Garden Progress – The End of June


You might not think I have a garden for as infrequently as I show it on my blog. But here we are back for a garden tour of my garden. I have been posting almost weekly on my garden to show it as it transforms though color and texture. I am a bit tardy here with almost two weeks, but I have been very busy with garden walks. Soon I hope to be showing some of them. Above is the side yard, back and the bellflower is the show right now. Behind it is another old-fashioned bloom, sweet peas.

Now for what is the garden doing this week? Here are the previous posts to refresh…

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This set of images starts out in the front garden, June 30th.

Butterfly-weed-bedYou can view the garden pairings and whirlwind of colors. It is much different from the more sedate look it had when starting the growing season. Magenta makes the blue vibrate and the reds and yellows announce Summer.


Front-Garden6-30-14Looking across the front garden, the bright magenta pinks and deep blues really are a playful combination.


Pink-PhloxMany plants in my garden are long blooming or will rebloom. It is an important consideration having a tiny space as I do in this urban garden.

Red-roses-in-backgroundThere are still many pinks and blues.


Front-Garden-2The front garden is filled with bloom. The Flame Phlox really calls attention to itself and goes very well with Petite Wonder Monarda and Butterfly Blue Scabiosa. In the background Perovskia is just starting to bloom out. Fore of the Russian Sage, is the not yet to bloom goldenrod.

PrimroseThe Evening Primrose is still going strong, as is the catmint.

RosesAbove, the carpet rose is anything but a carpet. I never cut it back. Behind it is coreopsis and daylilies not yet in flower.

Pin-Cushion-FlowerI love Asiatic lilies. Blooming in the front, the whites and yellows are almost ready to pop in the back garden.


The daisies are just starting to bloom. They work well with the asters soon to come in multitudes, front and back. Insects adore them.

DaisyNow we move around back.

Lily-bed---MonardaThe lilies are a touch late this year, but you will see this bed packed with them in another week.

Yellow-LilyThe first yellow lily to open.

Hosta-MontanaI do have shade beds with lots of texture.

Fern-bedThe Happy Returns are the first daylily to open, but quite a few more are on the way.

Happy-returnsVerbena-BasketIs this combo not electrifying? Million Bells and Verbena. The two blue hanging baskets are also both plants, only in blues. I featured them last garden post.

Shade-BedYou can see some of the reds behind.  In the background is white Phlox. In the front yard the pink phlox is blooming.

CleomeBut you can see them here too. The Verbena is being taken over by the Million Bells. Yet being darker purple, they are harder to see.


I have cleome both in the garden and in containers. By the end of the season they are full and huge.  The garden cleome is getting very tall already.

Peony-BedThe peony bed never sleeps, even though the peonies do.

_MonardaSee the lilies reaching up?

Stonecrop-Sedum-bed My little steppable bed with sedum and stonecrop.

Believe it or not, I still did not show all that is blooming. I will try to get them next garden post.

Yelow-dayliliesSee my new blog, Nature and Wildlife Pics. Today we have beautiful golden dragonflies. Gosh is gold gorgeous.

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57 Responses to Garden Progress – The End of June

  1. alesiablogs says:

    So very beautiful. Donna–you make me smile with all your colors!!

  2. Loving the POPS OF COLOR – Beautiful – Happy 4th 🙂

  3. Wow! Stunning flower which makes one exquisite garden 🙂

  4. Very beautiful garden, Donna.

  5. And what a lovely garden it is! Blessings, Natalie 🙂

  6. igardendaily says:

    Very nice! I love those light pink Asiatic lilies! I can’t wait to see the bed packed with lilies in bloom too. You make it look as if you have a big space. Great job!

    • Thanks Andrea. The lilies are almost ready. No, the space is tiny. The back yard is 30’x 20′ and the front 30’x30′ roughly. I never really measured it except when I did the first design in 1985.

  7. acuriousgal says:

    Oh I’m so envious of your garden…truly lovely!! Adore the pink Phlox and the primrose along with the catmint…gorgeous.

  8. Those photos were wondrous! The colors and textures and just sheer appreciation of the glory of Nature. Thank you!

  9. Sherrie says:

    Dear Donna,
    You have the most glorious garden ever… Just makes me feel so happy inside.
    You are not just a fantastic photographer … Your are a wonderful Garden owner yourself !
    You have an eye for beauty and colour, no wonder you are so good at what you do.
    Nature is Life’s best therapy ! And your garden is a Spa….

  10. swo8 says:

    Your garden is lovely. Thanks for sharing with us. I was out weeding today and it is such a wonderful time of year. Happy Independence Day.

  11. I LOVE that picture of happy returns with the blue million bells (or are they petunias) in the foreground. My Asiatic lilies are blooming, but the oriental and orienpet probably have at least 2-3 weeks to go. Do you grow lilies other than the Asiatics? Also, you didn’t mention the butterflyweed – one of my July favorites.

    • I do grow a variety of lilies to extend the bloom season. The Orientals come in early August. The butterflyweed has its own special post coming up. I have it in the garden, but the post also has it growing wild in the meadows at the park. Yes, that basket is million bells and verbena, just like the “electric” basket. Thanks for liking that photo because I always feel like I should apologize on my own garden photos because I just run outside in the middle of the day (cloudy days lately) an snap a bunch of pictures. I know I should be more photographer-like, but for some reason, I don’t have the motivation in my own garden to make nice photos. I always try in other people’s gardens. It is sorta like garden design too, all the effort goes to clients.

  12. bittster says:

    Wow I love that basket with the red and orange, holy bold!
    You have so much color right now it really looks great. Who would have thought in January that we’d finally get here. Do you water regularly? I mean other than the baskets… Everything looks so lush!

    • No, I don’t water except for the pots. I have been lucky too having some annuals in the garden, plus a few of them are drought tolerant. We have been getting rain each week and only a few days were temps up to 90°. I am hoping this low 70’s lasts and so does the rains we have been getting in the evening.

  13. So many beautiful colours and textures in your garden!

  14. arlene says:

    I love, love your garden! What lovely blooms!

  15. Pat says:

    What a beautiful garden!

  16. Debra says:

    Happy 4th/ Love hte colour combos — almost like living fireworks =)

  17. My Heartsong says:

    You have the full gamut of colours here.The hanging baskets add to it all as do the greens. Lovely, and I like the feeders too.

  18. I just love your garden painting, my dear Donna. All those playful and imaginative brush strokes… 🙂

  19. Wow! Lots of color and beautiful blooms! It looks like everything is blooming at once. I love it! You are so talented with your landscaping and photography (and so many other talents)! Thanks for taking us on a tour of your yard.

    • I know it looks that way, but I do have many plants that just finished blooming and are now cut back. The sage for instance will be back come late summer. The foxglove does the same among others. Thank you for the kind words, Sue.

  20. Sarah says:

    Your flowers are beautiful and the hanging baskets are stunning. What an inspiration! I’d love to drink a cup of coffee there-so relaxing!

  21. Wow, you really pack a lot of color in a small space. Beautiful!

  22. I feel like I am almost out of breath, your garden is so stunning. I love how the colors play off of each other, they form this amazing tapestry. I see a lot of gardens and few, very few people use color and texture that well.

  23. It is so interesting to see your plant pairings that bloom together…in my garden some of these are bloom in different seasons. Your hanging baskets are super stunning! Hoping over to check out your new blog now…

  24. Beautiful, All of it!
    My garden is really just coming alive, so much lost this year in the cold, and most recent heavy June rains…but your images give me hope and I will plant again some of my favorites that I see in your images…!!!

  25. Some gorgeous colour combinations 🙂

  26. A.M.B. says:

    Stunning! I love it when you take us on a tour of your garden. I really like Asiatic lilies, too.

  27. Jennifer says:

    Your garden is looking amazing Donna!

  28. I really love the progression of color Donna and those containers are gorgeous…only a couple containers this year for me as my major planting time was spent healing. I have noticed so much butterfly weed all along the interstate here…sometimes large swaths of it…such a stunning sight…mine is growing and I am finding new patches which I love.

  29. Lovely garden – beautiful colors and healthy plants! Thank you for sharing these images.

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