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BabyBuffAlpaca What am I? Aren’t I just the cutest? I am your host for the Farm Tour taken recently during the National Garden Festival. It was a Motor Coach Tour complete with a great boxed lunch on Friday, July 19th. We toured local farm country in Eden, NY. The tourists went by bus and that is me in front of the big motor coach with my human dad. TourBus We also went where there are flowers, of course. The flower farm we visited you will see in this post, but also visited a beautiful garden at the home of a blueberry farmer. Mmmm, blueberries. That will be coming up in a future post. Let’s start where I live… AlpacaFarm I am part of a herd of Alpacas at a local alpaca farm here in Western New York. Meet my family… or at least this is us boys at Eden Valley Alpacas. I happen to live with peacocks… WhitePeacock and chickens too. WhiteChicken The handsome black rooster has the eye of the white chicken. They did have a “rendezvous” behind the barn door. Those frisky chickens have no manners, we had company! CountryStore Next we go to a farmer’s market selling all fresh, locally grown produce, part of a grower’s cooperative, Eden Valley Growers, Inc.. Does the food not look great? They sold plants too… mmmm, blueberries. CountryStoreFront I loped over to the flower farm to see what was growing at Henry’s Gardens. FlowerFarmSales I think it is the largest cut flower farm in our area. You can see they sell potted plants for the garden too. As a ruminant, those flowers are mighty tasty and would not last long at my farm. FlowerFarmStore The owner was a really nice lady and oh so talented… she offered water to the visitors, but did not offer me a single flower bud. Young buds are the best too. FlowerFarmOwner I was really impressed with the fields and fields of flowers. They are cut and put into arrangements to sell wholesale to local grocery stores, such as Wegmans. My fur is sold too, but not to a grocery store. That is why I look so naked. TanBabyAlpaca Like my ‘do? All the cool alpacas sport one. Arrangements They were kind enough to take us out into the fields of flowers, but we had to take smaller transportation. Jitney I snipped off a few buds when they weren’t looking. Yummm. FlowerFields Flowers and flowers as far as one could see… and speaking of flowers, I hope you enjoyed this tour. Coming up is a place you all may enjoy if you love flowers. It is home to the 2012 Specialty Annual Trial Gardens, a University Trial Garden. You get to view specialty cultivars grown and evaluated for next year’s retail sales. Plants grown are from all over the world and from the four largest horticultural companies. People in the local area come and vote for plants they want to see in the retail market. I go by taste, but just saying… I hear it is a fun, scenic and colorful place along the Buffalo waterfront. A little far for my padded feet to travel. FlowerFarmsFlowers It is much different from a cut flower farm though. Here reliable flowers are grown to last in a vase. The flowers are cut daily and shipped all around Western New York to liven up homes, business and make a joyous occasion for events. One more Motor Coach Tour happens on August 3rd, called Beyond the Flowers. “Join us for a guided tour of seven spots where community has worked with Mother Nature, not against her, marking the new green approach in Buffalo’s neighborhoods.” I hear there is a tilapia farm and compost operation on this tour. I myself proudly make a lot of fertilizer. I guess those fish do too! Fields Next post, my photographer was chasing around a flying butterfly. I bet that was funny… she was chasing around the chickens here. That is how she was privy to the chicken hanky panky.

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22 Responses to Cut Flower Farm – Farm Tour

  1. Hope says:

    He’s so cute I want to take him home with me. BTW…women pay big bucks for that hair color!

  2. Sonja says:

    That furry fellow was just the best guide. I’ll bet you had a really fine day. I don’t think we have anything like those tours here. Blueberry are the best and the fruit looked so beautiful atop that barrel.

  3. Aww what an adorable face, wasnt he a great guide, love his hair-do. That looked a great day; all the flowers and so much fruit there too. Loved the transportation great way to get round those fields.I would have loved to have gone there. Amazing photos again and thanks for sharing such a fab day out. x

  4. Patrick says:

    You know I love you but this intrusive and annoying alpaca twist might hurt our relationship. Maybe in a plot twist in your next post, you could mention he was hit by the bus and was DAO. Please, dear friend. Full disclosure: Don’t feel attracted to anything prone to spit on me.

    • Patrick says:

      Sorry meant DOA. But that whiney little thing, let’s name him Twerp, had me so distracted I failed to comment on the subject at hand. Those were some of the most meticulously groomed flower fields I’ve ever seen. Would love to see again in four weeks. (Feel BP is calming down.)

  5. A.M.B. says:

    My kids would love that farm! The alpaca looks like he has so much personality. I’m looking forward to your pictures from the blueberry farm (I love blueberries!).

  6. kanebeatz says:

    Reblogged this on Beatz kane Blog.

  7. Julie says:

    Interesting to go behind the scenes and the fruits in the farm shop photo look delicious, looking forward to the Beyond the Flowers post too.

  8. barbie says:

    Wow – rows and rows of flowers – how amazing! I think the alpaca is so adorable!! Take him home!!

  9. homeyardyou says:

    It sounded like a good trip. I to live in Western N.Y. and will have to see how far Eden is from Rochester. It looks like a good day trip. Thanks for the post.

  10. Pat says:

    Adorable tour host!

  11. Skeeter says:

    What a treat to visit a Cut Flower Farm! Neighbors down the street have Alpaca’s but we have never visited them. They seem to belong to a group which get together on weekends for creating things with fur. Chicken Hanky Panky, how funny….

  12. Love the shot with the berries–yum! I like the way you told the story through the perspective of the baby alpaca. What a cutie!

  13. Very cute Alpaca, with a very stylish haircut. My first thought was llama, something that would probably insult the Alpaca. Looks like a very fun tour, especially the cut flower farm. I wonder if the economics of cut flowers have shifted at all favorably to local growers? Amy Stewart talks about this in Flower Confidential, have you read that?

  14. I’m in love with the host and I see I’m not the only one!!!!
    Beautiful tour, Donna!

  15. Fergiemoto says:

    I can’t get over how cute and adorable the first photo is! What a great and lovable host!

  16. Hope those critters get out of those cages when not on tour…

  17. What a great tour and I love those berries…cut flower farm is amazing. I have not noticed such a place here but I have been out of touch since I have not been to the farmer’s market much…

  18. What a Wonderful post! Full of cuteness and COLOR

    Loved it!

  19. Adorable. I wish I could shop in that produce store.

  20. You find the most amazing places to share!

  21. sharonftaylor says:

    Like the colorful store! I LOVE to crochet with richly died soft alpaca yarns! Fun!

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