

    Absolutely beautiful, you must have had a wonderful time photographing this area.

  23. Rose says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these, Donna. I really regret that while we were at the Biltmore in May I didn’t take the time to explore more of the wooded area. Such a beautiful place, and your photos have captured so much of this beauty.

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