Garden Glimpses Take 2

WhiteTulipsHere we are in the front yard. I joke about this garden because later in the year, the meadow plants take over. We have Penstemon, Shasta Daily, a variety of Asters and Monarda, Goldenrod, Butterfly Bush, Russian Sage, Phlox, White Sage, Veronica, and the list goes on and on.


The joke is because it can never be called a meadow just by its size and city location. You might know I don’t think meadows exist in little city yards, but it has supported a lot of insects through the years.

IberisSpringtime starts the time when insects return, so I like to start early with the blooming flowers.

I hadn’t realized that I never really showed the front and rear yard Fall flowers and will do that this and next post. I kinda surprised myself for how many images I had too. This garden really changes through the seasons, what is tiny in Spring explodes in Fall.

Tulip_MuscariSo in addition to the baker’s dozen images from Spring, I will add four more from Fall as a contrast of the same space. You can see that the colors in the garden remain rather consistent.

BluePhlox_IberisIberis, Creeping Phlox and Pasque Flower.

PasqueFlowerI haven’t planted tulips in many years, and these keep returning. The species tulips multiply, but the lily flowered tulips are very reliable in returning each year.

FrontGarden5-9-13In Spring, the tiny flowers are the main show.


VeronicaTiny tulips too.


Rather than the pretty photo of the front garden, I thought you would like to see the Sunday surprise. It is not snow, but hail, and yes I went out to get a photo and got pelted.


Now for the Fall photos of the front garden.

Fall2011FrThe Concolor on the left in its heyday.


The lavender moved to the backyard, but maybe returning now that the Concolor Fir is gone.


The backyard was on Sunday, but more is coming. Part 3 will have additional look backs. For a look back to 2012, see Spring in the Blink of an Eye.


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65 Responses to Garden Glimpses Take 2

  1. Pretty little garden!
    Light frost here in central VA this morning! 80 by Wednesday, yet the vineyard’s helicopter has flown for hours.

  2. Barbie says:

    How beautiful and the tulips are gorgeous. Love the idea of them coming back every year! I miss all my gardening friends’ colourful spring!!! I’ve been so busy!! Thanks for the colour!!

  3. connie661 says:

    Wonderful flowers and beautiful photos!

  4. Christy says:

    Hi Donna…your front yard is just wonderful! We have many of the same flowers…all great for insects and birds! I really enjoyed seeing your yard.

  5. mazza18467 says:

    nice, hail…. we callthis time of the year “de ijsheiligen” translated ice saints. It is four or five days in spring where it still can freeze or hail. After this period it should be save to put the seeds in the ground.

  6. This little garden is full of flowers in my favorite color: purple and lavender! And those yellow tulips add so much to the beauty of this garden! Well worth [sorry!] being pelted by hail, to take those wonderful pictures, Donna!!

  7. One of my little dreams now is to wade into a meadow full of flowers, scoop up some pretty ones, tie them together in a bunch in a lavender ribbon and give them to my mother. I should have that in my life list!

  8. I really enjoy seeing your garden. It is quite pretty and bigger than it looks from the front judging by the side picture. You took out all of the ‘Ice Dance’? I planted some here based on your post and so far it is doing what I want it to do. Very pretty too.

    • I use a wide angle lens that makes it look bigger. I even used it on the front view too. Ice Dance is a great plant when it has the room to ramble. You have tons of acreage now for any plant you want to grow.

  9. Wow, you really have a lot of beautiful stuff going on in this space. So lovely to see your personal garden.

    • Thank you. I just took out two boxwood today in the front garden and sent them to a neighbor’s garden. The ones on the curve are leaving now that the Concolor is gone. Boxwood in our neighborhood is a plant the neighbors just die for. I have sent quite a few around.

  10. HolleyGarden says:

    You did surprise me with that hail! I appreciated you putting in some fall photos along with the ones from spring. I would be very interested (and I bet others too) in knowing all the different plants you use to give a variety of bloom times throughout the year in a small space. To me, that is the hardest thing to achieve. In fact, as large as my garden is, I’ve started breaking up areas into spring blooming, summer blooming, and autumn blooming. A garden that is continually in bloom – and looks good as it changes – is very difficult to achieve. I would love to see more posts on this space.

    • Holley, my next post has the rear bed through all three seasons and you will see the transition. I mentioned some plants, but when I have time, will go through the design with all the plants named and listed by bloom date. My job is very busy now and I am also going out of town, but I will try to do as you asked. I have continuous bloom in the garden and you are right, it does take some experience to keep plants blooming in succession.

  11. yourothermotherhere says:

    What a pleasure for the eyes.

  12. Countryidyll says:

    Oh how lovely! I see so many plants in your garden that I have had or have in my own. I am chaffing at the bit to get my my garden, which was beautiful with scores of old fashioned roses, back into shape after nearly ten years of neglect. Mostly down to and OH who wanted us to go out for hours on our horses at the weekend, a full time job, and advancing years. Not to mention black spot on the roses! I am now grapling with bindweed and huge brambles that have been allowed to take hold. I am keen to get it all sorted this year, but I fear it will take years! It’s lovely to see established gardens such as your’s to give me inspiration, and hope!

    • My neighbor just took out all the old fashioned roses that were living on the property for almost 100 years. I was sick when I saw them gone. I used to maintain them for the elderly neighbor that sold the property to them. Oh I feel the pain of brambles and bindweed. I think I would just mount my horse and take a trail ride.

  13. Phil Lanoue says:

    A tremendous array of beauty to be sure!

  14. Roger Brook says:

    I like your pulsatilla. I love the way in your country you sometimes call gardens yards. In the UK a yard is a pretty rough area of land!
    As your country is the home of dicentras, where are they in your yard?
    (I hold the UK National collection of dicentras)

    • I know I should never call them yards, it is unprofessional on my part. It is just something left over from living in Pennsylvania. It is like in NY they call soda, pop. My Dicentras are off in a corner by a hydrangea. I have two, the one you saw in the post, the pink, and a miniature that has yet to bloom. I also have a red under the Viburnum.

  15. Wow, your front garden is gorgeous. I love the hibiscus. I don’t think meadows as such really work as front gardens, but what you have works both aesthetically and ecologically.

    • Thank you. I just cut the Hibiscus back and they look dead like they do every year. The only thing I don’t like about the Hibiscus is how long it takes them to put out new growth. If I had the workers in for Spring cleanup they would have dug them up! I am thinking of moving them to a new spot now though.

  16. Pat says:


  17. You have some gorgeous clumps of colour in your front garden. I’m always popping outside in all sorts of weather to take photos, not all of them make it to my site though. I took a video in a hail storm last year πŸ™‚ I’m sure the insects delight in visiting your garden.

    • Thank you. I like photographing in fog and we rarely get it here. I am always out in the snow though. Since I don’t spray, they do find my garden an oasis in a neighborhood filled with pesticides. Some years it is so bad with neighbors spraying, that insects don’t come. One year I could not get a butterfly in my yard.

  18. Brian Comeau says:

    Your gardens are beautiful and seem to have so much more growth than ours do. I guess the warm weather must have hit there a few weeks earlier than here.
    Nicer weather here the last few weeks but very dry until this past weekend. Lots of forest fires already in New Brunswick.

  19. arlene says:

    You have a lovely garden….I love them all πŸ™‚

  20. Helene says:

    Hi, I like your front garden, so much space compared to our tiny London front gardens!
    In mine I have managed to squeeze in some window boxes and some containers, that’s it really. You have a great collection of plants growing, all very familiar, with most of them either growing in my back garden now or has grown in the past. Is that a hibiscus I see in one of the photos? It looks very much like mine, I miss mine, lost it in our drought here in 2006 as I had it growing in a container. I have been thinking of getting a new one ever since.
    Great photos of the hail storm, we had a couple of them over here too. May has been a strange month….!

    • A wide angle lens does that! Yes a hibiscus. Right now it is in its dead looking mode. They are very long to leaf out. Hail is kinda rare here, so I had to record it. They were only pea sized but we have had the damaging grapefruit sized hail once before.

  21. I always think that spring flowers have to be so tough to survive what nature throws at them – literally in your case with the hail! As ever a wonderful selection of photos, and some lovely planting schemes to admire and enjoy.

  22. Ian Wood says:

    Fantastic photographs, so impressive with delightful colour. Spring flowers are always beautiful whatever nature may bring. The theme and ideas have really got me thinking, thank you

  23. The color combinations are exquisite. There is a lot going on in that bed, and it works so well together….so beautiful.

  24. A.M.B. says:

    Beautiful front yard! I love the spring flowers (I’m very partial to spring).

  25. I have nominated you for a very special Award check it out on my blog.

  26. It is very fun to see in depth shots of your garden.

  27. I like the way you have your planting so well organised to give such a good show in Spring followed by an equally stunning display in Autumn.

  28. b-a-g says:

    I remember that meadow garden controversy. I wish penstemon would take over my garden – I’ve been trying to grow it for three years. This year finally I have three tiny seedlings.

  29. Sharon says:

    I can only say I wish YOU were my neighbor! Love your house, love your garden, love your photography!
    I can grieve with you about the neighbor’s 100- year- old roses, that you tended, being torn out! My next door neighbor not only cut down her magnificent red-bud that I so adored, but she cut down MY dwarf spiral-umbrella flowering crab apple! If I didn’t love her so much, and she wasn’t in her 80’s I think I would have gave her a piece of my mind!
    We are all looking forward to seeing more of the particulars of your garden and bloom times.. Thank you for taking such care and time to share your passion for flowers with us.

  30. Amy Tong says:

    Your garden is so beautiful, both Spring and Fall. I wish I have a garden like yours. Oh well, at least I can visit your site and admire your pictures. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing these pretty picture. Have a great weekend.

  31. I love the emphasis you’ve placed on color and vibrancy in your yard, instead of the typical focus on flat lawns inhabited only by grass! Thanks for braving the elements to bring us such wonderful pictures!

  32. Fergiemoto says:

    Oh, such a lovely garden full of lots of beautiful flowers!

  33. I am glad you are showing more of your gardens as they are quite lovely…I love that straight on shot…

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