Early April – Then and Now

Dichotomy of Message



All images are the first week of April each year except those taken this year and noted as mid April.








Mid April 2013








Mid April 2013




Pear-2013Mid April 2013




Mid April 2013





2012 A Year of Oddities

If you are wondering if the weather of 2012, as pleasant as it was in winter months, had a negative affect worldwide, have a look at this video below. It shows amazing sinkholes, massive bird deaths, earthquakes, sun flares, wild fires, hurricanes, damaging hail, and dust devils that appeared out of nowhere.


Mid April 2013

The video is newscast stories from around the world from May 2012. Many that blog, anecdotally talk about the weather, and I did a weather calendar in 2012 that recorded temperatures and weather conditions, but nothing brings it home like seeing what happened throughout the world.


Mid April 2013

The warm temperatures were no gift in 2012. Too many were praising the unusually warm temperatures, reveling in spring-like conditions in January in the sixties. Many lamented, looking back, wishing 2013 was similar. Maybe a little more reality of the situation is needed? This year there was nothing but complaints for the long winter, when the new normal is anything but normal, especially in precipitation levels.


Mid April 2013

I noted recently how this area is already in drought-like conditions and the year is only one-quarter the way in. This is anything but normal.


Mid April 2013

So what will May 2013 be like? We are experiencing lower than average temperatures and dryer than average conditions the first four months of this year. So next month Then and Now? We will see, but the predicted weather is not all coming up roses.

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38 Responses to Early April – Then and Now

  1. Great Post – your captures are giving me “Spring Fever”! I do not think about gardening here until Memorial Day weekend into mid-June because the weather goes from Winter to Spring to Winter to Spring to Winter to Summer – ha! Have a Great One:)

  2. Julie Gomez says:

    Beautiful shots!

  3. I am very worried about drought and our ability to deal with water shortages. We are going to need to make some real lifestyle changes to accommodate the coming weather changes.

  4. We have flooding going on this week. I guess that is better than drought. Your video is truly very discomforting!

  5. This is one of the latest springs I can remember and the most devastation from winter storms. Things are definitely changing but it seems to be alternating from year to year. Nice capture of the comparison.

    • NY has been hard hit in the last few years. The storms have been hitting your area with force. I agree, it has been in an alternating pattern. I was going to show the whole garden and will in May, but the closeups were more telling.

  6. Lovely shots but a depressing theme. We are still unseasonably cold with temperatures dipping into the 30s again. I think we are good for rain but should look it up.

    • Weather has been depressing around the world the last few years. I cannot even imagine the droughts that occurred in the South. Here it affects crops, but there it was killing off plants and animals. I remember Texas having a bad season then making a slight recovery the next year.

  7. We may be having lower-than-average temperatures this spring, but still well within the expected range of springtime weather. Last year in March, we had an extended period of temperatures that were well above normal. Then we had days of summerlike, record-setting temperatures that were almost 40 degrees above average. Plants leafed out and bloomed too early and were damaged when frosts arrived. It’s been a cool spring this year, but I don’t think it’s out of the ordinary.

    The video you posted starts with sink holes goes on to earthquakes and includes human violence. I’m not sure what any of those things have to do with weather.

    • Did you see the link I left last post for precipitation anywhere in the US and Canada? Just yesterday the weatherman reported we were above normal temps and will be below again Sat. and Sun. The average I am not sure of, I guess I could find out at Cornell.

      You don’t consider sinkholes related? They are formed by lack of water to replenish the water table. I saw a small one (foot square) on our street yesterday. Pretty sure it is not a pothole because you look down and see no bottom in the dark hole. I have to admit it looked a little ominous. It was beside a storm drain. I doubt it is a real sinkhole, but again, it really was no pothole. Also, did you not see the flooding in the video? I believe weather conditions help to increase the incidence of ill behavior in humans, but would have to research that for examples. Extreme drought does when people cannot get food and water.

  8. catmint says:

    Donna, of course there are major concerns about climate change but i did not find the youtube video helpful. It covers more than weather, is manipulative, distorted and overly dramatized scaremongering trying to give some kind of weird religious message.

    • I did not see the religious message. I guess because they were news stories compiled. I agree is was overly dramatic, but you can’t dismiss that the events occurred. What surprised me was the sinkholes. That is a bit unusual to have so many in the last few years. This year there were some too, like the one in FL. Lack of rain seems to be making them pop up more often. Also, I believe excess rain can cause them too, limiting structural holding capacity and stabilizing friction of the soils.

  9. HolleyGarden says:

    This year has been unusually cold – some of our low temps are near record lows. And 2012 was unusually warm – so the two compared together is quite striking. Being in Texas, where we normally have a period of drought, I always, always worry about the rainfall, or lack of. This year has been very dry, but what worries me more is that my sister (lives in Colorado) says it has been very dry there, too. One thing about the weather – it’s always changing!

    • I just mentioned in a comment about how rough Texas has been having it the last few years. I remember seeing Nat Geo images of sun baked earth and dying animals. I think when one sees images like that, it really gives people pause. It may not be happening in their area, but it shows what it would be like if it did. Here droughts are nothing compared to Texas, but they affect our food production. It really is all that surrounds weather that ends up being the most costly.

  10. Donna–In March 2012 we had a string of 5 days in the 80s (unheard of), and most flowering trees were in bloom by mid-March. THIS March remained cold throughout, with only crocus and daffodils beginning to bloom by the end of the month. BUT a warm start to April has everything blooming at once. Instead of a several-week progression between the daffodils and blooming crabapple trees, we STILL have daffodils but also have Bradford Pear trees, Redbud trees, crabapple trees, and cherry trees in full bloom. It’s a riot of color in our city right now, but all the bloom will come and go quickly. I prefer the gradual unfolding of spring’s riches.

    • You are ahead of us! Trees still are not blooming, but I suspect that we will also have the bloom all at once show.

      • Forgot to mention the forsythia. During how many years are the forsythia bushes and crabapple trees in full bloom at the same time! Every bloomin’ spring-blooming thing is in bloom at this moment (with perhaps only the crocus having come and gone and the lilics still in tight bud).

  11. I can’t help but admire your beautiful photos, Donna!
    [Weather has been playing tricks everywhere I think…]

  12. Karen says:

    Lovely photos of your April garden.

  13. Christy says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  14. Amazing as we see our gardens and how they are different. I was not a fan of the weather last year and neither was my garden. Our precipitation is normal but temps are below normal. My garden is a bit behind 2011 but coming up nicely…your words ring true Donna as we may warmer temps are a good thing but as you say think again.

    • I just saw an interview today with the researcher saying the exact same thing. I think science is starting to be more concerned. The talk today was on that the birds and insects are moving further north and not finding the food source they need. I mentioned this in a post last year too. The timing is off and the plant development or availability does not coincide with those that need it for food or procreation.

  15. A.M.B. says:

    Wow, how interesting to see the pictures next to each other! The shots are beautiful. I particularly like the one with the dandelion (I can’t help but like those cheery flowers, even if they are a weed).

  16. supernova says:

    Hi Donna, yes the same applies in the UK. The other day I photographed some snowdrops which are very late and the daffodils are only just blooming in certain area’s (where they catch the sun more). Spring is late this year, sometimes there are still frosts and ice on cars as yet, it feels like winter is never going to go. Hawthorn is just beginning to leaf but buds on other species of tree are still small.
    Crows, Rooks, Magpies and Ducks are just beginning to nest in earnest but are well behind schedule, the smaller birds like tits have had a harder time.
    Climate change is affecting the same area’s differently from one year to the next, this is a worrying aspect as the variables are so unpredictable, how can we plan against this?
    Besides more dramatic and dangerous weather conditions, it just seems like the seasons are sliding back and forth in the year calender more, but generally moving forward, i.e. it seems that winter is starting later in the UK.
    One finds there is also less of a difference between the seasons now (in general), except for the totally freezing conditions of winter which affect us after the new year. One way or another plants and animals are being affected every year, it makes one wonder! Your friend James 🙂

    • I agree James. There is no planning for what is developing. As a designer, I have to specify plants and it makes it hard for if we have too much or too little rain. Same with temperatures. The winter season either does not last long enough or like this year, was snowing in late April. What is to come in the future?

  17. Fergiemoto says:

    Beautiful images! It’s interesting to see the differences in growth among the various years.

  18. This is the strangest winter. My blooms started being about two weeks early and now everything is about two to three week late. I enjoyed seeing the contrast of the past few years.

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