Are You Wishing Your Life Away?


Discontented and pining for Spring? Thumbs up or down on the snow? How about shoveling your life away?


Discontented is such a sad word, the opposite of being in a state of happiness. Always wanting something more, different or better. Soon, I show how to make winter weather a bit better by making the best of it. This post just shows the pretty side of snow in the Buffalo area, East Aurora to be exact.

Over and over I hear people wishing winter away.

I look at the big sky above and am thankful for a day such as this. It is a gift, like was said in my post, Slow it Down Sunday. To be here in nature’s wintry woods knowing wildlife is safe and warm or in snow-covered fields that will grow food this Spring to nourish life makes one appreciative of each season’s contribution. Each season giving to that of the next. Wish it away and next season would not meet its potential.


Winter offers us beauty not found in the other three seasons, a time to be grateful for what we have each day. Only 89 days of winter in the Northern hemisphere, and all are not wintry weather either. Dreaming only makes one miss the wonders of today. Find your peace with each season as it comes. Enough said…


Enjoy the views.


Photography is a great hobby in winter.

SkierDid you see the Nat Geo article on getting off your butt in winter? To Burn Fat, You Could Exercise… or Just Shiver. New research points to shivering as a potential aid for weight loss.

I’d say that’s a great motivator to get out and enjoy!


21 waiting patiently on Spring…


Next post, is Why Are Cardinals Red?, a question a reader asked. Then, Blizzards and Beaches, ways to make winter a bit better as you wait for Spring.

I want to share this from Mike Randall at WKBW TV-7 Eye Witness News. This is to show you what the weather is like here compared to all the reports you are getting from elsewhere. People here are tough and like to have fun when it snows. This is for all the folks getting the snow!

Snow in Buffalo(source)

Now do you think we are a tough bunch up here? Buffalo folks make the best of it, whining is not allowed.


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59 Responses to Are You Wishing Your Life Away?

  1. Breathtaking scenery Donna! It has been a crazy winter…we’ve gotten two snow storms this year. Although our snow falls are laughable compared to yours we embrace it because it is such an unusual occurrence for us. No complaining here. I love a good snow storm which forces us to stay home and enjoy it. We’ve been hunkered down for two days but winter is short lived here so it is all back to normal tomorrow. I agree winter is a fabulous time to get out and photograph life outdoors, especially birds…they are much more cooperative in colder weather.

    • Thanks Karin. I have been watching on the news the storms you have been getting. I had to laugh in one report a snow plow was on its side. No one was hurt, but it was only a couple of inches of snow on the road. Then a newscaster came on holding a tiny twig with one eighth inch of ice encapsulating it. She was talking like it was Armageddon in Georgia. I do feel bad for all the Southern states though since they rarely get this weather and many do not know how to drive in it. Plus the plants that might not make it. It has to be a wakening down there though. Hope it all passes for the South. PA is getting hammered too. Now they are better equipped for it at least.

      • They do get overly dramatic and really hype it up. I am concerned about some of my plants, especially those that I put in late fall. I hope they make. We may not know about some of them until late Spring. I noticed that you weren’t registered for the Fling. I finally got my schedule to coordinate this year so that I can attend. I was hoping we would get to meet. Enjoy your additional snowfall!

  2. Phil Lanoue says:

    We are freezing even here in SC and as much as I don’t want to ‘wish away time’ I’m looking forward to summer.

  3. alesiablogs says:

    I am not wishing one day to go by. I live each day one at a time. But of course we have had only one inch of snow all winter where I live. : )

  4. OK, OK . . . you are so right. No more whining. No more wishing for spring. We should just be all zen and serene about living in the moment . . . even if that moment entails freezing our asses off and shoveling for hours on end.

    • We too are shoveling non-stop. I gave up on it and just drive out in 4-wheel drive. My driveway is a total mess with big drifts yet. If I did not have 4-wheel drive, I might view this winter a bit differently. I would feel like a caged cat.

  5. KL says:

    These are just such beautiful pictures. I enjoy winter but this winter in NJ is becoming too much with more ice than snow, cars stuck and we imprisoned in our home. Also, the temperature is so low — not average for zone 6 — that I am worried that many plants will die. However, the good side is that many non-native, invasive, bad species will get killed through all these cold.

  6. I’m not sure there is anything so pleasing as a red barn sitting in white snow. Such beautiful pastoral scenes Donna. Margie

  7. Pat says:

    Beautiful snowy scenes.

  8. I actually like winter and don’t want it to go too fast. Summers here are so hot that I’m never in a hurry for them to come. Now that’s when you might find me wishing my life away, in July and August. Blessings, Natalie

  9. Rose says:

    Such a wise message, Donna, and your stunning photos confirm that winter is indeed a beautiful season. I’m not a skier or into any outdoor winter activities, but I do appreciate the down time in winter to catch up on reading, garden planning, and neglected household projects. I certainly wouldn’t want to live somewhere without the change of seasons–winter makes me appreciate spring so much more. During the worst winters, I do remember the weatherman giving us the conditions in Buffalo to make us feel better:)

    • I write on the down time a lot. I just love that work dwindles in the cold season and I get a time to reflect and enjoy the season. So many are in a hurry to work the gardens, but not me. I like seeing the plants rise from the soil in Spring, but am not fond of weeding and edging. A number of years ago, Buffalo was the butt of many snow jokes, when in fact Buffalo has a wonderful growing season. Our yearly garden walks are proof of that. No where in the whole country has a consolidation of so many, or has as enthusiastic/creative gardeners. I really have to show more, because this area is a gardening gem. I do have a new tab on the blog for the gardens, so maybe I will be adding soon.

  10. I pretty much agree with Rose. I do not enjoy winter photography, but that’s OK. There are plenty of other fun things to do in the weeks ahead. Your starting message is what I wrote about in my “year ahead” post at the beginning of the year. I hope to be a snowbird someday, but until then I’ll do my best to appreciate each day–no matter what the weather. 🙂

    • That is too bad you don’t enjoy winter photography. I know your area is cold and that is one dissuading factor. There are so many other things fun to do though.

      I write on this subject yearly and in each season because no sooner than we start one season, the complaints roll off the presses hurrying to the next one. This year I saw a blogger in mid-November pining for Spring – skipping some of Autumn and all of Winter. And all the comments had the same depressing message. That is the reason I write on this subject often. I have to wonder if people don’t pen these thoughts just to get a rise out of readers rather than really believing what they are writing, otherwise they are just dreaming and wishing their lives away. I see a discontentment that appears to foster a greater discontentment in their lives. When one puts it in perspective, living life in constant dismay over something we have no control seems very sad. They do miss all that is around them.

  11. schmittscience6 says:

    I’m enjoying this winter more than last because it’s cold, snowy and feels like winter. But I’m pretty good at living in the now. Constantly pining away for something else is so pointless, especially when it’s something you can’t control, like weather.

    • Yes , Connie, I did see your post. I agree, it is like diamonds or fairy dust when a fresh snow falls. Just beautiful. I did not comment right away because I had this post written for a while, like I was telling you on the Cardinals. I end up posting faster because I get a surplus of posts waiting. They get out of season when I let them sit too long. I still have some from last summer waiting. My cardinal post is up next. That one I really like.

      • Having too much material to post is a nice dilemma to have. Ever so much better than scratching your head and thinking, “What in the world am I going to post today?” My diamonds post was just going to be a photo and an inspirational quote, then I changed it to a different saying, then I added more text, then it turned into a short essay that had nothing to do with the saying. It seemed timely and I didn’t want it to languish. Who knows, next year we may have a winter filled with 40-degree days and no snow.

  12. Simply elegant and relaxing no place like a farm. Check my blog out to watch us build our new farm and home in Sequim, WA.

  13. Wonderful imagery. Cannot wait for winter to end!

    • I know many share your thought. I just happen to love winter and even like it better for my photographs. The lighting is less harsh. The only thing about winter, the insects are gone and I do like my bugs and bees.

  14. Annette says:

    Beautiful scenery and photography, Donna, reminds me of our last life in the Alps where we did a lot of cross country skiing. Meanwhile I prefer milder weather and am glad that we haven’t had a winter so far. I’m ready for spring!

    • I would love to visit the Alps. I wintered in ski country in a few places in the US. I was in Salt Lake City one year and Stowe VT. another. I had extended stays in Colorado as well. I do love mountains in all seasons. Yes, Spring is on the way like every year. Soon the bulbs will be sprouting.

  15. Julie says:

    I like the winter, its time to take stock, but although not your snow, we have had endless rain and floods over here, so I am definitely looking forward to a dry and sunny spring. Really lovely photos as always.

    • I have been reading on your rains and flooding. You never had it so bad did you? This weather is getting really bad some places. I hope the trees do OK with all that rain. Too much flooding and trees are lost.

  16. I loved all your photos and thoughts. Yes, we should enjoy all the seasons as they come and look for the beauty in each one.

    • I hope to encourage more people to just enjoy each season as it comes. After all we have no choice, they come every year. No sooner than winter is through, the complaints start rolling in on wet or dry Springs, wishing Summer was here for all the color, then wishing Summer away for all the dry, crispy plants. Then Fall arrives and one reads of the browning landscape and wishing for Spring. It is dizzying trying to follow some blogs, where they never seem happy in any season. You always show a nice season, no matter what the season presents.

  17. Thanks for the photos, Winter really is beautiful! But I still wish it away by this time of year because I long to get outside and get my hands in the dirt! I liked your “5 snowiest cities” Picture…I am lucky number three, Grand Rapids MI!

    • Oh lucky you Kathy. MI was in the news all winter here – and Chicago who was not on the list. I was feeling bad for those areas. In our area, we are just used to the winters here, yet the last few were without much snow and rather warm for the most part. I missed our “normal” winters. I don’t mind waiting because my job is in landscaping. I like the break. I do mention in my next post on Winter about getting out in the moist soil of Spring…

  18. Beautiful photos. I went to college upstate in Elmira NY. Coming from The Bahamas I just loved the winter. I always new I wanted to go to school where there was snow and I loved it.

  19. I admire your positive spirit. However, I assert my right to be an complaining grumbler during the winter months. Nice photos!

  20. janechese says:

    Ha Ha that’s good.

  21. Breathtaking winter photos…., the season we never had over here… 🙂

  22. I am definitely wishing this third snow and ice storm in three days away. I will send it to you with best wishes :-). however, it is supposed to be in the 50s next week. I wonder how long it takes 3′ of snow to melt at 50.

  23. The toughest bunch I have seen are those living east of the Great Lakes…I used to work North in Oswego county…the constant lake effect and cold made me learn to work with winter and appreciate the beauty. That is why I try not to whine. I think I whine when I cannot get out enough and with illness this year I have cabin fever….but the beauty of winter here in NY is to be appreciated and celebrated…thanks for reminding everyone.

    • My husband is working near Oswego and had a more mild winter than we have had here. The storm this week though hit them hard, where we did not get the snow for once all season. The only problem with these storms has been the outages, but so far we have not had them.

  24. mariekeates says:

    Love your snow photos and totally agree with your point about appreciating the seasons. This year we didn’t really have a winter. Just one or two frosty mornings and then spring like temperatures. I missed the ice and snow. The plants and animals didn’t know what to make of it and we have had so much rain all our rivers have burst their banks and there are floods everywhere. Oh yes and winds od 80 mils an hours knocking all the trees down. Bring back real winters I say!

  25. DOnna, I missed this post when reading your latest, I love the images that bring me serenity, I can image how hard is being the winter this year, hopefully a very nice spring is awaiting.

  26. Les says:

    This winter aside, I am afraid that in years to come, even I might wish for winter.

  27. Tony says:

    I received a Winter without snow, well maybe a passing sleety flake on a couple of days but certainly nothing conducive to lying snow. So yes I was pining for snow but now I’m enjoying the sunshine and for once it’s not raining.

    Sorry about the shameless plug but I wanted to share my weather stats from across the pond.

    Best Wishes


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