My August Garden Rocks Loud – The Color’s Cranking









I hope you got a chance to read my post on the Monarch butterfly, Breakfast, Bedtime and Losing Butterflies. It has links to many studies on the decline. Beauty in Niagara Trail Finds is a photo packed post with images taken in golden hour lighting.

Shortly, I will have a series of posts showing how I get my photos. There are a few things that help me get my shot, even in bad light.  Upcoming a post called, Dealing With Yucky Light When Photographing and a Prize. Yep, it has a giveaway. Plus, you can tell me how you deal with that midday sun.

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I love to photograph, paint, draw, design, garden, travel the world, and pass on a few tips and ideas that I learned through experience as a Master Gardener and architect. I am highly trained in my field and enjoy my work each and every day. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY in zone 6-B. Find me at:
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26 Responses to My August Garden Rocks Loud – The Color’s Cranking

  1. Meta says:

    You have the most beautiful garden, I loved all the different views.

  2. Patrick says:

    What a bevy of bold images you’re laying out for our viewing pleasure, my learned and gifted friend (Now, how’s that for a worthy moniker, Donna. A lot to live up to. n’est pas?)

    Love he bluesy image. It’s not a color that provides us a lot of solid choices that bloom together for those of that color persuasion, d0n’t you agree/?

    That rubrum is a firecracker and pity it doesn’t return for us. I think my favorite this time around was the fleeting combo of the daylily and burgundy coleus. Nature can be so beautiful for but a moment, my dear friend.

  3. janechese says:

    Love the one with the post, leafy reds and the lily.

  4. Eulalia says:

    Congratulations… I love your garden.. It looks awesome. I really like that you do not have a lawn

  5. Hope says:

    That is breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks for the tour! 🙂

  6. Of Gardens says:

    Hydrangeas do say summer, I couldn’t agree more. And when will there be color in the garden if not in summer. I say GO FOR IT – packed every color combination in the garden you can imagine. Indulge

  7. alesiablogs says:

    Hydrangeas are my favorite of all time. I requested these both times when my sons were born from my husband. They remind me of my children and bring me the joy reminding me of my beautiful sons. Thank you so much for sharing of your garden photos. Spectacular!

  8. A garden blooming radiantly! This is obviously a garden loved by it’s owner and each plant glows!
    Well done, Donna – very well done! You have accomplished a living piece of art!
    🙂 xxxx

  9. Phil Lanoue says:

    Wow! An explosion of color!

  10. Gorgeous garden! And I’m even more jazzed by the idea of just leaving it (particularly the weeds) alone! Sometimes I lose sight of how much I love to garden when I have to do too much of the clean-up part (sort of like my attitude about cooking). Can’t wait for your photo-techniques posts!

  11. Your garden is stunning from every angle, no wonder you have such a variety of wildlife, its a haven and luxury restaurant for so many species of bird and insect.
    Thanks for sharing.
    You have inspired me for next year, I so need to work more on my garden. X

  12. Pat says:

    Your home is surrounded by beautiful color!

  13. Your gardens are so beautiful with color and all that along with hummers! Hydrangea and Rudbeckia means the end of summer but are are always a welcome bloom…so pretty!

  14. I like your garden best this time of year. So colorful and full of flowers. I wish I could do my clean up in spring but there’s no time so almost everything comes down in fall.

  15. Beautiful. Pink and yellow sounds like it shouldn’t work by your daylily and ‘Zagreb’ show that it can. You know, I tell myself I don’t like pink but then I look at all the swamp milkweed and Joe Pye in the front garden and I realize: I have a LOT of pink.

  16. igardendaily says:

    O.K., this is too gorgeous! I love every single photo and just want to come over and see it in person! You have a truly beautiful garden and a wonderful talent in photography. Also, I think it unfair that it is this beautiful and you don’t have to do all that much, or did I misunderstand? 🙂 Man, I wish I lived in a little less extreme climate! No matter though, cause I’m more inspired now than ever to push forward in the garden. Cheers!

  17. Mac says:

    So vibrant and beautiful!

  18. I can’t believe the shot of the bird captioned ‘Buzzing on through’ – how do you get so close! I can’t wait to have some time off work this year to do more photography and use your posts as tutorials!

  19. Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful post Donna! I will have to check back to see the post on yucky light. I always struggle with the shadier past of my garden. I could use a few tips.

  20. Tom Clarke says:

    Donna – I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your blog posts since discovering it this spring. The photos in this posting are equally great. As one that posts blog articles myself, I often wonder what others think when I make some change. So if you don’t mind, please allow me to suggest that I found the white backgrounds to be much more appealing than the black. But that may just be me (I cut off the false indigo seeds for essentially the same reason).

  21. Donna your garden is just incredible with green lush foliage and bright wonderful colors…

  22. A.M.B. says:

    How beautiful! Your garden is bursting with color and life in August! It’s interesting that you don’t do any weeding or deadheading at the end of summer. I’m glad to hear it because it makes the idea of developing my garden a little less daunting!

  23. sharonftaylor says:

    What an artful eye! Love how you don’t do much after July, and yet everything looks so clean.

  24. Cathy says:

    Ahah! I see what you mean about not doing a lot at this time of year – a great philosophy when your garden is well established and you are satisfied with the layout, etc. You have some wonderful colour combinations and of course your photos are tremendous!

  25. lundygirl says:

    hi, very inspirational photos. I love my garden but by the end of august it always looks as if the plants have had enough – it’s a spring garden really. I feel inspired to take it in hand this autumn and plan for next summer. I avoid sprays and enjoy the birds – but no hummingbirds here!

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