White Gate Inn Gardens

The Many Faces of the White Gate Inn and Cottage Gardens.

No need for words, the gardens speak for themselves as they weave in and out through sun and shade.

Four of us visited this stunning garden during our trip to North Carolina during the Garden Blogger’s Fling event. We were leaving North Carolina before the tour was to occur officially and the Inn graciously welcomed us to enjoy their gardens.

Enjoy as we did, minus the crowds.

I did notice while I was here how exceptional they took care of their guests staying with them. I only wish I had stayed at the White Gate Inn rather than where we were guests.

I took note of the food being served also. Everything was so delicious looking and the wait staff so courteous and professional. Just have a look at their website. First class accommodations on par with a luxury hotel in an 1889 facility.

Not to mention to wake up and take a morning stroll through the beautiful gardens.

Can you not picture yourself here?

Maybe with a cocktail or cup of coffee, engrossed reading a good book in one of the many intimate seating areas throughout?

I do not believe one could experience the garden the way I did if in a large group. I wandered about on my own for the most part.

I could picture myself setting up an easel and tuning out the world.

Try to imagine, I will let you experience…

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19 Responses to White Gate Inn Gardens

  1. Just exquisite! It’s lovely looking at the photos. It must be wonderful to see it in person.

  2. Sue says:

    What a beautiful spot! Posh accomodations, lush gardens, and it appears they take dogs. Asheville is on the “places I’s like to visit someday” list. Now I know where I’m going to stay when I get there. Thanks for the tour!

  3. Jennifer says:

    This is a very pretty and tranquil feeling garden you have featured here, Donna. I can picture myself there.

  4. Its like visiting all over again! Thank you for bringing back all of the memories of such a lovely place!

    “Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

  5. It’s funny but this probably had to be my favorite garden. Not only was it nicely arranged but it was labeled! And the variety was splendid. And the company (you, Carolyn, and Julie) sure helped a lot too. Plus it was the last night wasn’t it? I especially liked that it had a sunny and a shady area which was quite cool.

  6. Really lovely … what are those yellow flowers below the hydrangeas?

    • Oenothera, Yellow Sundrops., Evening Primrose. I just wanted to let readers know that I appreciate the comments, but will not be replying. After my bout with the flu, I contacted a wicked cold and again am bedridden. I hope you enjoy the garden in my absence.

  7. soooooo beautifull !!!!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thank you for the link. You’re right, you should stay in next time. =>

  9. lula says:

    These images are a good start of my day. Thanks!

  10. newvoice says:

    What a gorgeous garden. Love the tranquility!

  11. What a Breathtaking Place – thanks for sharing – love your photos! Happy Hump Day:)

  12. Brian Comeau says:

    Great stuff Donna. So many unique perspectives. I really love that third shot down with the cedar chair in the garden.

  13. Very nice. I’m so disappointed that I wasn’t able to make it. But thanks for sharing the experience with us!

  14. What a gorgeous inn! I wish my garden looked like that. I’ve been to Asheville but had never heard of White Gate. Thanks for the tour!

  15. What a serene place! I have noted this place for my next visit to Asheville! It was lovely to tour the garden through your photos!

  16. Donna this is a garden I don’t remember folks mentioning so I am glad you featured it…very lovely and serene.

  17. I think this was my favorite fling garden.

  18. This is very nice garden, Donna, you are right!

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