Winterthur Peonies


Double Red Peony

Oh yes, it is peony time again.

What a wonderful collection this garden has of new Peonies. There are many hybridized at Winterthur. The hybrid tree peonies are spectacular at this time of year and I would encourage any garden photographer into macro photography not to miss these showy plants.


Peony garden.

You will not be disappointed in the display.

Color abounds and peonies are a master of being a queen at the ball. Singles and doubles are equally stunning. Carolyn and I visited just as the peony season started.


Peony display.

Have a gander at peonies you will not see in the trade.Β  There are people not liking tree peonies, but they may like the cross with herbaceous peonies. Everyone viewing these peonies was spellbound. It is a magnificent display with some very unique specimens.


Unmarketed hybrid peony.

There are those not liking peonies because they attract ants, but I saw none on these plants. See my peony posts. You will see many insects like the sweet nectar.


Pink and Red Peonies mixed.

My garden has three peony plants and they will be blooming shortly. Right now, the iris and Allium are in bloom, but the peonies follow quickly. I will show the garden at the end of the month as I promised to show it more often.


Pink Peony Red Throat

Are these not stunning varieties? Also, are they not expertly displayed?


Romantic mood in a peony garden.

This garden has a very romantic feel. Remember last post how I said the way a garden makes one feel is an important part of good design?


Gorgeous and unusual yellow peony.

Just enjoy the peonies at Winterthur. Paeonia is a great plant, but the flowers are often short of bloom. They are very affected by weather, and most traditional peonies need staking. Tree peonies, on the other hand have a very strong, woody stem to hold the flowers erect during wet from rain. The hybrids were also not staked, showing they can withstand rain and wind.

Another trick is as you see here, they are closely planted in mass. Sometimes this is done in home gardens as well, but the drawback is when they are not in flower, one has a large area a bit dull despite them having beautiful foliage.


Sit on the bench and take in the beauty of the peony gardens.

Have a close look inside, the peony makes a great study for art and photography.


Bright pink peony not available to the trade.

I bet you wonder what the formal gardens look like by now?Β  The Enchanted Gardens are up next, and have some great architectural elements for kids. I was at Lockwood Gardens yesterday and they also had a wonderful section for the kid’s, but I thought it was a bit sophisticated for children, yet very entertaining. You will see that in posts on Lockwood Gardens.

Next we have what makes the kids smile.


Soft pink peonies.

I am back now after a long drive, but will be going away again to more beautiful gardens in a month, but this time by plane. Driving is something I enjoy as you can see below by the scenery through New York, but it is a bit too far to San Francisco. More scenic window shots to come in a future post on thoughts.


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55 Responses to Winterthur Peonies

  1. Pretty images. I have 29 peony plants here in central VA, most from my home place on LI. I divided another 30YO plant two years ago and those 19 are in full bud now. Most very fragrant and very popular sellers at farmers market. I love peonies, yet mildew has appeared already. Going to try baking soda and water spray. Any other suggestions?

    • I love peonies and wish I could have more, but a small garden with three takes up a lot of bloom space in the off season. They make a nice backdrop for perennials that flower later though and that is why I have such deep beds.

  2. Gorgeous peonies, we hit that garden just at the right time.

  3. rebecca says:

    Those herbaceous peonies are SO very beautiful. Wishing I had more than one plant. It came with the house 10 years ago and really DOES need a companion or two πŸ™‚

  4. connie661 says:

    Thanks for giving us this peek. It’s nice that you can enjoy the scenery on long road trips. I do, sometimes, but mostly I like to read and nap.

  5. What an explosion of color and what a great way to kick start a week and Monday morning!!!
    Thank you, Donna! Happy – colorful Monday, my dear!

  6. Such a glorious garden. What a wonderful visit you had. With your images I feel as if i was walking along with you.

  7. yourothermotherhere says:

    I’ve never seen peonies like that, or if I have, I didn’t know they were a variety of peony. I’m used to thinking of peonies with with a full skirt of petals. These are like mini-skirts!

  8. The hot pink ones are my faves! Oowedo! Margie

  9. choppy123 says:

    These are beautiful, one of my all time favourite flowers πŸ™‚

  10. Wow! Well, I am a peony-lover at the best of times. They look so good in huge swaths in these photos.

    • It is funny because from a design perspective, it is often noted not to combine so many types and colors. They say that too with hydrangea, but it is hard to look at these and see anything wrong with doing it. They look good all mixed up.

  11. Love peonies! I have been enjoying your tour of the different gardens. I will be going to San Francisco as well in the future. Will you be visiting Muir Woods by chance?

  12. A.M.B. says:

    Oh, how beautiful! The smell must have been divine with all of those peonies in bloom. I’ve never seen tree peonies before (or, at least, not that I’ve noticed). I adore peonies, which bring back very fond memories of my childhood. There were two long rows of peonies in the backyard of my childhood home. Sadly, my mother moved them to a less agreeable spot (for my wedding seven years ago, because she thought the peony leaves were an eye sore in August), and they’ve never bloomed quite the same way since. (sigh).

  13. Such breathtaking images! I love the soft pink peony with the red throat, and the yellow. These appeal to me also because they are singles, which I prefer.

  14. I was very surprised to learn that peonies are not at all related to roses! To me, they look very rose-like. Curious!

  15. Christy says:

    These Peony gardens are just breathtaking!
    I love Peonies and have nine in my garden. The flowers are just so beautiful and I don’t mind the foliage either. The only problem with mine is that even though I put rings around them, when it rains the heavy blooms droop to the ground. I don’t even mind the ants!

    • I don’t mind the foliage either. I use is as a backdrop for flowering perennials later in the season. Mine stay up pretty well since two of them are singles. The one double is always hooped.

  16. I love the macro shots. I did a garden tour earlier this month and saw lots of peonies and was asking myself why I don’t have any in my garden. They are impressive in mass!

  17. Wow, you even take stunning photos out the car window. I can’t do that! I’m so excited that it’s Peony time again. Mine are just about to bloom. I have only three varieties, but they’re all spectacular. I literally sighed when I saw your first photo of the pink, unmarketed hybrid. I want it! πŸ˜‰

    • It is a trick taking photos while driving. You can’t look through the viewfinder so it is kinda potluck. Funny too, when in PA the tourists were hanging cameras out car windows while driving to photograph the Amish. My cousin was going ballistic because they would slow down almost to a stop on a 55 mph road.

      Everybody who saw that peony was in awe. It was spectacular. I took so many photos of it which did not even do it justice.

  18. Gorgeous can’t wait till mine open this week πŸ™‚

  19. Beautiful photos again. I have one peony now. I used to have more, but it always seemed that they bloomed right when a storm would hit and the temperature would soar. So everything would be a drooped over mess. (Even with cages). They would only look nice for a day or so.

  20. Patty says:

    Lovely peonies. Winterthur is a wonderful garden and i must get there some day. We are cool and rainy today and my peony buds are still on the small side. Maybe in a week they will flower.

    • Cool and rainy here today too. So glad for the rain, the garden really needed it. It is supposed to be sunny and hot Thursday and Friday, so maybe the buds will open. The ants are getting impatient.

  21. I adore peonies and have them throughout the garden…they are so romantic when added to a bed…I have one tree peony but it doesn’t bloom much. I may move it to a sunnier spot.

  22. commonweeder says:

    Peonies are fantastic. So beautiful and So tough. I have a couple of tree peonies, and about 30 herbaceous peonies. I still have three weeks or so til bloom season. Your photos are absolutely beautiful.

  23. Cheryl says:

    Here in my garden we grow loads of herbaceous peonies, and add a few more every year. I have expanded to tree peony and Itoh hybrids but was ever so taken by the woodland peonies on a garden tour I attended two weeks ago. Much as I adore thosehuge marshmallow blossoms, the simplicity and beauty of the woodland peonies that had seeded themselves all about the understory of the garden we were in was divine. They will be the peonies we will add this year to our garden for sure. As to the short bllom time or the herbaceaous peony you can always try this trick florists use….. cut them when the buds are soft and squshy yet not open , then place them in the fridge for up to a month . They will open when you bring them out and you can extend the season. Thanks for the beautiful pictures , I have always wanted to visit Winterthur , and will be sure to bring my camera when I do.

    • That is a good tip. I like them most in the garden, but the rains take them down and they look so sad on the ground. Mine are singles and are not as affected, but the neighbors all have the huge doubles. I have to check out the woodland peonies, they sound interesting.

  24. Sharon says:

    The foliage in the fall on a new one I planted a few years ago, has the appearance of a giant pinkish orange blossom! Thank you for the breathtaking pictures!

  25. Les says:

    There are very few flowers as voluptuous and sexy as a peony, and your pictures show that.

  26. Your photography continues to be astounding Donna!

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