St. Lucia Fish – Under the Sea


Caribbean fish

Carolyn and I had quite the vacation with so many new experiences.


Caribbean fish

One was learning to snorkel and Carolyn, very experienced, was a great teacher. Unfortunately, I was a poor student. I had a few ‘panic attacks’, swimming frantically back to shore on one occasion.


The Caribbean Sea where we were snorkeling is clear, calm and warm, yet it was a bit scary for me at first. I swallowed a lot of that turquoise blue sea water, and that is no fun. On one occasion, the waves were tall and swallowed up me and my snorkel, dumping water down the tube.


Caribbean fish

I also refused to venture far off shore, but when I did finally, I saw many interesting fish. Carolyn saw a Morey Eel, jellyfish and a Seahorse. She had my camera to take photos, but failed to get the seahorse clearly in any one image.


Carolyn’s Underwater Photo

Carolyn managed to get one of the best shots of a school of fish though. Since I was so unsure of myself snorkeling, I did very little underwater photography, but you can see it is a fun and rewarding experience.

The AW100 is a sharp camera and easy to use, but the most difficult things are both the darkness and the motion of the waves tossing around the photographer. It was hard to keep a fish in the frame. I did not use flash either, so you are seeing what I saw at these varying depths.


Underwater landscape

Photographing was enjoyable after getting somewhat accustomed to snorkeling, but we quickly ran out of time. Just about everywhere you looked was a really interesting or colorful creature.


Sergeant Major

I hope to get back visiting you all soon, but I do have a couple of weeks of medical tests and procedures coming up this week and next. I will do my best in the next couple of days to visit blogs. I want to thank all the readers who kindly left comments on the last few posts and will be visiting those shortly.


Caribbean fish

Going on this vacation was a joy and very important to me before starting the medical stuff ahead.

I was wishing to have more time snorkeling to get better images of the fish. There was an endless variety of fish in this area. St. Lucia has so many sites to see and ten days was not enough to see it all.

We did visit a drive-in volcano which I will feature, and also their botanical garden. A post will appear on my cousin’s gorgeous garden and property. The garden is filled with color and texture.


Caribbean fish

We did not have much time to use the internet, and I did not have the time to answer the last few posts’ comments. I was asked what camera I was using.

Actually I took two cameras, but not my bigger cameras and lenses. I had the Coolpix P510 and the AW100 (the underwater camera). When I do a post on the gardens and hummingbirds, I will show the images taken with the P510. Many of the landscape shots off the boat and beaches were taken with the AW100, like the one of the snorkeling beach above.


Caribbean fish

We took a day trip on my cousin’s boat and saw porpoise and flying fish. I will show some images from the boat coming up. The boat captain took us out deep into the Caribbean on the dive boat. Also, he dropped anchor in deeper water than I have been showing for the others to snorkel. I was not brave enough to jump in there.


Caribbean fish

I hope you enjoyed the sea garden.


Caribbean fish

The sea bottom has sponge and coral the further out we went along the rocky coast. In the image above showing where we both were snorkeling is where the you could see the most coral and variety of fish.


Caribbean fish

It really is a beautiful landscape and one in which would be especially gorgeous if diving. While we snorkeled, my cousin went diving. I doubt that will ever be something I would try, but who knows.


Caribbean fish

It really is hard not to want to see more and more…


Sea bed


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66 Responses to St. Lucia Fish – Under the Sea

  1. Christy says:

    The underwater pictures are amazing!! These are things I will only see in pictures because I am too afraid of the water to try snorkeling. I’m glad you had a nice vacation. I’m not trying to be nosey, but you mentioned starting medical stuff. I hope you are OK!

    • Well, I do have a serious heart condition, but have lived with it for a very long time. Some tests are for that. I am going in for a biopsy, but my doctor says it is unlikely to be cancerous. I have had these too before, so I am inclined to have faith he is right.

      • Christy says:

        Hi…I will be thinking of you and sending prayers your way! I am a cancer survivor (just celebrated 5 years) and the doctors can usually tell if it’s going to be cancerous. Wishing you lots of luck! Let me know, OK!

        • My gosh, congrats on being a survivor. Thank you for your concern too, I think if it was suspected I might have a tumor, they would not have let me go on my trip. Honestly, I would have went anyway. It was good for peace of mind.

  2. Barbie says:

    Awe!!! LOVED IT!!! I am so drooling over the beautiful sea and beaches and the tropical island feel! It’s what we love doing but it is soo expensive for us!

  3. Enchanting! It was wonderful just seeing your pictures. The actual experience must have been stupendous!

  4. Now you can understand us – we snorkeled for four hours and could not get out from under the water in the Maldives. Welcome to underwater community 🙂

  5. Carolyn says:

    What a grand adventure you’ve been on! Your pictures bring back lovely memories and for a minute there I was taken away to warm sandy beaches and fresh air… amazing! Thanks for sharing your trip… I’m stuck in snow.

  6. You did an excellent job with the underwater camera getting a lot of interesting fish on our last day, especially the yellow trumpetfish and the file fish. Congratulations on your new hobby.

  7. Oh, it looks like so much fan snorkeling!!!!!!!
    Lovely lovely pics!
    🙂 🙂

  8. Amazing colors and pictures! It’s good to know people who have gone snorkeling and taken pictures because Lord knows it’s not something I would ever do.

    • I was good at the photographing, but not the snorkeling. Once I learn it, the photos will improve. Carolyn only got one usable image. She does not know the camera, but did OK with it anyway. I really liked her ‘group’ shot. I let her use the camera because I did not have the nerve to swim in the water so far off shore.

  9. commonweeder says:

    The undersea world is so beautiful. I can’t imagine ever actually seeing these beautiful plants and creatures. How lucky you are.

  10. Loving your underwater captures – thanks for sharing:) Happy Thursday

  11. alesiablogs says:

    I always love your blogposts. I do hope you have only good news from your doctor appts..I hate them myself after having many complications with my brain tumor. So I pray God’s Speed and that you know this: Happiness is seeing the back of the door leading into the doctor’s office as you kick it shut on your way out! I hope that is what you get to do when your tests are all done….Also I do not know if you saw this, but I did mention you on a post. YOUR blog is number 2 on my list~ Bless you my dear.

    • Thank you Alesia. I am positive on my tests. No need for me to fret yet! I do have many days of tests and three procedures I am not looking forward to. I actually feel fine and was surprised to undergo so many tests and procedures. I did get winded and a bit exhausted swimming though. That was because I panicked and tried to swim as fast as I could. Once on shore I felt relieved. My equipment was not properly fitted and filling up with water. I went back and got new equipment and all was well after that.

  12. Indie says:

    So beautiful! I have never been snorkeling. I am not a great swimmer, so it seems like it would be quite challenging to get the hang of! I think I’d prefer to try diving as I would be more assured of a steady oxygen supply. What an experience being able to see all those beautiful fish and other creatures! And taking pictures underwater seems quite fun!

    • I am not sure how diving works. It seems like there is quite a lot of training first. Part of the problem diving for beginners is diving too deeply. My cousin said they dive and loose bearings of how deep they go and then get a little light headed and go even deeper, getting into trouble. I am guessing beginners have to dive with certified divers for a while. My cousin is certified.

  13. b-a-g says:

    Welcome back Donna. I didn’t guess that there would be under-water pictures. I think you work way too hard for someone with a heart condition, but maybe that’s what keeps you going. I’ve always thought of you as totally fearless, I’m sure it wont be long before you set up an under-water studio.

    • My doctor gave me the OK to travel, so I was really happy about that. He is a new doctor for me and I like him a lot. I am also getting a new cardiologist which makes me VERY happy. I was not fond of the other guy. He wanted me to have surgery that this doctor said was not appropriate for my condition. I refused the surgery and am glad I did. I am kinda fearless once I try something and it goes well. My equipment was ill-fitted and I felt like I was drowning. I had to remove the mask and swim back to shore without it. It was a long way for just a swim. I should not have made such a big deal out of it and took a more more leisurely approach, hence then no panic.

  14. Phil Lanoue says:

    Wow those turned out great! We used to do a lot of snorkling and the fish are amazing!

    • I have to check out your blog for those images. Your bird photos are the best I have ever seen, I am sure I can learn from your underwater images as well. I found since I like photographing birds, fish have the same appeal.

  15. Those underwater photos are amazing – you have outdone yourself! I think my favourite is the incredible electric blue fish opening the post. Wish I could have been there! 🙂

    • I like that blue parrot fish too. It was the only fish staying still! I found fish similar to photographing birds in a way. You cannot really anticipate where and how they move, plus you have to hunt for them like when bird watching.

      • Fish similar to photographing birds – an interesting concept, I suppose the movements are similar and the techniques also! I’ll have to try this! When I go to St Lucia! 🙂

        • Carolyn almost could not make the schedule to travel and I almost asked another friend. We had weeks stay at the five-star hotel at my cousin’s private villas that we opted out on because of scheduling. When we were guests at this hotel for two days, it was heaven on earth. I kept telling her, I bet you wished we could have made the time frame. We laughed about it because there was some things where we were staying which kept us from getting a good night’s sleep.

  16. sharon says:

    there is no better excersie…I go until I am waterlogged! beautiful blue fish…Save the oceans reefs

  17. Andrea says:

    The photos are still clear and lovely, that first photo is a parrot fish. Even if our country is an archipelago and famous for diving and snorkeling sites, i also haven’t experienced it. I am afraid of depths most specially water depth so I can only venture in waist deep waters. I once tried snorkeling but didn’t learn, so just put the snorkel and looked under to see the fishes, i just donned it as props, haha! You should learn scuba diving, that will give you more advantage than the rest of us, to see the underwater landscape.

    • I too am not fond of when the water is deep and black, but the allure of what you will see is too great. The wet suit helped with the water being cold and also it helped with buoyancy. I wish I had one on the first time I went out, it made a world of difference.

  18. HolleyGarden says:

    Amazing! I have never snorkeled, but my sister has gone several times. It would be wonderful to see all these beautiful and mysterious creatures. It is truly intriguing to see what is under the sea! Truly a different world. I hope your medical tests go well.

    • That is precisely the reason I even tried snorkeling… when you see the colorful fish, it draws you in. The underwater world is a fascinating place and the fish come in all shapes and sizes. There are some incredibly strange marine life down there.

  19. Marguerite says:

    I tried snorkeling once and like you, had more than a few panic attacks! Glad you finally got the hang of it and enjoyed yourself. Good luck with the upcoming tests.

    • Once I had well-fitting equipment, the whole experience changed. I was out the first time until I was like a dried prune. I did not have the camera at first though. I wanted to get more comfortable swimming around. I figured if I dropped the camera, all I could do was look down at it and say goodbye. I never was good at diving to the bottom of a pool, so that might not have been an option.

  20. I love snorkeling, but haven’t had enough chances to do it! Did you have one of the dry snorkels or one with a purge valve? That seemed to help me the first time I went snorkeling. It was such a calming experience–until I saw the Moray Eel! My husband laughed at me, but I didn’t want to snorkel much in that particular spot after that. I hope your appointments and tests go well. I’ll be thinking about you!

    • I don’t know the answer to your question, but I am sure Carolyn would. I am guessing it was a dry model because it was loaned out by the resort. I plan on getting my own equipment for future trips. I would have for this one, but Carolyn and I were not going to check bags at first, so I would have had no room in my larger bag. Carolyn did check a bag and I did not know she was going to, otherwise I would have done so also. Next time I will bring my camera bag with all my equipment. That is what I missed the most. I got some really closeup photos of the hummingbirds, but not too may in flight. The bigger lens would have been very handy.

  21. catharinehoward says:

    WHAT an experience. So fishy and I know that the colours under the water leave anything above the surface behind.

  22. Donna these are a amazing shots and I am a chicken when snorkeling is mentioned as I saw Jaws too many times…I know ti is irrational but well it is what it is…good luck with the medical tests…sending good thoughts!

    • I kept asking if anyone saw sharks. Carolyn saw jellyfish and kept that from me, assuming I would high tail it back to shore! I would love to see the jellyfish, but I doubt I would have been clear headed enough to photograph them.

  23. Would never have noticed that the photos were not perfect. The color varieties and intensities are amazing. Love each and every one. Wishing you the very best possible outcomes with your coming medical tests. Keep the extraordinary photos coming! Best, Paula

    • Thank you. They are a bit soft in most cases, but that is the fault of the photographer, not the camera. I am like a fly fishing bobbin in the water, not much control, just going with the current. 😀

  24. aberdeen gardening says:

    Donna, I really did enjoy the sea garden, and what a treat to get away from the cold. Hope all goes well with your upcoming medical stuff.

  25. I love your underwater images, it is a really difficult photography but so rewarding in colors and shapes. I hope everything goes perfect with your medical tests.

  26. Karen says:

    You wouldn’t catch me snorkelling, a bit on the scary side. But the underwater views make it all worthwhile. Looking forward to some more pics from your hols.k.

    • The fish are alluring. They draw me in even though I am NOT a water person. Me and water never went well together. It stems from my mom making me take lessons as a kid. When it got to high diving I was petrified, but the slave driver teachers made us all do each of the dives. That was traumatic.

      • Karen says:

        Oh! that’s awful, I like swimming, and I can swim although I am so wary of the ocean. My sister and I were also made to take swimming lessons. I guess I was lucky I didn’t mind it too much, but at school I always had an excuse to stay out of swimming carnivals.

  27. Want me to ID any of your fishes? I’m sorry to hear that you are not well. But I hope everything goes smoothly and that you get better soon!!! Best wishes comin’ your way from PA

  28. A.M.B. says:

    I would’ve been too nervous to see these beautiful fish in their environment. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  29. Underwater pictures are awesome!!!

  30. I am with you on the snorkeling — I don’t think I can do it…am a nose breather, not a mouth breather. Love the picture of where you snorkeled and where Carolyn snorkeled. That would be me too.
    What beautiful fish, know there is a magical world under the sea. Maybe my speed is a glass bottom boat.

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