OMG – Get a Life Complainers!


Have you ever read a blog and often wondered why? Certain blogs complain almost constantly. In fact, they are grousing on the rest of us. I find it so humorous that someone complains about their readers because without them what would be the point of blogging?


Certain blogs complain people are not coming in droves to read their blog, even though they put “so much effort into every post”, they pitifully whine. They chastise readers for not reading every single one of their interestingly written, professionally photographed posts, and what happens? They lose more readers. If that is not enough to disparage…


They have nerve to belittle other blogs that have many followers, posts that get numerous comments, and blogs getting loads of views, hence grousing on the rest of us. They let others know they think collecting readers and followers is like “collecting dust on a table”, and that is just plain awful. Snippy on steroids anyone? I laughed to read this deprecating remark on one blog. Seriously can they be saying that?

I guess they can when all they are doing is fishing for validation and that comforting tummy rub a few polite readers give them.


What is really hilarious, these same bloggers just stopped railing on winter weather and ended that pity party. Now they are picking to pieces other bloggers and lackadaisical readers.


So many endless passive/aggressive posts, and they also frequently give out blogging advice too. After the third blog I followed (now don’t) started down this path, I felt like I had to add my two cents.


My advice – if life is so limiting that you need to compare your stats, count your comments, disparage blogs that do well, and tell readers you might not be posting as often because of your malaise to blogging – find something else to do. Why be a curmudgeon? Why be miserable?Β  Why make blogging a chore?


If people come to your blog to hear you kick up a fuss, raise a stink, bellyache, moan, chide, lecture, berate, or snivel, they won’t be coming much longer.

Oh, and make sure to alert us that you have 400 posts to read (those you subscribe to) and you just don’t have the time to visit everyone, “please be patient” we are advised. “Just wait your turn.” Do they really think we sit here waiting with bated breath? That really goes over big with readers!


If you troll the web looking for new readers, don’t insult the ones you have by telling us when you get time, you MAYBE will visit us one day in the future.Β  OMG! Sometimes I cannot believe what I am reading.


I find it really funny how people get so worked up or competitive over blogging. Lighten up folks. It is supposed to be fun and with Spring flowers happily in bloom and colorful birds migrating through, don’t you think this is an uplifting time of year?


I have more of the images in this post, where the wildflowers and Warblers were photographed. You might be surprised, both places are such treasures in our area. In one, I will show you how one park creatively built a path through the woods. Maybe it will give you some design ideas.

Today, I am off to Presque Isle in Erie, PA for Warbler migration. You would be amazed at the number of colorful warblers that can be found. I never knew they have such variety and can’t wait to show you.


Yellow and pink, the happy, happy colors in Spring.

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84 Responses to OMG – Get a Life Complainers!

  1. Unbelievable really Donna….I love your images especially the warblers…I love them and also marvela t the variety…I usually see them at the local nature center but hope to see more in the garden this year…have fun!!

    • Not at all! One blog I dropped was one many know. The other two are photo blogs. A simple click keeps them from appearing in my reader. I know some have done that to GWGT and I certainly understand that happens. I am not one to moan about it.The warblers do not usually visit gardens, but where you live in relationship to the state park, I can believe they would.

  2. I guess I don’t read those blogs. However, I do think you can blog for yourself and not for readers. But obviously if you want readers, whining doesn’t help!

    • I don’t anymore either. They did not start out like this, but I think after many years of blogging, it can get frustrating when viewers disappear. I never understood blogging for oneself in the respect of not ‘wanting’ viewers. With net neutrality, we all may be losing readers. It is similar to what FB has done, they choose what we see. Pay a high fee and they dole it out to everyone. It would be sad if the net went in that direction. Many could not pay, nor would they.

  3. Remember I told you your post on ‘why blog?’ was instrumental in pushing me off the precipice to start my website/blog? Well, this one would have done the trick, too. One of my biggest hangups with facebook and other social media is the very narcissism mentioned here. (Yes, I do understand its merits of keeping families/friends in touch with each other, etc!)

    And as for these photos…as you say ‘OMG!’ Especially the yellow bird in the midst of the yellow flowered plant…(forgive me for not knowing their names, please enlighten me)
    A little complaining is only human; making it the focal point of one’s on-line presence…well, we’re in agreement on having a life beyond blogging! πŸ˜‰

    • I do remember! I do not like FB. Too many bloggers went to FB and now that is all they do. I don’t care for all the trivial postings, and most is so mundane. The yellow plant is Weeping Willow, a very tall and old tree. In spring it flowers. I have a post coming up on Orioles nesting in that willow. What a beautiful combo of the tree and bird. So true, we all vent sometimes, but some blogs make it all the time. It is so draining reading posts like that. I checked the one blog I was referencing and yep, today it is that same old whining dribble. They will never get me back.

  4. menomama3 says:

    Such happy, uplifting photos to go with your rant! Nice counterpoints to each other. Blogging is just plain fun. It’s amazing to me that anyone would read something I write and I am eternally bowled over by the kindness of strangers in the blogosphere.

    Can’t wait for the warblers – bring ’em on!

    • Thank you, I did that purposely. I think blogging is fun too. I don’t care who visits my blog. I like the regulars of course, but even people visiting infrequently is wonderful. I like that I am still on their radar. Warblers up next. I was going to post on my own garden birds, and they will be shortly. Some pretty newbies in the garden this year. Many nesting pairs. I am still trying to figure out why so many nesting pairs of unusual birds are here. It astounds me this year.

  5. Sonja says:

    That little yellow bird fellow is just the best. What is the tree/shrub that matches him? Is that a tulip magnolia?

  6. swo8 says:

    Good show – bleeding hearts?

  7. Nick Hunter says:

    The images of warblers foraging among the blossoms are out of this world!!! The first one, in particular, will be etched in my mind for a long, long time. You captured the essence of the season with this post Donna. Nice work. πŸ™‚

  8. lelahb39 says:

    An adorable way to snap writers out of a venting rut! ; ) I really appreciated the beautiful photos you posted here! Thank you for sharing with your also inspiring words

    • I wish it worked, but it doesn’t. Each winter I try to motivate people to be happier in the season, but year after year, the same people complain about that season. Thank you, I am glad you liked the post.

  9. alesiablogs says:

    Why would anyone blog to complain unless it was for a good cause or to undo an injustice? In any regard, I will pass on those blogs for sure. On a side note the American Gold Finch was out in my yard yesterday and I just could not photograph him fast enough. bummer…Oh, darn I am complaining!!!!

    • I passed on them too, and a few more are on the chopping block. It really ruins a day when people complain. The Goldfinch is small, but an easy bird to photograph usually. They stay on the feeder and their bright color is easy for the camera to focus on, yet, yellow many times will blow out on exposure. No complaining!!!! I bet you get a nice image of one.

  10. gauchoman2002 says:

    Awesome warbler pictures! Well said about complaining/ranting/venting, a little bit might be OK, but too much of it can be a turn off. Now I’m secretly afraid that I’m guilty of it too…

    • I find a little is often warranted and an interesting read. It is when bloggers make it personal, like going after reader. Must we really be scolded? Some people make complaining a profession though.

  11. Your pictures are great! Complainers? I don’t follow them. It’s true, misery loves company. I don’t choose to fill my heart or mind with negativity!

    • I found that out reading the comments of others on the one site. A group of them all joining in the pity party. I almost wanted to leave a comment and say, “Be happy, life is too short.”

      • They have enough followers. I enjoy following like minded folks as I guess they do.

        • Could be, but I think they would be sheep and follow whatever this one blogger says, nice or offensive. It is always the same group of commentors on this one blog mentioned too, like a clique. I like following blogs like my own. I mentioned that to one person commenting below. I follow her blog because we have the same thinking on a particular issue. I find those I follow, usually follow here. After a person comments a few times and I visit a few times, I often click to follow if I like the work. If it sours like in the case of the three blogs noted, I click to unfollow. I also unfollow those that unfollow here. No point in wasting too much time with those that lost interest. Everybody is busy and a blog has to be super for me to follow if they don’t read here. And there are a handful like that.

  12. Bruce Goodman says:

    Astonishing photos! Interesting commentary!

  13. I think complaining, whining and ranting is too pervasive in media of all types in the United States today. Certain TV news channels and radio talks spend most of their time complaining about things rather than presenting facts and/or offering solutions. I believe some people feel it’s sophisticated to present material in this way. I don’t find it helpful.

    And when it comes to blogging, each blogger needs to have his or her own goals and find his or her own voice. Some do it for fun, some want to belong to a society of bloggers, some do it to educate people, some do it to make money. If complaining is your thing and it meets your goals, then that’s what you should do.

    • “If complaining is your thing and it meets your goals, then that’s what you should do.” Really Connie? I don’t think I would tell anyone to keep up the good work complaining. Like I said above, life is short and being negative all the time makes it shorter generally. At least doctors say so.

      • It’s not the tactic I take, but when it comes to media, it works for some people. Think of abrasive comedians and ranting talk show hosts. You don’t have to like them or listen to them. I’m just saying when it comes to writing for publication, you should know your goals and know your audience.

        • Now I understand what you mean. Comedy is different and this behavior is somewhat expected. Same with talk show hosts. I think what got me about these three blogs is they got really personal. They went right for the reader and as a reader, I was taken back. As a blogger, I felt the same way.

  14. Pat says:

    Stunning shots!

  15. First of all, Donna, this was very well written and I know exactly what you mean by those bloggers that constantly complain about something. Gee- get a life or a job people.
    I thought a lot before starting my blog, and I’ve changed a little from my original direction on where I was headed in writing the blog. But, I think it was for the better. I think we learn from each other, and some things appeal to us, and other items we take with a grain of salt and discard by the wayside.
    I know I’ve learned a lot from you, personally, and you’ve helped me quite a bit. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us whether in gardening, birds and nature or photography!
    Your photos in this post are absolutely stunning! You photos are award winning! Thanks again!

    • Thank you Sue. I knew there would be at least one person having read a blog like this. I know many know one of these blogs. As a regular reader for about five months, I found that these kind of posts was all this person writes in the last few months. I thought they would get “happier” as spring came, but it actually is getting more negative. Time to say adios to them.

  16. Exactly …we are supposed to be doing this for fun and you, my dear Donna are the finest example! A creative and caring person contributing with every post towards a better day. I will never get tired of saying how your photos lighten up my day! πŸ™‚

  17. igardendaily says:

    Once again, your photos are glorious and something I could literally look at for hours!!!!! Amen to everything you noted about blogging! I personally have had very little exposure to that sort of blog, but seriously, if the tone of a blog is like what you mentioned, who the “H” would take the time to read it! In my opinion blogging is to be fun and an avenue to share a passion with others. People’s passions are usually something enjoyed! It’s that simple.

    • Since all three blogs were not like this before and were always mood lifting, it really became odd they started going after readers and other bloggers. I think people get bored and go the “shock” route thinking it will increase readership. I like being honest and saying what I feel, but not to the extent of offending others. I agree, passion should be joyful.

  18. acuriousgal says:

    I appreciate your blog and your beautiful images. Don’t like belly aching!!!

  19. Gorgeous photos, and I’m right there with you in your rant. Blessings, Natalie πŸ™‚

  20. Indie says:

    Wow, thankfully I haven’t really come across blogs like that! I usually mainly read the posts of blogs I follow, and I would be quite unlikely to want to follow a blog full of whining like that! πŸ™‚ Beautiful spring pictures!

    • I was really shocked at one of them. It is a photo blog and the blogger laid it out for all of us readers. He felt people should visit his blog because his work is just so worthy and he told us he would not be visiting us. Too much time to do that. There was only two comments on the post too. I bet we both left him in the dust.

  21. lucindalines says:

    I hope none of those complainers is me. Yes that was bad grammar. I have been thinking of doing a piece about what gets hits and what I have been doing when I have no hits, basically out living I guess. Anyway good points and super duper pictures as always, keep sharing.

  22. My Heartsong says:

    Oh, those beautiful pale colours of spring-so thoroughly enjoyable, especially the bleeding hearts(no pun intended?)against the green and yellow on yellow of the yellow warbler.Hope you had a good mother’s day-I just did..

  23. Well said! Very provocative and needed post. The reasons to blog are numerous, but a blogger should never take on the readers, that’s a terrible mistake and those who do it, have what they deserve. Pink and yellow, great combination in images that are so joyful!

    • I thought the same. Why insult your readers or scold them for not visiting enough. Having many readers makes this more palatable, but even so, don’t make the readers feel bad for not visiting enough. If they don’t just don’t visit their blogs and be done with it. I think people say a lot more on the web than they would face to face.

  24. Rose says:

    Such gorgeous images of spring! I was just going to look at your photos and skim through your post, Donna, but after reading this, I can’t leave without a comment. I’ve read a few blogs like this in the past, and I agree if all someone is worried about is stats, then I’m not going to visit them very often. I don’t get nearly as many comments as I used to, but I don’t worry about that anymore. A lot of the bloggers I follow spend more time posting on Facebook these days, and in the spring I know people want to spend time in their gardens rather than on the computer. I don’t post as often as I used to, and my attitude toward blogging has changed, too: blogging is a great way for me to keep a photo journal of what is going on in my garden, and I do enjoy the “conversations” with my blogging friends. But it’s not a popularity contest–I’ve got more important things to worry about, like the weeds popping up all over my garden:)
    By the way, I read your posts whenever I can because of your beautiful photography and the interesting info I’ve learned, especially about birds.

    • I think spring is glorious this year. I had a feeling it would be with all the plants blooming at once rather than sequentially. My front garden is all a bloom with bulbs and phlox. The bees are having a good time. Someone the other day asked how many followers GWGT had, and I was not even sure. I appreciate all of them, but I always visit those visiting here in comment, so I do learn of them after a time. I spend my free time birding because it is very relaxing and always has a new surprise. This week is our garden sale and I guess I look at the garden more as work since I am often in the gardens of others too. My own garden is more for the enjoyment of others than myself, and my enjoyment comes from their enjoyment. Garden visitors like the birds and insects make my day. Thank you for your nice comment.

  25. Annette says:

    Alas, you really made me laugh, Donna – thanks for that! I don’t ever come across blogs where people complain constantly. Where do you find them? No, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know ;). Such beautiful images singing the praise of spring and life. I love it!

    • I followed one for a while, but this year it turned so negative. They became a ‘blogging expert’, like the rest of us had much to learn. I think what people do need to “learn” is how to not make others feel bad after reading other blogger’s posts. “Dust on a table”, my gosh was that mean to both the blog with followers and the readers that follow them.

  26. Patty says:

    I guess I am lucky not to have come across the complainers. However I have no doubt they are out there. I look forward to seeing your warbler photos from your day trip. Was that a Blackburnian warbler ?

    • Some people complain in just the “nicest” way. They disguise their real feelings with passive/aggressive wording but the reader is not stupid. They know when a blogger is just plain grumpy about them. That is a Magnolia Warbler in this post, but I have the Blackburnian coming up. It is such a colorful bird, I was floored seeing it. I could not get a clear shot of it, but I think I will see another one before warbler season is through. We are half way now. Throw in orange and that bird is like a fire that is burning bright.

  27. gardenjoy4me says:

    Hi Donna .. Your pictures are stunning girl !
    I have to say I feel sorry for the idiots that blog for the hope of “fans” … they have to be lacking something in their lives I guess.
    I blog for “me” myself and “I” .. to keep a journal of what has been happening in my garden and when, so I can compare the progress year to year .. I do appreciate anyone that stops by with a nice comment,don’t get me wrong there. But I don’t “live” for that to happen … and at this time of year I am usually too busy in the garden or too darn tired to sit at my computer and blog at length.
    In any case you gave me a few laughs girl .. thanks … and kudos on those pictures. We have been invaded by Goldfinches and a few other sweet birds .. so that makes us happy : )
    “If you FEED them … they will STAY !” hahaha

    • Thank you Joy. I think the one blogger I was referencing also feels that way. Blogging for fans is not the best use of time. I agree with that, so in a way I understand the issue brought up. The problem with blogging for fans is the reciprocity expected. Not the actual reading of a post and thoughtful comment which makes reciprocity a good thing. I wrote a post that I never published that talked about these people that troll the net and take rather than give. All they want to do is get rather than give. That seems selfish to me. I myself visit those that visit here, so I think I give of my time too. I think it is the right thing to do, but some do it only to gain readers, not really strike up a conversation or create a relationship. People quickly learn of the takers and any relationship is ultimately lost.

  28. milliontrees says:

    Your readership is HUGE compared to my esoteric little blog. Complaining about that would just denigrate my blog which could reduce my readership. As you say, what’s the point?

    This is a particularly beautiful batch of pictures. No wonder you have a huge readership!

    Enjoy your lovely spring. You folks certainly deserve it after the hard winter you endured.

    • Thank you. I think readership is based on what is published. People know when posts are heartfelt and honest. They know when work is quality too. I like your blog and all the research you do. I like the controversy in your subject matter also. I know some of that is because I agree with most of what you publish, but I am open to various views whether I agree or not. You should have a greater following, but this gardening crowd is not likely to take your side on keeping non-native plants. In my next post, I show some non-natives bringing in those warblers by the hundreds. Far more warblers are at this manicured garden than are even in the woods where they “belong”.

      Since I feel as you do on this subject, and I work to have my garden service nature, I take the same path as you keeping plants that are useful to wildlife, native or non-native. I wish people were more open to the reasoning behind it. It is like my swans post. It bothered me that the swans seemed to have minimal effect, yet the state wants to kill them because they are non-native.

  29. Gorgeous photos of the warbler (yellow warbler?) We’ve had some unusual sightings lately – but very frustatingly no photos! A couple of sightings of indigo buntings and one glimpse of a scarlet tanager – talk about dramatic! Also some kind of warbler, not sure the species – maybe a Magnolia warbler? – that we’ve seen a few times. As regards to these blogs, I guess I will count myself lucky that I have not come across the ones you speak of. I will admit to obsessing a teensy bit about the number of views I get, but it would never cross my mind to complain that others were getting more than I – as if there were some obligation to view my blog that people were not living up to. Pretty absurd, really.

    • Yes, yellow warbler. My garden too has had the “new” birds and many mating pairs of them. I am dumbfounded as to why. I have a post coming up “First Time Garden Visitors in 2014”. It is not the food since I have been feeding the same for years. I think there has been a change in how birds are experiencing the seasons. I am trying to find this out and see what science has found. Three nesting pairs of Grosbeaks has got me giddy. It is such a beautiful bird and I am amazed they are hanging around. The nests might be in the Pine tree on my neighbor’s property. I too have seen the Bunting, and Tanager in wooded areas. Both are stunning birds.

      I never saw you obsessing on views. You do pretty well in that department from our talk last year. Nothing to kvetch about. I was really shocked that two of the blogs were complaining about readers in this manner. I think they must have noticed their readers elsewhere to precipitate the rants. Something set them both off, which in turn, turned me off.

  30. Hoover says:

    Marvelous photos!

  31. I guess I would agree with Carolyn and Rose all the way! I don’t usually read comments from other bloggers before I leave a comment, but I was curious about the reaction to this post. I don’t even keep track of my stats, except to check them once in a while to see what types of posts people like. But mostly I blog for the fun of it and to keep a continuous record of the garden … and to keep learning from other gardeners! While I understand that some bloggers rely on the income from ads or readership on their blogs, I would guess it’s counterproductive to whine about lack of readership. Maybe it’s better to take a break and come back when the joy of it all returns.

    • I blog only for fun. I gain nothing from blogging, except photo sales now and then. I don’t offer them for sale, but I get requests and that is nice. I also get requests daily for ad placement on my blog, but never even once considered to do that. I like the freedom to write what inspires me, even some bonehead thing a blogger might do – like insult or scold readers. Ad placements always have strings attached. If I was still doing marketing (as a side job at the architecture firm) my marketing hat would be steaming if someone insulted or scolded a client. Yes, very counterproductive. It makes you wonder if they planned blogicide.

  32. Yellow warbler on willow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. A.M.B. says:

    Beautiful pictures! There have been quite a few blogs I’ve stopped following when they became too gloomy. I certainly have bad days, but I try not to take it out on my readers!

    • It has become an epidemic as of late. I think people run out of interesting things to post and readers wane – then the complaining starts. But what many are not realizing, this time of year is wonderful for subject matter, but also means bloggers have less time to be on the web. Nice weather means people get out more. All they have to do is wait. May is the busiest month on my blog, and oddly, January is second. You made a good point. “I try not to take it out on my readers!” Always a mistake.

      • A.M.B. says:

        Yeah. When nice weather hits, I certainly hope people are heading outside instead of “playing” on the Internet. My allergies are keeping me indoors this May, though. I can see why May would be a busy time on your blog. I bet there are lots of people looking for gardening inspiration from you. For my little book blog, there isn’t really a “season” for traffic. Enjoy your day, Donna!

  34. bittster says:

    Your pictures are completely amazing. These are all from this spring, right? I’m 90% sure that’s the case but I can’t believe you are so productive with not just pictures, but quality pictures of moving targets! I struggle to get a usable picture of stationary plants πŸ™‚
    For some reason I love the warbler in the willow pic. I saw a few others mentioned it as catching their eye too, and I guess it’s the color on color look, but it’s really a magic capture of just the right bird, right pose, right background.
    I guess I’m lucky enough to miss out on the complainers, and although my stats are almost compulsive for me now, I don’t think I’ll ever bother to go out of my way to change them. I can barely find the time for a weekly post!
    I always found the you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours mentality of commenting and following to be a bit weird. I follow plenty of bloggers who likely have never visited my own blog once, and I’m fine with that. I actually prefer that to the courtesy “likes” I get for posts that were never even viewed by the like-er… trust me, my stats are so low I can tell when a post is liked yet not even visited!
    Did I mention beautiful pictures? They really are exceptional. Warblers are so small and active and hard to spot. Great job.

    • Thank you, Frank, glad you enjoyed the photos. I don’t do anything different ever to change my stats either. What happens – happens. I have the same feeling on likes. What is the point WP? Imitating FB? I have to admit, on some blogs I follow every month or so, I will only hit the like button in the reader. I know that is childish to do the same as they do, but I wish they came to GWGT and at least saw the post. Not seeing a post, how can someone truly like it? As for the reciprocity, I do that for a different reason. I learn of new blogs that way, plus like another wrote, it is a nice thing to do. I don’t follow many, but that does not mean I won’t visit those that visit here.

  35. Lyle Krahn says:

    You hit quite a few nails on the head with that post! And then I write a post where I am complaining:)

  36. First let me just say I was bowled over by the gorgeous photos of the birds/flowers today. They are amazing. – Next I must admit to being a bit “guilty” myself of one of your points. I often find myself pressed for time to comment on all the blogs that I follow and feel bad when I don’t get around to commenting as often as I’d like. I’ve actually apologized for it because I’m one of those people who hates to let others down. I enjoy having people follow my blog and want to return that favor on their blogs too. I have stopped commenting on some blogs because these people “never” took the time to comment back on mine and I just felt that it was rude of them. At any rate you have very valid points and I will keep them in mind when posting.

    • I too have little time, especially at this time of year. I know what you mean about commenting on each blog and every post – impossible. I do the same with those I follow. I may read the post, but not leave a comment sometimes. If they comment here, I always try and get back. I also visited garden blogs that never visited mine or left a comment. I don’t visit twice though after I leave a comment for them. Too many blogs, so it is not necessary to stick with those not even willing to see where their readers are coming.

  37. Cathy says:

    Donna, It’s so nice to re-connnect. I always used to follow your blog and many others through Botanical (don’t know whatever happened to that site but I miss it enormously) and I’ve been trying to find my favorites through comments posted on other blogs we mutually visit and by visiting links from comments left on old posts on my own blog.

    Your rant says everything I would want to say only better…. and your photos are amazing! I, too have issues with FB…. my page is very private, and used primarily to share photos and health updates with family and close friends….. things I would not want to post openly on my blog. Our blog has suffered of late…. illness has kept me from posting as often as I’d like, but this has motivated me to try harder!

  38. Thank you for coming to visit GWGT. I appreciate you stopping in. I did have to go back 21 posts to answer this comment, and was surprised at reconnecting by commenting on a post a month and a half old. I am sorry to hear you have been ill. I hope you don’t take this post personal in any way because the blogs of which I spoke were all ones I have very recently stopped visiting, not ones I have not heard from in long periods of time. Between my work, garden related activities that I help organize, clubs I engage, and posting so frequently, I myself give most attention to blogs that visit here – having no extra time for those that don’t or do so once or twice a year. It is just time constraints, never anything personal. That really is the sad thing about blogging. No need to try harder, your posts were always fine in all respects. I do hope you do reconnect because I do enjoy those that visit here.

    As for Blotanical, I don’t miss that site or others like it that popped up later. I found that blogging is far more enjoyable without the annoying competition that developed on that site. I was very lucky there that my blog was very popular, but some individuals really liked to “rule toe roost” so to speak. More power to them, but some did it with “ill” intent to others. I enjoy blogging and that site made me think how trivial people could become. I found my blog got far more visitors (those that really enjoyed what I was writing) after leaving Blotanical.

    I hope you do return to GWGT, I always enjoy your comments. You put a lot of thought into them.

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