Thursday Thoughts – The Water Dances


Have you stood by a river engrossed in its visual experience?  The sun glistening off every bit of spray, feeling the cool, refreshing spatter on your face. Smelling the verdant vegetation heightened by the moisture around you. Wakening your taste buds as a faint hint of salt drips down your face. Hearing raging water, deafening or the hush of a gurgle.


The facets of this simple experience are felt through your five senses.  Rivers are associated with cleansing, both physical and spiritual. A curious thirst of the mind unfolds as the river flows and reaches out to all the earth, giving way to parable, song and metaphor.


People have been mesmerized by rivers and streams for ages, watching them flow by – thinking, writing, capturing in prose, or recording them in scripture.


Being beside a stream welcomes one to dip a hand as water gently passes. It is like feeling life flow by, literally and metaphorically.

Is this why they inspire such expressive words and sublime art?


The sun cut through the clouds so mysteriously… a religious experience in beauty showing how…


Life itself comes in fast torrents or gentle streams. Dance in the river as it dances before you.


If the water in this post gives you a chill… What’s Up Saturday warms you back up with a truly decadent Cream of Mushroom soup. It is a recipe I created from one served at a very well-known, upscale restaurant. Even if you don’t like mushrooms, you might like this soup and the two other variations of it that I created.


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36 Responses to Thursday Thoughts – The Water Dances

  1. I love water! I have always lived close by some body of water. I find it essential for my well being. Your captures, especially the one of the bird flying by the rushing water is very impressive!

    • I didn’t really when I was younger – not rivers and oceans – but lakes. There is a very different feeling between the three. Lakes are more calming for the mind where the rivers and ocean stir up a lot of thought. It is like having a party in my head watching the waves crash or the river roar. A lake or slow stream is like just me in there.

  2. You could say all the same things about the ocean, and you know I love that.

  3. Sue Link says:

    Your words and pictures are very thought-provoking. They always leave me with a sense of wonder “wow- how does she put all this together- pictures, words, thoughts, expression”! Wonderful job Donna!

    • Thank you. What a wonderful compliment. I usually start with an image and let my mind take me places. At the Falls, I watch too. I am amazed at how people get entranced watching the water. I have another post coming up for Slow it Down Sunday on water and how the sea waves can wash away regret. See how an image takes me to different subjects?

  4. There is something very soothing and calming about flowing water. I suppose that’s why so many people put fountains and ponds in their gardens.

    • It is funny, but that was what the post was about before I chopped it down to 200 words. Tickling the senses is exactly why designers add water features. They create mood and take people on a journey of thought.

  5. lulu says:

    Water is essential to my being!

  6. Jennifer says:

    What beautiful images Donna! I can almost hear it tumbling over the rocks.

  7. Patty says:

    Water certainly appeals to all the senses. I love water, but hesitate to swim in lakes as they are dark and I need to see the bottom. Too many scary underwater movies when I was young.

  8. Pat says:

    Love these beautiful watery images.

  9. Oh my, great photos and thoughts. Very nice post, Donna, and yes I have felt such things and they are so lovely. In fact, after growing up a half a block from the Pacific Ocean I’m always “haunted by waters.” Can’t wait fot he soup. It’s one of my favorites. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

  10. thequeenofseaford says:

    Water is so soothing. It can be as small as a fish bowl or as large as an ocean….it draws us in. I look forward to your Mushroom Soup recipe, my Shiitake log should be starting to produce as well as the Oyster logs!

    • Thank you for visiting. Living where you do, I can understand the draw. I use both those mushrooms in one of the three variations of the same soup recipe. I am posting the recipe as a pdf for download too.

  11. This is so lovely. One of the things missing in this area is clear, flowing water. We have Lake Michigan, which is majestic but not as fascinating or comforting as a rushing stream or small river. There’s the Chicago river, but it is rather sluggish and murky. The closest thing would be the Fox river, but that is too far to visit often.

    • I have heard the Fox River is beautiful. Having Lake Ontario and Lake Erie here, I have the same thoughts as you on the Lakes. Everything is flat, barring a few waves from the wind. The Lakes are pretty at sunrise and sunset though since they seem to go on forever like an ocean or sea. Also when boats are sailing, it gives them a real maritime feel and one forgets the pollution from all the factories years back.

  12. Annette says:

    Beautifully written and captured – thanks 🙂

  13. Your post and pictures were both awe-inspiring! I am so moved by your thoughts and words. And your pictures are breathtaking! Thank you for this post!

  14. Jeanette says:

    My word, what a wonderfully written article. The bird and waterfall from that angle. Wow! We always looked forward to our annual trips to the Falls. You explain the influence on the senses so beautifully.

    • The Falls is a place of many tourists. My favorite time is in winter when the ice glistens the trees like glitter. It is a time of very few people and is almost magical in experience as the rainbows span countries. Yes, it is frigid cold, but worth every shiver. 😀

    • I could not find where to comment on your posts, but very much enjoyed the tour of Osaka and Wright’s Oak Park residence. If you read here, you know me being an architect would love both places.

  15. Absolutely breathtaking images Donna! I have always had a very strong connection with water and can never live too far from a body of water of some kind.

  16. You’ve captured the essence of the white water with your words and your photos. The shadows and the eddys of the water in the pictures is hauntingly beautiful! Yes, I’ve had experiences like this, too. They really stick with you, don’t they?

  17. Aquileana says:

    Gorgeous pictures… I can even listened the waterfalls running… They just follow their natural path, a sort of circular watery trip…

    Thanks for sharing: Cheers, Aquileana 🙂

  18. Your photographs are breathtaking. As I read the words I could imagine the water as if I was standing next to it and hearing the sound of the falls. Thank you for the virtual experience!

  19. tyannak says:

    So awe inspiring. Beautiful!

  20. I love water and grew up near a creek that I frequently visited and waded in…I adore rivers and streams as they pass along, I am drawn into a deep meditation.

  21. Fergiemoto says:

    The waterfall images look so meditative and mesmerizing! The image with the bird in flight in front of the falls is just spectacular.

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