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I thought the next look at macro photography should be some of the blogs and websites that have helped increase my learning and awareness of the breadth of photography. I get my inspiration from some and great advice from others.

The ones I listed take you through their work and make the learning fun and easy. All but one are professional photographers, but the one that is not has better images than many that sell their work for thousands.

These may be sites that you enjoy as well, so take your time and visit a few, if not all. A few of them follow my blog, and for the life of me I am not sure why. Their work is far superior to anything I produce, so I intentionally did not post the bugs, animals, plant life, scenery, and landscapes like you might find on their sites.

Let’s have a look at some of the best of the best in their specialized fields. They are listed in no particular order of preference either.

Nature’s Place by Mark Berkery  “In my nature/macro photography I try to capture the vibrant colors, intricate structures, and beautiful designs of the plants and flowers right outside all of our doors.” From his website. If you really like closeup photos of insects and garden life, this site is for you. The images are very detailed and beautiful.

macrocritters by Ernie Cooper in his own words, “I envision this blog as a sort of mash-up of photography, husbandry and comments about critters and nature in general.” This is another truly amazing look into the small world of insects and larger world of nature.


Nature and Photography by Rob Sheppard “Rob Sheppard is a naturalist, nature photographer and videographer who says his favorite location is the one he is in at any time. He is the author/photographer of over 40 books, as well as a well-known speaker and workshop leader, and a Fellow with the North American Nature Photography Association.” From his site. He has a very good e-book on nature photography.

Wildlife Photography Moose Peterson “Moose’s true passion has always been and remains photographing the life history of our endangered wildlife and wild places. Since 1981 he and his wife Sharon have dedicated their lives to this pursuit. Educating the public about our wild heritage is their hallmark.” From his site.

I have learned so much about wildlife photography in his training sessions on Kelby training. I have his book Captured: Lessons from Behind the Lens of a Legendary Wildlife Photographer as well. It is about his life and journey to become the photographer he is today. From the Amazon site, “…more than just a photography book—it’s a chronicle of more than 30 years’ worth of unbelievable moments that only nature can reveal.”

Bill Fortney Photography and Faith “For the past 10 years I have been thankfully a Nikon Professional Services Tech Rep covering the Southern United States and serving also as a liaison person for the nature market. I’ve been blessed to work at Shuttle launches, Air Races, Air Shows, The Masters, PGA Championships, NASCAR races, The Kentucky Derby and the Breeder’s Cup.  I’ve worked with NFL teams, college sports programs, universities, colleges, major newspapers, and magazines, law enforcement and many pros that use our equipment.   I’ve had a lot of great jobs in my career, but this one has been the best! This website is a place anyone can come for spiritual inspiration, photographic instruction, and fellowship.” From his blog.

Bill is the instructor on Kelby Training where I learned more about macro photography than I ever realized existed. He was the primary inspiration behind my posts on macro photography.

Mental Seeds by Saxon Holt “I have forged a career as a garden photographer but it is born of a love of plants – a love for the earth and being outdoors in it.  The connection to art, to photography, and to communicating what I see I understand less well.  It is something I need to explore, and now begin with this blog, Mental Seeds.” from his site. One of my favorite places to learn as he is a great teacher. An e-book is in the works that I know will be a great learning tool. But in case you just can’t wait….

Many of you know Saxon from Gardening Gone Wild. But did you know… he has his photography tips all neatly compiled for easy reading? Well yes he does in The Camera Always Lies. It is a great resource and one you will want to make sure and read every easy-to-understand entry.

Jay Patel Photography  “Light in nature takes on astonishingly diverse shapes, forms and colors that allow us to interact with the world around us. The calm deep blue of twilight, the dynamic fiery red glow of lava, the piercing beams of sun breaking through the clouds, and the soft romantic moonlight reflected in a glacial lake all affect our mood, our feelings and our very outlook on life”. From his site.

A blog that offers advice on photography and has a unique look to his work. Jay and his wife also produce very affordable e-books. They are loaded with beautiful images, but are a bit geared to real beginners. On their blog, the instructions are a bit more for the intermediate level of photographer.

Galen Leeds Photography “Most of his work involves nature photography, with a large percentage of his pictures being taken from his kayaks (in the past he was even a kayak guide). Being on the water compliments his style, allowing him  to explore nature and create intimate portraits of wild animals. He has created his own style, both on the water and off.” From his site.

A beautiful look at nature from his kayak. I have linked to his site numerous times. He alone is responsible for me capturing birds in flight with his two-part series. He gave me the confidence to try to look deeper into this type of photography. It is by far the most challenging to photograph animals on the move in their habitats. He also has other very useful tutorial posts. This is a blog, once you start clicking through, you will wonder where the time went.

Victor Travel Blog  “My name is Victor Tribunsky and you are in Victor Travel Blog. As you can understand, globetrotting is one of my hobby.”

One of the best travel blogs around. You will see beautiful and exotic places around the world in his amazing photos. He is a great story-teller too. His work should be a book it is that good.

Honestly, my linking list is filled with really talented and creative individuals that not only offer advice, but offer inspiration. Many top photographers whose blogs I read I did not list here but very well could have. Some I have posted links on before. Some are a bit too advanced. Some photograph subjects much different from what my readers would enjoy, like sports, street photography, aviation, classic cars etc., where I enjoy all forms of visual art. The selection here today is those that have inspired my photography, have shaped the path I have taken, molded and guided me in a direction I choose to travel. I hope you check out the blogs listed. If you like my photographs and tips, you will more than like those listed.

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  1. I love photography sites and blogs and look forward to exploring some of these.

  2. Thanks for more amazing, amazing pictures. I’ve got to get Judy to take some time to look these over.

  3. catmint says:

    dear Donna, this post is much appreciated as well as presenting me with a dilemma: how am I going to fit in following up these wonderful sites and blogs? Where there’s a will … a way will be found! You have helped to open up an exciting new world for me. Thank you.

  4. Karen says:

    A wonderful series. I look forward to checking out these sites now that the gardening season is winding down.

  5. Thanks for the recommendations. But I must say, your photography is as incredible as any I have seen. I’ve learned so much from you, and you always inspire me to keep working to improve. Cheers!

  6. Andrea says:

    Thank you for all these references, i will copy it. Mental Seeds is the only one there I am reading.

  7. More places to go and learn and be inspired. Thank you.

  8. lula says:

    One of the things I love the most is sharing information and in that you a master!! Congrats! I have checked with blotanical, and it seems working well, but will follow-up chekcing. Thank you very much for letting me know.

  9. Les says:

    As if I don’t spend enough time on line! Now you have given me more places to go.

  10. I am always trying to learn more and more so I am off so see their blogs thanks!

  11. I can’t think of a blog that has as nice macro as you so it is most nice you shared these links.

  12. Brian Comeau says:

    Some really wonderful images here Donna.

    You likely know of him already but Galen Rowel is a favourite photographer of mine. You may also enjoy Freeman Patterson who lives about an hour away from me.

  13. Great links to explore. You are an inspiration.

  14. What a great resource. I wish I had the time and energy to really pursue this—can you give me an injection of yours?

  15. Another immensely useful posting, Donna. I’ve copied the links for future reference. P. x

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