Niagara Falls was NOT FROZEN SOLID


Niagara Falls frozen


Why is this passing around on the internet?

The Blizzard of 2014 may be over, but Mother Nature is not done with us yet. The piles of snow and large expanses of ice mixed with rain this weekend could bring flooding to some areas. Areas already affected by the ice jambs had officials telling residents to monitor water levels and be prepared to seek higher ground if necessary. (source)

This post follows up the nighttime photos of the Frozen Falls. It really is a breath-taking sight with the Falls lit up in colorful lights. This is the next morning above. Parts of the Falls are frozen, but you can clearly see water still falls.

That post was a bit gratuitous because I knew it would be off the charts in views. How I did was the post Niagara Falls Under the Ice in Holiday Spirit was soaring, so as a savvy blogger in the know, I thought to get photos at night to capitalize on the viewer traffic.


Niagara River in ice


We had a good share of flooding last year and do not look forward to it again for 2014. Creeks are over-flowing and systems are over-loaded. Storm drains are backing up because of the ice blockage in the Niagara River. I am lucky enough to live right above the Niagara Gorge – at least this is one big hole in the ground for water to drain.


Niagara Falls in ice


I took these photos on Thursday with blue skies and Friday with darkened gray skies, giving some images the look of black and white photography.


With rising temperatures, the ice is falling from the trees, a very dangerous thing to have it fall on one’s head.


Niagara Falls in ice


The parks department has most areas with trees cordoned off to protect the tourists, now increasing as the thermometer rises.


Take the tour from the comfort of your warm and dry homes.


Niagara Falls in ice


The net is loaded with articles on Niagara Falls frozen, but all this is just not true. On the colder days of Wednesday and Thursday, you can see up close that the Falls does have some areas of the drop frozen in place, but with over 76,000 gallons dropping per second, it would be impossible with the Power Authority controlling the flow to let it freeze. It would only be likely if the weather really turned arctic cold for weeks on end and the Power Authority stopped the flow I am guessing. (source)

If you want to see photos of when it did, see my post, Not a Green Leaf in Sight, Only a Green Dinosaur.


And they keep on top of the ice in the river, having the ice-breaker boats out for the past few days.  It helps melt the ice as temperatures rise above freezing.


Niagara Gorge Ice Falls


The image above is the gorge wall. There are many “falls” of frozen water along the rock face of the Gorge.


Want to have a seat?

Icy-Trees copy

Niagara Falls in ice


If you do, you will be rewarded with a sight rarely seen elsewhere. If you are a follower here, you know why the ice forms. If not, see this post with pretty images of the iced trees on a blue sky day. Not much beats Niagara Falls for beauty in winter.


Ice in Niagara River


Even the magnitudes and poundage of ice are a marvel.


Here are the two boats hard at work. I think one is a US coast guard vessel, the other a Canadian ice cutter boat. Note the flags.


Sunday morning, want more ice? Duckdom, the conclusion. Sorry regular readers, I had to get this post in a timely manner. Bear with me duck lovers.

You want to know where the ducks go when the River is covered in ice? They find small pockets of warm water that is piped into the River. This image was taken from the bridge connecting the two countries, so it is not very clear. Poor ducks…



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50 Responses to Niagara Falls was NOT FROZEN SOLID

  1. kerlund74 says:

    Fantastic winter colors and I love the contrast between ice and water! Wonderful photos:)

  2. Mike says:

    We just love Niagara Falls! And I thought wow, wouldn’t it be cool to see the falls frozen solid. And now, it isn’t??? Those news people. They’ll say anything.

    Nice photos and an interesting story. The evidence is convincing!

  3. londarmonica says:

    Amazing! Thank you for these photos.

  4. rebecca says:

    These are beautiful photos! And thanks for setting the record about the freeze straight!

  5. Amazing to see what shapes ice will form. Love all the photos.

  6. alesiablogs says:

    This is an amazing post with photos. The news must having nothing else to talk about lately, but the weather we have been having. Timely post. Your viewership clicks should go up with this one too!

    • It all started because people were posting images from 2007 and saying it was from yesterday. It makes me wonder how these news agencies around the world check their stories. And another photo from our hometown newspaper was also from a different day, but it was this year at least. All for a story….

  7. janechese says:

    Looking down at the ducks is like seeing the edge of a glacier.i heard somewhere in the world that the icebreakers could not get through the ice because it was too think. It is interesting how humans interact with nature to help alleviate future problems caused by present conditions.

    • That water being piped in I believe is storm water. In Niagara Falls our sewers go into storm pipes. Also there are places the chemical factories dispense heated steam water (used for cooling) into the river. They used to dump waste, but to my knowledge, that is no longer allowed. And the storm/sewer water I am certain goes through the treatment plant first. But I still feel the ducks as they are getting a poor substitute for their natural conditions.

      • janechese says:

        yes, more than likely.The water treatment centre pushes out hot water into the river here and this is where you can always find ducks that seemingly over-winter. This is where the eagle and coyotes feed as well.Do ducks know they have choices about flying south to warmer climates? Who knows .

  8. Thanks for stopping by and be careful this weekend not sure about that area but with heavy rains and ice jams we will be looking at bad flooding hope it is not like FL just had 😦 all this ice then temps in the 50’s Stay Safe!

  9. Nice photos, I wondered about that hype when I saw it on the internet. Apparently someone has a limited understanding the concept. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

    • Well, I think many have not seen a sight like this and the hype builds and builds. I have grown a bit accustomed to it, yet I still think it is beautiful, even on such a grim day as some of these photos were taken.

  10. my my my! these images are beautiful, and i am very thankful to be viewing them from ecuador and not experiencing that cold in person! the magic carpet will definitely put you on its flight plan when the airlift/flower drop gets underway – probably sunday night or monday morning, internet willing!
    sending you warm-weather thoughts and images of tropical flowers!

  11. Phil Lanoue says:

    I think the lighting conditions worked great for these. Tremendous scenes and sure looks cold!

    • Oh, I had a heck of a time because the mist was so thick it grayed out everything. I could barely see the Falls myself. I kept trying for a happy medium to get some contrast, yet still have snow look white. Usually, I find shooting in snow effortless, but you would know as a sports photographer, some days are not optimal.

  12. Aha, I’m so glad to hear that news from you. Over here at my part of the world, that’s the press release! Gosh. It’s good to hear that from someone reliable. You’ve captured beautiful scenes that defy the ‘cold’ winter notion. =>

  13. acuriousgal says:

    I remember going to Niagara Falls with my parents in the late 70’s. Such a spectacular site… your photos of this masterpiece partially frozen!!

  14. Spectacular photos. Wish I had been there. Next time the weather is like that, I’m going to drop what I’m doing and go to Niagara Falls.

  15. Les says:

    Certainly winter has its stark beauty, but I prefer to see it through your lens and talented eye, than personally.

  16. Holy tamoly Donna! What a time of year to go, although always majestic and beautiful. Stay warm and cozy. Brrrr, Margie

  17. But what did the ducks do before we were there to create warm pockets of water? I guess they all migrated. Yesterday the weather suddenly warmed to above freezing and the rain poured. We are now living in the Land of Slush.

    • Those warm pockets are no picnic for the birds though. It is from the storm system and also from the factories along the river. I am not sure how it works now, but at one time, it was raw sewage and chemical dumping. I believe now it is treated water sent to the river.

  18. lucindalines says:

    Nature does have a way of letting us know who really is in charge around here. Lovely photos, so happy you shared them.

  19. I feel colder just reading this. My son is planning on moving to Buffalo when he gets out of the Army and it will be interesting to see this all for myself when we come visit him. The ice and snow give everything a sculptural quality currently lacking in the brown swamp previously known as my garden. 🙂

  20. I was wondering how it could possibly freeze solid…great images…unbelievable how it can freeze and look even more beautiful.

  21. A.M.B. says:

    Stunning images. I can’t even imagine how dangerous it must be to have ice falling from the trees. Wow.

  22. Andrea says:

    Hi Donna, haven’t been here for a while, maybe you already forgot my name. I saw the frozen falls also in the net as well as the one saying it is false, ka so I thought of you and came up here. Now I know what to believe, thanks. And your photos are NG materials, am sure there will be future copiers of these again. I haven’t greeted you yet, Happy New Year!

  23. Since few people outside the region probably travel to Niagara Falls in winter, you have given us a rare glimpse of this beautiful frozen landscape. I just humped over to “Not a Green Leaf in Sight . . .” (which I notice was posted–most refreshingly–in August). I have seen vintage 1907 postcards of hundreds of people ice skating on the frozen Ohio River between Bridgeport, OH, and Wheeling, WV. Evidently, the river froze over fairly regularly back then, although it hasn’t in my lifetime.

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