A Garden That Changes…All Those Blues


Pinks take on the purples and blues as the season marches on.

Catnip-PrimroseAs I mentioned on my last post showing the garden, the kaleidoscope of the color wheel turns. Next on deck is the yellows and reds.


Cool color turn hot and feisty. The front garden is shown above. More flowers and many spikes of blue…


I am often not home during this time of year, due to travel, gardenfest duties or work. This year if I stick around more, I will show the garden through the changes. You can note color and plant partners in the groupings.


I said too I would note what the plants the bee are foraging.


The last post from the garden discussed the Wool Carder Bees on Salvia. I notice the bees really like the blues in my garden and the wool carder loves the Salvia. The native bees especially love the sage, both white and blue. The two images below are the Salvia the male Wool Carder bee was protecting.

See the post last year on the White Salvia, Salvia nemorosa ‘Snow Hill’ for Pollinator Week – Get Close to Your Insects. It shows the garden on June 18th. The White Salvia is opened now too. OK, there is a bee in this post, but only a bee butt.


Specialist bees emerge from their nests at the same time their host plant begins to flower, that is why certain flowers are a buzz with bees and not others. Generalist bees go after many types of flowers.



This post is not about the bees though, but the flowers in the garden. And I am expecting a lot of pollinators this year. Bees have picked up since the post, Just Because I Like to See My Bees Big. Flowers are awash in bees since the native bees finally arrived. But, I cannot refrain from showing a few garden visitors that are blue.


I have to admit loving when the dragonflies return. Here are two male Pachydiplax longipennis.



I added some annuals this year like I do most years. The insects love the verbena and Salvia. The cosmos and zinnia should get a few hungry critters.


The peonies keep the ants happy.




Bees love the chives, but I promised no bees.


Back-Bed-6-5-14-2So much to show…



The garden is in the pink.








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47 Responses to A Garden That Changes…All Those Blues

  1. arlene says:

    What lovely pictures! I am so impressed. And I love your header 🙂

  2. This garden is a blessing, Donna and so are your images. A color burst of beauty!!!! 🙂 xx

  3. Love arm chair traveling through gardens – LOVE the Pops of Colors too 🙂 That bee just stuck its head right in – ha! Happy Tuesday

  4. The colors in your garden are amazing! The combinations go so well together, too. I loved all the photos.

  5. Wonderful, beautiful post and garden. I loved it all. Thank you!!!!

  6. What a beautiful garden this is. A true English garden award winning worthy. What a wonderful gardener you are.

  7. I just love your posts! If the rain stops I want to tell my flowers how your are showing them up and that it’s time they get blooming : )

  8. elisa ruland says:

    I enjoyed this fabulous series, and that bee taking a nosedive into the pollen made me smile.

  9. Beautiful combinations, Donna. What type of Columbine is that in the last photo? I noticed the bees are now moving from the Bleeding Hearts and other fading perennials to my potager garden. (Yay!) The Salvia nemerosa and some of the annuals are in full bloom, so they’re having a pollinator party–one of my favorite things to watch. 😉

  10. Debra says:

    So much to love here. Great eye candy. I wonder if all the cool blues have left me feeling so refreshed or if it was your compositions. Either or both … All I can say is thank you.

  11. lenaericsson says:

    The changes I think is what makes the garden to the perfect place to be in. Never gets boring. 🙂

  12. Alisha says:

    another beautiful post indeed , Donna thank you so much for sharing.

  13. Gorgeous photos. What a pleasure it is to view your posts Donna ….

  14. Beautiful color combos. That is an elegant single pink peony. Do you know its name? I like the singles because they don’t flop when it rains.

    • I have only single now. I was given this peony from my neighbor. It was to replace plants that were killed by piling snow one winter. It came from some mail order house, so no name was included.

  15. Phil Lanoue says:

    I’m particularly fond of blues and purples in the flower world so I got a real charge out of these!

  16. You have a lot going on in your garden. I have to say I’m partial to purple.

  17. Oh, you are making me swoon. The salvias look wonderful, and I especially like the pink Oenothera with – what is the blue flower? Salvia, delphinium?

  18. acuriousgal says:

    Your garden is simply stunning!!!

  19. Beautiful garden.

  20. A.M.B. says:

    Your garden looks like a magical place! My favorite flowers are usually blue/purple (except for peonies–Their scent is so lovely, I don’t care what color they are!).

  21. Beautiful photos, Donna. I remember a talk by RHS that said bees prefer ‘cool’ flowers, he blues, purples and whites. This garden must be a bee magnet! My own photography is taking a back seat this season and using iPhone mainly, while focusing on the hives and doing quicker inspections, so it’s lovely to enjoy your photos!

  22. I really adore seeing your garden beds and beautiful flowers…glad to hear more bees have shown up!

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