May Garden Wrap Up – This and That Info Too!


The only pretty picture, be warned…

This is the time of year the garden kicks into high gear. Right now at the end of May, we are in the transition period from one look to another. No bed is without color, but you can see the browning lilac flowers, the bronzing of the crabapple, the thinning Allium, the iris and peonies just starting out.  Lots of color, just not settled into its scheme yet. Another week and it really shouts with warming weather and rains (hopefully). To see the week of full bloom on the Allium and creeping phlox, see this post.

MayBackyd2013Poppies are showing in spot color, as are viola, Tradescantia, Myosotis, Iris here and there, Bok Choy, Columbine, Dianthus and a whole host of blooms I showed earlier, especially out front. Last year’s drought was very hard on the plants and I decided they do not need a repeat of that. I am not one to water either, but plants have been suffering. The grass I care little for, but it greened up as well.


It has been necessary to water up until this past week. I watered on Monday just to get the soil wet so rain would not run off. I did mulch much of the garden and don’t like mulch drying out either. No mulch on the chives, they like the desert.


Bee on Chives. OK, this might be an OK photo. Bees are always photogenic.

The phlox is fading in the heat, and you can see Delphinium large in the background waiting on buds to form. The Foxglove is pumping out a few flowers, but another week for that one too.


I have a Japanese Maple ‘Bloodgood’ that I rescued that is growing a bit faster than I would like. I already cut the top back and it is filling out a bit. I lost a few branches on it this winter when my Christmas tree toppled in the strong winds, so I have a stake assisting it to get erect. The poor thing was flattened.


Below, I cut the ivy back to waist-high and am waiting on the leaves to fall. It looks like a mess, but I have no one that will pull them down for me. I removed as much as I could from a six-foot ladder. I don’t use the extension ladder as does no one else here apparently. I should have cut them back sooner…


The Viburnum plicatum is really putting on its yearly show. The roses in the foreground are all budded out. They have never been taller.


Peonies are coloring up…and the ants are impatient. What are the two below doing? Is love in the air? Kidding, but they do look like they are sharing a friendly kiss.


If like the ants, you can’t wait, there is an image in this post.


Lettuce and Bok Choy are coming along…baby carrots are in this pot too. I am going to see how crowded I can get the vegetables and see how they produce, always an experiment going on here! I always crowd veggies in the garden with luck, so why not give a container a try. Lettuce will be picked long before carrots develop.  The other pots have peppers and tomatoes. Now that is a squished planting!

Too busy with being busy…


Oh, before you fly… I have a post coming up showing closeups with bees and chives like in this post. I am selling this camera and lens if anyone is interested, if not, the photos are nice so please stop in anyway.

A flurry of posts…is coming.

Perdita_ventralis species group

Perdita ventralis species group

I will save some of the big name gardens for when I am away in June – like I did last year with Chanticleer. I have a post coming up on the Lewiston Garden Fest which happens June 22 and 23. I show you my ads and GardenFest poster (seen in the above link) that I did for the event. The link to the website I designed with all my photos lists some of the activities to see for the visitor.

You might enjoy seeing some of the open gardens from last year (also seen in the link). The garden club women were on TV yesterday and did a great job promoting.


I want to add a great opportunity for you folks wanting to improve your garden photography. Seems odd I mention it in a post I show some not so hot garden photos, but hey, it is a good deal. Saxon Holt over at Gardening Gone Wild has offered to give his advice on one of YOUR photographs. You leave a link on a garden shot that you have taken, and he will offer advice on ways to improve your work. He is a professional photographer who has illustrated quite a few best-selling garden books. You cannot get better advice from anyone on garden photography. He has an eBook coming out soon that has the lessons he gives (in greater detail in the eBook) both on Gardening Gone Wild and in his photography classes. It should be a must have for all the garden bloggers out there.


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20 Responses to May Garden Wrap Up – This and That Info Too!

  1. Pat says:

    Your garden is beautiful!

  2. lucindalines says:

    Love the flowers with the bees on them, favorite subject of my photographer daughter.

  3. …”the only pretty picture”? a joke right?!!!!
    A wonderful wrap up, Donna, for May and kick start for June!
    Happy June 1st, my dear!
    🙂 xxxx

  4. That first click is a stunner! Always lovely to visit Donna. Margie

  5. rebecca says:

    Oh, my goodness – how lush and full your yard/beds are! Every year I say I must get me some alliums. After THIS post. I think it will be THIS year 🙂 I could use another peony plant or two also. You just convinced me.

  6. I’m so glad you’re showing us more of your garden–it’s lovely and welcoming. Gardens here are about at the same transition time. And I don’t have as many Irises as I have in the past because I divided them last August. Oh well, that’s something to look forward to next year!

  7. That was false advertising when you said only the first picture was pretty. You’re garden is looking lovely. I really like the picture of your back garden from above. The Virburnum plicatum is magnificent! I wonder why I have never seen that species around here.

  8. Meant to add: I watered once after a dry week, and it has been raining ever since.

  9. Christy says:

    Your garden may be in transition but it looks wonderful to me! I think it’s so interesting to see the flowers that are just starting to bloom in other gardens and mine have bloomed and gone. I hope you show your Delphinium in bloom…they are one of my favorites!

  10. You got out of here just in time with five straight days up to 90 degrees. Luckily we had all that rain before it got hot. It is back into the 70s tomorrow.

  11. Emily Heath says:

    Ooh more photos of bees coming – exciting!

  12. connie661 says:

    Yesterday’s rain was helpful– my rain barrel was empty. Thanks for the photos and info.

  13. Beautiful Captures – love the rain drops and bees:)

  14. spatz00 says:

    Your garden is beautiful!

  15. We were in transition due to weird flowering times with the crazy weather…but since all the rain and hot, hot, hot temps everything is now popping up and flowering except the peonies and oses but they will be flowering soon. Hope you get more much needed rain.

  16. Andrea says:

    Your garden offers such a spectacular sights, but that first photo is my favorite. Your garden is worth included in a tour of gardens.

  17. The first photo is indeed “pretty,” Donna (more like stunning), but I disagree that it is the ONLY pretty one!

  18. A.M.B. says:

    I love seeing pictures of your garden! It’s beautiful, even without vibrant color (just yet).

  19. Sartenada says:

    Although all of Your photos are beautiful, my favorite is the first one.

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