Photo Group Wants Fall Leaf Color


So what to do when Fall color is not in our area yet? It is 78° today and Fall is stubbornly hanging on to Summer. Where record four-foot snowfall has happened in South Dakota this week, the temperatures here keep the snow at bay. Snow for us in October is not unheard of either.

Each week this photo group has a theme and photographers submit photos showing something representative of the theme. Fall leaf color next week… hum.


Last week’s theme was “Something Red” and I used the male cardinal above. Like my photo of a dragonfly in an earlier Let’s See Your Best Shot, the cardinal was well received.

I am a bit stumped on what to show this time around.

The group is run by a very well-known macro photographer, and most images posted are macro shots. For instance, others posted cardinals, but very close up like I did in this post.

I have lots of colorful leaf images, but my brain (and camera) is scrambled on this one.


Moving camera with open shutter.

Another reason I’m rethinking photo groups, although most are professional photographers, the images are being uploaded to Facebook. If you read regularly, you know my thoughts on FB.

My bone of contention is the policy set up by FB claiming they have the right to use the images posted to generate advertising revenue. They can sell a subscriber’s photos to advertisers. It is the “price” we pay for using their free service supposedly.


Many free sites I believe can sell images, not just FB.


Well anyway, back to what image I should post.

Because of the policy of FB, I have been reluctant to post the best of a series or even the best of a subject, and have been uploading one of lesser quality in the same set.

It all started when an image of mine was stolen and used in print advertisement. If not done locally, I would have never found out, so imagine how often it really happens? To read that story see, It Had to Happen Sometime – Beware Fellow Petunias.

Nothing stops an image from being stolen – watermarks, reducing resolution or even copyrighting. It does help if you catch the thief though.


So what do you think? Should I submit my Japanese Maple in the rain? Or should I look for a more colorful image?



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42 Responses to Photo Group Wants Fall Leaf Color

  1. Merilee says:

    I love the Japanese Maple in the rain. But that’s me. I also have issues with that Facebook policy. It really takes the fun out of photos…!

    • I agree. It is other sites too, like Pinterest if I am not mistaken. The bigger problem is the photo thieves. At an all time high, I lost over 200 photos in one day. You never know where they go either, unless they show up on the web. I have checked TinEye, but how does on get a cease and desist when the photos are in another country?

      • Merilee says:

        True. I’m very leery of all sites, frankly. Although my photos are so odd, I doubt many people would want to steal them!

        • I read the ones most stolen are ones with people in them just like the one here today. So one never knows.

          • Merilee says:

            Really? They want ones with people? Interesting. I would think they would want ones with no people!

            • I wish I could remember where I saw that, I would send you the link. It was about that Google is now hawking photos and the demand for those with people for advertisers was high.

              • Merilee says:

                I never upload to Google or Picasa, or Flickr…. Never. I don’t use Cloud storage. I trust …. No one. I’ve been stolen from, once, years ago. A man took photos from an old blog of mine and used them in a music video. I reamed him up one side and down another. He apologized profusely. But I trust no more… And if I ever find someone has stolen off of this blog I have now? I’m gone. Forever.

  2. Stephi says:

    I also love the Japanese Maple in the rain. But I really love the impressionistic trees. What an interesting technique. Do you need something brighter to show? I don’t think f all is just bright colors, but more noticing the change.

    • I was debating on using that image. This group does a lot of Photoshop images. Mine was straight from the camera though for each I have entered. Many of them over-saturate or use too many filters. Yes, it makes an image pop, but looks too fake to me. This photo was just using a slow shutter speed and dipping the camera in a downward motion during the exposure.

      • Stephi says:

        When I described it to my husband, his first thought was that it was photoshopped. He looked much more closely when I told him you did it manually and he was impressed with the technique. I appreciate that you let us know how you take the picture.

  3. lucindalines says:

    I love that shot with the rain drops on the leaf. I understand your concern about the stealing of images. We hear so much about prosecution of stolen music and videos, but what about photographs. It takes a special eye to line up certain shots, and you should be rewarded for that. My sister went to war with our community a few years back because she took a silhouette of our town, and it got used by the city and one of the co-ops. When she complained they were so upset, but they did stop. Good luck with your submission.

    • Thank you. Too bad on what happened to your sister. She should have demanded payment since it was used. This photo group is not a contest with anything to win, it is just a user group run by a well-known photographer. I joined for exposure and to get photographers as readers here at GWGT. It has increased followers quite a bit.

  4. Yes, the Japanese maples photos are beautiful, absolutely worthy of submission. It’s funny we don’t have much fall color either; we too are having a warm fall.

  5. alesiablogs says:

    Love all the photos, but the one of the trees with the intentional blurry affect just captured my imagination. It reminded me of how life is like that a big blur and it is up to us to put it into focus with of course help from God ( my belief of course).

  6. Barbara says:

    love the fall colour!! That photo of the trees is amazing! Great idea!

  7. Denise says:

    I like them all. Especially the trees and the sunny red and orange leaves.

  8. Your Japanese maple is amazing. I’ve also been thinking about this issue with fb. It’s been a week since I decided to break my ’embargo’ to fb and create pages for my work (music band and art). I had heard of their new policy so I decided not to upload images or music but put links. I hope their policy does not extend to links too! Can’t you do the same? It may not look as good but I think it’s safer and you can share.

  9. I like all of your red photos!

    I don’t think Facebook sells subscribers’ photos to advertisers in the way you think they do. Here is an explanation from, but you can find information on this in many places. says that Facebook “plans to use the names and photos of its users in advertising. The advertisements are called “shared endorsements” and they will run underneath advertisements about Google services. Here’s how it works: if you make a comment, follow a page, or give something a +1, Google can use those actions to promote the thing you’ve endorsed, including your name and photo in an ad. They’re trying to sell it like it’s a tool to help users unearth recommendations, though really it’s just Google using free user content to make cheap ads.” This may not have been what you thought they were doing, though you might not like this any better.

  10. Sorry, the information I gave you in my previous comment was regarding Google, not Facebook. What Google is doing is patterned after what Facebook does. You can find information on Facebook’s policy on Mashable:

    • Thanks Connie, but we are talking about different means of advertising. What Google+ is doing is similar to what FB is doing allowing use of those of us that actually uploaded our photo of ourselves. It is like an endorsement of a product or service we may have “liked” on each of those platforms. I once “liked” a talk you were giving, which means I “endorsed” it and they could use my image to generate revenue – if I were say famous enough to warrant being an endorsement. Say I “liked” an article (like a science paper making headway in curing AIDS) posted on AIDS. They could possibly use my image to support gay pride or something related. I would not be pleased be associated with that for instance. This is hypothetical and only an assumption, but then by what I read, not impossible. Here is the link to the FB Statement of Responsibilities. It covers more than the recent developments on using personal information.

  11. Wow, they were are great images. I especially like the moving camera open shutter one. Blessings, Natalie

  12. A.M.B. says:

    I love the photo of the Japanese maple leaf in the rain! It’s beautiful. We definitely take a risk whenever we post anything on the Internet, whether it’s photographs or text.

  13. debsgarden says:

    The japanese maple in the rain is fabulous! As are many of your photos. I did not know that facebook or pinterest could sale our photos. I don’t post on either one, but many of my photos have been posted on pinterest by others. I only know of one photo of mine that was stolen. It was being used by an on-line tourism site in Australia to advertise a particular location. Not only were they using it, but they had mislabeled it. I tried to contact them, with no luck. Australia is very far away, so I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. I suppose I should be flattered they liked the photo, but I was irritated, nevertheless. I make sure all my on line photos are relatively small so that they would be unsuitable for most commercial uses.

    • I remember the story about your image. It is really frustrating when this happens outside our borders. I had my whole posts show up in Hungary. When one clicked certain posts, it went to the Balkans fully translated, not GWGT.

  14. Because it is so very different, I like the image (Moving camera with open shutter) I do know exactly what you mean regarding lack of Autumn colour. We have a television crew arriving tomorrow to film our garden, their whole idea was to film a northern garden in Autumn. They had a preview today and were very happy with it although there isn’t really the shades of Fall that they were looking for..

    • I may use that one since a few others found it interesting too. I am not sure what a bunch of pros would think of it, but I have had good luck with them responding to my photos so far. Most of their work is very nice with creative perspectives. I am learning a lot about composing an interesting view of subject from them.

      Some of them have such macro views, one is not sure exactly what one is viewing, but the images are powerful.

      I bet your garden looks lovely even without the fall color. Here, the leaves are going straight to crispy brown. My lilac trees are generally bright yellow, but now are like a muddy yellow-green. They are curled and ready to drop too.

  15. Pat says:

    I love the Japanese Maple!

  16. When I was looking at the images to pick one, I fell in love with the rain on the red maples…sue it…absolutely fabulous. BTW we are at peak for fall color already.

  17. janechese says:

    I love this series,the first one is so poetic, like a dancer in a pose, the leaves with the rain on them also have strong gesture, (second from the last), and the movement photography. We have had some heavy frosts with warm days that has led to a spectacular show of colours this autumn.The colours seems to lend to some experimentation with the camera, definitely been playing with effects.
    I follow a blog by a woman who has written a lot about theft of photos due to the fact that this has happened to her a number of times. She asks the site to remove the photo and the culprit,although it doesn’t always happen.

    • We have not had frost yet. The temps are dropping this week but night temps won’t be in the low 40’s until the weekend. I have no idea how many of my images have been used, I do know of butterflies used on two commercial websites. The image link no longer takes the viewer to those two sites. I have caught other bloggers using my images without crediting too. I think it would be a full time job hunting down all that occurs. Using TinEye helps locate stolen images.

  18. All of the images are amazing. I especially like the Japanese Maple in the rain and artisitc fall foliage…great technique…LOVE IT!

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