July in the Garden – Niagara Falls Garden Walk


The garden blooms with abandon in July, but each year the weather plays a huge part in how much and what blooms when.

The Historic Niagara Falls Garden Walk happened yesterday and like each year it included the city, there were very few people coming to our street. I saw maybe 25 and another neighbor with their garden participating counted 15 total. That is a far cry from the over 400 people who toured our one-block long garden walk when the Neighborhood Block Club ran it.

The Business Association came in to grab a good thing (from the Block Club without so much as even telling us their intention to take it). They did not put in the effort to make it a success either. Our street did not even know who to contact or see advertisement announcing it.ย  Only two of us got “an invitation.”ย  I passed mine on to the others. I guess few to participate was to be expected, and success was not even in the cards.


I have not reported on this walk for two years because I was not here to see the demise. My garden has not participated since it went citywide. Honestly, there is not a lot to see beyond our street. The walk between the streets that have nice gardens and our street is too long on Main Street which has little to offer in either gardens or businesses.


I did not waste my time visiting because neither did garden walkers for the most part. So enough about the Garden Walk that didn’t happen, here is my garden for the many viewers at GWGT. Some of you are local too…


My full and bountiful hangingย  baskets I buy wholesale, the baskets cost me $12 each. Retail they are $36 and worth every penny.


This post is an overview of what is blooming. It is far different from just a month ago and will be far different a month from now. It was planned for this change. I miss the garden often in summer with travel, so planning for taking photos is not always at the best times of day or year.


Three plants below, Perovskia, Salvia and pink Asiatic lilies, make pretty companions in the front garden.



PhloxThe few garden walkers that did come to my street did stop to see the front garden.


LavenderThe front garden has a few new plants and some transplanted from the rear garden. I had to add them when the Concolor was cut down this past Christmas. The Phlox ‘Bartwelve’ (18″ high, 3 feet wide) needs time to grow. I also added Althaea which reaches 24″ and the Dianthus near the front of the bed.



In the side yard, I removed the Cotoneaster in Spring. It was getting hard to maintain with how fast it rooted. That is a good thing in beds like this that are contained, but it was so aggressive it scaled the small retaining wall. So I ripped it out and replanted with Sun Drops, Yarrow and Campanula glomerata, also in the side bed past the carpet rose. You can see Japanese Iris here and various sedum. All plants came from other parts of the garden.


This side garden needs time to fill in. I have planted daylilies here that will be going to the garden club plant sale next year. I will do a post on this shortly. Our club went to a daylily wholesaler/hybridizer to buy in bulk. We all put them in our gardens to propagate for next year’s sale. More on that soon.


Hope you enjoyed the garden tour. I am happy to show it to readers,

PinkPetuniasStay tuned as I have a lot of really GREAT gardens from the garden walks in our area. Today I went to some really amazing gardens that even floored me! Some have been in Garden Gate magazine and one that has yet to be should be in EVERY garden magazine out there. What an incredible property. I am invited back in two weeks to photograph what has yet to bloom. Can’t wait.


Up next, more from my garden. I look close in Lotsa Little in the Garden in a two part series. The end of the week and into next… garden walks.




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57 Responses to July in the Garden – Niagara Falls Garden Walk

  1. CC says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  2. Thank you for sharing Donna. Your hanging baskets are beautiful and at a bargain as well! I enjoyed your gardens and photography…best photo…the Oriental Lilies win the prize hands down!

  3. I do have to get to see you garden at some point and photograph it myself. I didn’t do any garden tours this weekend. Yesterday was my garden tourism day starting with a TV show interview and than dragging three Canadian writers through Garden Walk Buffalo gardens. Then a tour of the Olmsted Richardson complex. Today was family time!

  4. Donna this was such a treat to see your garden awash in blooms….such eye candy!!

  5. rebecca says:

    Thanks for the beautiful tour of your garden…so well planned & maintained. I look forward to the upcoming posts! They sound really interesting.

  6. Laurie brown says:

    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of your gardens with all of us…. And for letting us share all your garden travel adventures through your photos and blog. We just returned from visiting Longwood Gardens in PA and I kept coming upon garden vistas that I had recently seen on your blog. Thanks for providing us with inspiration for future garden excursions. Hope you will get a chance to stop by our gardens sometime, too. We are on Garden Walk Buffalo and are always happy to meet new garden-friends!

  7. A.M.B. says:

    Your garden is beautiful! I enjoyed the walk through it. The hanging baskets are so nice (I love seeing that much color suspended in the air!).

  8. choppy123 says:

    I have to say I cannot pick a favourite picture, what a beautiful garden, certainly a labour of love ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thank you so much for sharing some of the “beauty” in our world! Just gorgeous!

  10. Reblogged this on barbsburnttree and commented:
    To beautiful not to share….so nice to see the “beauty” of our world!

  11. Donna, your garden is spectacular! Those hanging baskets are amazing! Whenever I am away during the summer the weeds all grow much more prolifically than the plants. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Nell Jean says:

    Your lilies are just spectacular. Thank you for sharing your garden with us.

  13. janechese says:

    What a feast for the eyes, all those arrangements and colours.

  14. barbie says:

    Your garden is my favourite to visit! I can just smell the flowers!! So much colour! So much variety and the balance is so perfect! How beautiful they all are – can’t even choose a favourite!

    • Thank you so much. My favorites change with the season. Right now I am waiting on Butterfly Weed to bloom with Butterfly Bush on the way too. Finally butterflies are starting to show up. Hummingbirds too.

  15. connie661 says:

    Great photos and great garden. I love the photo of the lilies with the water drops. Carnations are one of my favorite flowers; I should plant those again.

  16. Oh, what a beautiful garden, Donna!!!!! You’ve painted it masterfully!

  17. commonweeder says:

    What a beautiful garden! And such lush plants. I love the hanging baskets too. I never manage to get such lush growth in containers.

    • I don’t get lush growth on my own. The grower fertilizes them everyday and put in slow release before I loaded them in my truck. The ones I grew from seed one year never reached this fullness.

  18. Glorious Donna! You are surrounded by beauty every day. Margie

  19. Your garden is beautiful! So much to see. That Japanese lilac is really pretty!

  20. Gorgeous! Yes, I enjoyed your garden walk! How interesting how things can change when the planning organization changes. I like the way you tucked the little Hens and Chicks in the front of the rocks–nice touch!

    • My little succulent garden may not make it through winter where it is though. The neighbors are relentless dumping salted snow and ice in this garden. That is what was good about the cotoneaster, it took the abuse.

  21. I love the view with the lilies and red Monarda. Also not usually a big fan of petunias, but that blue hanging basket and the mixed basket and containers are great! How do you get them to look so perfect? Is that blue flower below the lilies Campanula glomerata? This post reminds me I really need to plant more fragrant lilies. Trying to decide between Orientals and Orienpets.

  22. Les says:

    I am surprised to see Hydrangea macrophylla. I thought you were out of its comfort zone.

  23. Beautiful shots of amazing gardens full of glorious color we have had so much rain I mostly deadhead ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Sue says:

    Beautiful-all of it but I keep scrolling back to the pictures of that red rose. Such a gorgeous shade of red and so healthy.

  25. Thnak you for the great tour to your garden, looks fabulous and full of color!

  26. Fergiemoto says:

    It looks like quite a lovely walk! Beautiful photos, again!

  27. Your garden looks great, love the red and yellow.

  28. Beautiful, just beautiful!!!

  29. ginnytalbert says:

    Oh my, your gardens are splendid! Certainly enjoyed all the photos and narrative. I’m just starting my gardening blog (today), so I’m a real newbie. Hope I can figure it all out! Again, all your photos are marvelous!

  30. Sonja says:

    I will stay tuned, but yours is a “really amazing garden”–wow! Thank you for the mini tour, those other guys missed something special. The lilies are just beautiful and the baskets and the– well, it’s all just beautiful.

  31. Thanks for giving us the tour of your garden, Donna. Everything is so beautiful. I love the photo of the lilies with the water spray, and your hanging baskets and containers are spectacular.

  32. sharonftaylor says:

    Lilies with sprays of water! how refreshing! and yes, those flower baskets are worth every penny!

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