Early April Garden Snaps


Early Spring brings the colors of lavender, yellows, pinks, whites, bright oranges;  and colors of sepia, burnt orange, fawn and caramel. It is the time when new replaces old, and both stand side to side. Spring arrived but it is still in a holding pattern with the colder weather returning. The birds and weeds say spring anyway, even if freezing off their little tails at night.


I plant a lot of bulbs to keep the color throughout the year, but most spring bloomers are still pushing through the soil. Only those with a little fortitude make a show.


I was out doing lite spring cleanup today in the bright sunshine, until the weather abruptly turned. We have been having rain finally to ease the drought that has set in already this year, and it is back with freezing temps on the way.


Rain on the window behind.

Indoors a few plants bloom, backed by rain running down the window. I love this white hydrangea and it is keeping company with one of my blooming Lady Slippers, Paphiopedilum hennisianum.


Rains have produced flooding conditions, but no complaints here. To see daily precipitation fall anywhere in the US and Canada, see this site. The crocus never disappoint with their happy faces when the sun peeks through. The Viola cornuta are like a tiny surprise where they show up.


The garden looks fine in its predominately conifer coat, but it takes awhile for changing the guard to color and bloom. When it does, the conifers are barely noticed.

Those blooming really get special attention because there are so few while spring is reluctant to let go of winter weather. The Helleborus are still blooming strong and will appear in the next post. The Lungwort has such small and delicate flowers, but the speckled leaves are why they are in my garden.


Is there as much of interest in the fallen as in the newly risen? Yes, I shot the crispy critters before I chopped them down.


Odd thing this year, there is not as much to catch my eye, that or I am just too familiar and casual to the beauty. Like making something out of nothing in a way.

Today the front garden got in shape and the bed was edged. The Concolor Fir is gone, now the planning begins on what to put in its place (post coming). This year, I will let the perennials fill in and see where that takes me. I miss the tree, but not more than the robins that raised a family there last year. Speaking of things gone and past…


My next post looks at Then and Now. Photos from 2011, 2012 and 2013 for early April. 2013 is behind both previous years in bloom, but drastically behind 2012.


When looking back to 2012, I found the year to have quite a few surprises.


It makes one wonder what 2013 has in store. The street was ablaze in the setting sun below, as the sun warmed the tiny buds of the Norway Maples. Never noticed that before!


The setting sun setting the trees ablaze.


Mere minutes pass, the sun sinks low and the trees go dark.


Today the early bees enjoy the spring flowers and warming sun, I have been seeing more and more each day. But back in your nest bees, the freeze is coming back this weekend.


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53 Responses to Early April Garden Snaps

  1. A.M.B. says:

    Gorgeous photos! The blooms here are behind last year, too. Spring came early last year, and late this year. Neither feels right!

  2. Love looking at the light through the trees, especially through the viewfinder of my camera:) Great Captures – enjoying the pops of color and flora and fauna coming to life! Happy Tuesday

  3. yourothermotherhere says:

    So much pleasure in their beauty.

  4. Maybe that is why the bees are not out yet or the bullfrogs. We are to get a freeze overnight this weekend but the warm weather TH and Fri will confuse everyone again.

  5. Your photos have inspired me again! I have taken some photos with my new lens. I got a few good shots of birds and way too many shots of squirrels at my bird feeder.

  6. Each photo more spectacular than the last! You took my breath away with the fiery Norway Maples! Truly, those photos belong in a gallery somewhere!

  7. Spring is on her way-don’t you worry! Soon we’ll be begging for spring rains and the coolness of this spring.

  8. orchidmantis says:

    Beautiful blooms, all of them–especially your Paphio!!! Congrats on a successful budding. 🙂

    • Thank you. I have a lot more orchids, and might be showing them. This plant has two flowers, one better than last year. I think it needs dividing.

      • orchidmantis says:

        Anyone who grows (actually grows, not just keeps for a season and then throws out) orchids is a friend of mine by default. 🙂

        • I have had mine for many years. Right now only one Phalaenopsis is in bloom. Most bloom in December then again around June. The post coming up for Earth Day has many varieties of orchids, photos taken on my trips. Seems fitting to use orchids on a day celebrating the Earth. After all what is being done to rainforests where many grow is just a shame.

          • orchidmantis says:

            Twice yearly, huh? Wonderful!!! I’m relatively new to orchid culture… this will be my third year, if I’m not mistaken… but my collection has grown in leaps in bounds, as has my insanity. 😛 I’m about to deflask my last two bottles from our trip to Thailand in January, and I have a feeling the endeavor is going to result in my going cross-eyed for a week.
            I look forward to your Earth Day post–sure to be very aesthetically pleasing, of course, but also very meaningful, We make a trip back home to India every few years, and every time, it kills us to see that even more wild space has been cleared.

  9. sguz21 says:

    Reblogged this on sguz21.

  10. arlene says:

    Nice set, I love them all!

  11. mazza18467 says:

    amazing to see, how we have the same plants in the garden and ther is a whole ocean inbetween, The maple tree is one we miss and what a miss it is, what bright colours. That goes for the bird as well, not known in our regions.

  12. Good to hear you are getting some rain. As much snow as there seemed to be in the North this winter it is surprising it hasn’t helped the drought. Spring does seem to be slow starting across the country but it is all the more sweeter when it does arrive. Mother Nature sure does keep her own schedule. I hope this means that you won’t have a shorter spring though. One thing I learned recently (you may already know) is that native bees can take the cold better than non-natives. Certainly a benefit for the early spring blooms. Your photos are gorgeous. Love the Norway Maples!

  13. Things are waking up there. We are in full spring finery finally down here.

  14. Christy says:

    Hi Donna…Love the pictures, especially the tree pictures. That is such a good shot of the Robin. I’m looking forward to seeing your new front bed!

  15. Beautiful shots! There is so much beauty to be found in the spring blooms, but also in the fallen remains of winter. So glad you captured those as well!

  16. newvoice says:

    Oh happy days!! LOVE the colour and the freshness of your photos!! The winter colour contrasting with the spring – nice!

  17. Pat says:

    Such pretty spring blooms!

  18. lucindalines says:

    Such beautiful colors. Hope to see such here soon.

  19. Great pictures! I especially like the close up of the grape hyacinth. That robin has an unusual eye.

  20. Andrea says:

    It looks like everybody, no matter what climate they have are surprised at the unusual changes in their normal environment. We are like you too, observing the unusual timing. But whatever, your environment are always spectacular most specially through your lens. I love most the golden leafless trees!

  21. Reed says:

    I love my Lungwort flowers, they are just starting now and they add a nice complement to the spring bulbs and if it stays cool they will last well over a month. I am looking forward to a new bed in front where I transplanted and divided (3 different cultivars) to get about 25 plants. Looks like all but two are developing a handful of flower buds. I am hoping that this nice drift will have real impact both with the flowers and then the lovely foliage.

    • I like the flowers too! They are especially nice this year. I have mine in a very protected location that is warmed by building masonry, so they are a bit earlier than in other parts of the county. Mine have not made a drift though because in summer, this dry area stunts them a bit.

  22. You’re nature photography is always so beautiful. Such simplicity and color.

  23. Fergiemoto says:

    Lovely snaps! I especially like the purple ones.

  24. I love that picture of the lilac bud…ready to explode in all its purple glory.

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