A Beautiful Book of Flowers Arrived


I just received a book in the mail on Friday from St. Lynn’s Press with a note from Paul that said, “Enjoy, Donna.” I can tell Paul, I am very pleased with this book and am thoroughly enjoying it. It is book many would enjoy – following the flowers from the field to the vase, and I encourage you to pick up a copy. Thank you to the publisher for sending the book.


My many thanks and appreciation go out to Jennifer from Three Dogs in a Garden.

I won her contest for The 50 Mile Bouquet. The book is on organic flower growing, gathering and design.

I am drooling over the photos as they are truly a feast for the eyes. These are some of the best images I have seen from David Perry, a photographer I quite admire. The writing is superb and easy to read as you would expect from Debra Prinzing, the author.


Jennifer put some of the images from the book in her post, The 50 Mile Bouquet: Book Review and Giveaway, along with her own beautiful photographs. You should stop in and see if you have not already.


In the introduction to the book, Debra Prinzing says, “That clutch of gerbera daisies or tulips from the supermarket may appear picture-perfect, yet it feels disconnected from the less-than-prefect (but incredibly romantic) flowers growing in your own backyard. …These blooms feel far removed from the fields in which they grow.”


I have been to the Buffalo Wholesale Flower Market to purchase flowers for the grand opening of a building we designed. It is a remarkable place with flowers from all over the world. I saw the semi trucks coming in and unloading more flowers than you can even imagine. It is overwhelming and very hard to narrow down a purchase.

When in Costa Rica on an architectural design and research project, I was at the farm fields growing the flowers shipped to our country. Flowers were as far as the eye could see. Again, amazing and overwhelming. So when I read the book, much of these memories came streaming back.

The flowers in this post are not from the supermarket, but from the florist at the corner of my street. They most probably do come from floriculture industry she mentioned. They most certainly came from very far away.


I usually purchase my flowers for personal use from two small flower farms here in Niagara County. One is Summertime Blooms and the other, Amy’s Flowers. They grow seasonal flowers fresh picked from the fields, just like picking flowers from your own garden. Sometime I will take you to the farms and ask the two women to show us around. I love going there with fields of blooming flowers.


But as you may have guessed, there is no blooming flowers to be had in this winter weather. And why do I have flowers that are not in an arrangement?


Well, I got contacted to do a poster for the Lewiston GardenFest this summer, and they need it right away. So I purchased the flowers to photograph.  You will see what I am up too soon, after the committee selects a design.

ST LYNN'S 50 Mile Front Coversm

Above is the book cover that Jennifer so kindly emailed me to use in his post. Thanks again, Jennifer.

I am loving this book. There is so much inspiration I really don’t know where to begin. So, all of you doing organic growing and loving to photograph your own flowers, make sure and get a copy of this book. It is reasonably priced and there is a lot of good information for the small cost. You may look at flowers differently from now on!


Next post on Saturday the 29th is a message of hope to all my readers. I hope you all stop back.


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18 Responses to A Beautiful Book of Flowers Arrived

  1. What a wonderful book and your photos of the flowers are so beautiful Donna…I wanted to let you know that my wonderful husband surprised me with a Nikon Coolpix P510…I look forward to learning how to use it and rereading your wonderful posts…Merry Christmas!!

    • Great news, Donna. You will love it. It has a lot of features and makes very clear images. I have the P510 and will be taking it to St. Lucia in January. It replaced a Coolpix 5000 that was defective. I will be interested how it performs since I use it so infrequently. It will be much different to use it full time, and in all situations. I got it because it really zooms to great distances and it is pretty good at macro shots too. Merry Christmas to you too! Hope your day was all that you dreamed it to be. I know a new camera surely is a guarantee of a good Christmas.

  2. A.M.B. says:

    This book sounds very interesting! During the summer, we visit a cutting garden to make bouquets (the flowers in my garden aren’t suitable), but in the winter we have no choice but to buy flowers from the store. It’s beautiful, but too perfect.

  3. I enjoyed Jennifer’s original post on this book and entered the drawing only to be beaten by lucky you. Glad you are enjoying it.

  4. As the Secretary of my local Garden Club I now feel the need to run and get one! Thanks and the photos you have added to this post are Beautiful


  5. igardendaily says:

    Hi Donna! I was fortunate and received a copy of “The 50 Mile Bouquet,” from my Santa. I had heard of it as I am a follower of David Perry and some of his colleagues. I can’t wait to crack it open and have a read! Thanks for the post!

  6. I have soooo many books on my wish list, but that looks like one I must have! Both the images in the book and your own are stunning, Donna. I agree that fresh-picked, locally grown flowers are the best, but sometimes in this cold climate I treat myself to some color. I enjoyed this post immensely. I hop you’re having a wonderful Holiday season!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Hi Donna, I am so glad that you are enjoying the book. Thanks for the mention and the links. I look forward to future posts on the local flower farms. Judging by your photographs, the Lewiston GardenFest poster is going to be terrific.

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I mean that in so many ways. I go to the flower farms maybe four to five times a summer, and never once thought to take my camera to make a blog post. I originally met these woman from my association with the Lewiston GardenfFest. In two weeks, the club votes on a poster. I usually have a month to do the poster, but not this time. I wanted to do studio shots at my camera club’s studio, but there was not time to set up an appointment. So I made due.

  8. Your flower photos are amazing ! I love the soft colors you created with them, and the compositions are fantastic ! Perhaps I’ll give it a try on a cold winter day.

    • Thank you. I am going to be getting some light stands for my speedlights, along with softboxes. I was experimenting in my art and architectural studio to see what I could do makeshift. My next post for New Years has the shot I am most proud. I used just white board and paper to filter the reflect the light and it worked pretty good. I got a couple of moody shots.

      I am going to set up a small photo studio inside by main studio because I had so much fun doing stills. I can drive to my camera club’s studio, but that is too far of a drive for something so simple. I don’t need a well equipped model studio for a few flowers or bugs. So, thinking this is a pretty cool hobby, I am getting two lightstands and two small softboxes. They are pretty inexpensive since I own the speedlights already. You probably have the lighting setup so, so give the flowers a whirl. There are so many angles that can make the flowers really an art piece. I could not do them since I was shooting for a garden poster and they really want to see the flower in an ordinary manner.

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