Beaches and Blizzards- Fun in All Seasons


Family-in-BlizzardOne season leaves and another arrives. How it arrives is always a surprise. Are you still in the darker days of winter? Maybe it is time to set aim on winter. Let’s write a mission statement for those of us caught in the throes of the chilly season.


Last year around this time, I visited my cousin in St. Lucia. That is where the beach photos are from. I can show you beaches in Buffalo, but the beaches in the tropics are much prettier. I think every mission statement should have a trip like this on it to really make winter fun. But there is still fun to be had here in Buffalo. Plus ways to have fun make the most of winter here.


It is still February, and we all could use a bit of color these days. I too am excited for the warmth of Spring, the bright nourishing sun, the feel of moist soil beneath my feet, but I am willing to wait for those moments we wake to all the work for the Spring day. So what can we pen that makes the winter a little brighter?


I think a few things help me stay happy when the winter winds howl… I have mentioned them in previous posts but maybe did not call them out specifically.


Keep busy! Sounds simple, but always being busy makes the season that passes on by.

Make a hearty stew, bake crusty bread and MAKE SOUP, lots of body warming soup. All while you sip a frothy hot chocolate topped in fresh whipped cream! Oh, the foods of Winter.

Visit your friends and sit by a roaring fire. I have a friend that suffers from SAD, seasonal affective disorder. It helps her immensely to have people visit to take her mind off winter’s darker days.


Get out of the house! Go down that driveway and keep going. See something new, maybe in a new way. Only by leaving can one arrive.  Another simple idea, but when you always stay confined to within your property lines, no wonder cabin fever gets a grip. Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. Andre Gide

Go outside, force yourself if you have too. Much awaits if you give it a chance. It is a timely reminder that Spring will indeed return as you see each day grow a little longer. In every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth. Rachel Carson

Be a kid again! Gather all the fun you had as a kid and live it in wonder. In every snow flake that falls, there is the story of renewal. Me  Grab a sled and go…

Bundle up. I love the feel of wool and down wrapping me in warmth. Come back inside, grab the afghan, light candles or oil lamps and turn off the lights. Instant warmth… Oh, make sure that fire is roaring too. Heavenly…


The sun always makes me happy. It makes everything brighter no matter what. Take a trip, even just a short one. Drink in the blue sky.


See a theme developing? It is all about getting out and about. Catch the dream and start doing! What ideas do you have that makes the season sing?


Yes, a blizzard or two can still blow before winter is through with us, but just know it is blowing Spring your way, just as sure as the waves break the shore.



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20 Responses to Beaches and Blizzards- Fun in All Seasons

  1. Lovely thoughts and great photos. It’s so hard to capture falling snow. Well done!

  2. Great post! Love the contrast. Am out digging a new bed, enjoy you snow and memories of St Lucia 😉

  3. acuriousgal says:

    I love all your ideas, Donna. Enjoying a roaring fire right now. 27 degrees today, perfect for a hike! There, that’s an idea!! Have a great day!!

  4. Well said. Having a winter activity – cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, sledding, etc. really makes a difference. It makes you look forward to the cold and the snow instead of dreading it.

  5. Pat says:

    Though I complain about the harsh weather this winter, I really love seeing the change of seasons, Each season brings its own flavor to one’s life. That said, this is a thoughtfully written and photographed post.

  6. Fond memories of St. Lucia and wish I was there now.

  7. Fantastic photos. We are at the end of our summer here and it is hot and uncomfortable. We have been seeing your bad winter on the news. Keep warm and dry and have lots of soup. 😀

  8. Debra says:

    Love the contrasts of frozen water next to the blue. Glimpses of hope.

    I remember hearing once that the colorful Coyote tales were only supposed to be told in the winter. Even grey-faced winter can’t hold up against our laughter.

  9. Monetta says:

    Your pictures are amazing.

  10. Annette says:

    Great idea to contrast the seasons but I definitely know what I prefer. Great pics, Donna!

  11. The contrast between then and now is so beautiful . . . yet so cruel.

  12. Oh, these are a fun combo Donna. My favorite is the lone cross country skier. Margie

  13. Great attitude, Donna! Winter isn’t so bad…when you can get out and about. Today was an incredibly beautiful “warm” day here in Southern Wisconsin. With a high of 46, the sun shining, and the birds chirping. Loved it! With the next cold snap, I think I’ll follow your advice and light a fire. Maybe I’ll make some soup, too. Yum.

  14. I remember when you took that trip to St. Lucia. Yes, the beach there is beautiful. I do need to get out more, I’ve been thinking I could start the late winter pruning … if I could avoid getting buried in a snow drift. Disappointed you won’t be at the fling in Portland!

  15. Add to list of things to do to help pass wintertime away: discover different website/blogs! You might be interested in knowing that your blogpost ‘Why blog?’ helped me decide to start mine about 7 months ago…and I even mentioned it with a link in my second ever blog post, called ‘Why blog, why now?’ as well as in my list of links to linger over!!!

    Now that I’m more blog savvy, I know to comment on sites so here I am, back at your site and find your photos and commentary most refreshing…thanks for the initial inspiration.
    BTW: where was the horse photo taken?


  16. Stephi says:

    Enjoyed all the scenes. You made it all look fun, both the sun and the snow.

  17. What beautiful contrast! Those beach photos look a lot like my country. =>

  18. What lovely pictures, I really enjoyed this post.

  19. I hope your winter mission statement has helped get you through winter until spring comes. I have been working on finding the beauty in winter, and keeping busy since I could not get out dealing with health issues. But I know getting out is a great way to embrace winter. Great shots.

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