Too Cute to Bear


Baby Bears Take 2 – Klutzy Bear

“After a romp with a friend, what’s a bear to do? Go on a stroll, take a dip, or settle down for a nap. Hmm, so many options.”


“Well, I’ll just look like a cool bear. Learning to be a bear is tough business.”


“Practicing the opposing walk and kicking up a little water should do it.”


“I’ll show ’em all I can handle the tough spots.”


“Until I can’t. Yipes!”


“Steady there little missy, only show confidence.”


“Oh my, this is embarrassing, wobbly bear alert.”


“I wonder who saw that?”


“Could it not get any worse.”


“Yes, this is a low point, lost all lady like allure.”


“Here we go, I am regaining composure.”


“Just one more foot to the ground.”


Splat. “I guess you saw that. No laughing”


“Don’t bug me now, I’m taking a nap.”

“Hey Kali, how about a song to lull me to sleep? Let’s sing for pleasant dreams,

Oh give me a home, where the polar bears roam,
Where the seals swim abundantly all day,
Where the arctic is cold and the ice covers seas,
And the hunters go far, far away.”

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22 Responses to Too Cute to Bear

  1. Hope says:

    Great photos! What a fun and entertaining story! Thanks Donna! 🙂

  2. Yep, those were my exact thoughts also: too cute to.. ‘bear’!!!!!!! 🙂
    Made my day! 🙂

  3. Very fun! Plus, I like how we can see all the icyness of the side of the pool.

  4. Enough with winter pictures already!!! Don’t get me wrong I love your photos no matter what the season . . . But I’ve had enough of ice and snow and frozen rivers and polar bears. When are we going to see some crocuses and daffodils and returning migrating birds, etc.? Huge winter storm coming our way . . . and (as Keats put it): “Oh, for a beaker full of the warm south.”

    Thanks for braving the cold to get us some really great photos. Stay warm.

  5. Stephi says:

    You gave me a good chuckle first thing on this cold morning. Thanks!

  6. Great shots… love these guys. I’ve done several large paintings of polar bears. How are they doing in the wild, I wonder. They used to be all over the news and their extinction seemed imminent. We have a short attention span when it comes to endangered species. Anyway, not to get too down, I enjoyed your post.

  7. janechese says:

    Well…I laughed.Very good photos and yes, the bears are so cute.

  8. Pat says:

    They’re in their element!

  9. Denise says:

    You are right, unbearably cute. And funny.

  10. what a great series of photos!

  11. alesiablogs says:

    The photos almost look like the bear is a statue!

  12. Lin Celoni says:

    So glad you like to play in the cold and share you pics with us while we are nice and warm!!!

  13. Cute and funny! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Alisha says:

    love all of your photographs..lovely bears…beautiful creation of god..thanks for sharing !!

  15. Your fun posting helped me ‘bear’ the snow falling outside my window! Another foot forecast here… You may be expecting more? P. x

  16. Roger Brook says:

    I knew you were having a cold snap over there but this is ridiculous! Sorry about the jest, great pictures as usual Donna.
    I have just noticed your surname lacks an ‘o’ from my own!
    Actually I did experience your cold when we were recently held up at Kennedy on our return from Costa Rica!

  17. These are such wonderful shots!! Amazing how cute and cuddly polar bears look when in reality they are not to be messed with. Thanks for bring such great attention to this beautiful creature in need of saving! 🙂

  18. Ida says:

    Oh goodness could it be any cuter. Loved this post and your little song at the end too.

  19. Phil Lanoue says:

    Awww… such a cutie!
    Looks a little like my 16lb. all white kitty! 😉 😀

  20. I don’t know how much more of this polar bear I can bear. He is just so beary cute! Margie

  21. You are too funny Donna….I was laughing thinking of my klutzy self on the ice….fabulous captures my friend.

  22. arlene says:

    Funny, funny bear 🙂

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