Colorful Window Boxes and Containers Add Pizazz on Garden Walk Buffalo

Creative and Colorful Window Boxes

Creative and Colorful Window Boxes

Energy, excitement, dazzle, style, sparkle, vitality, flair, and even glamor. OK, window boxes and containers do all these things, but they also add the charm. They make the home welcoming and delightful to the casual passerby. Sun or shade, these gardeners know just what to plant to add that special something to their properties. Even properties that lack a garden boast window boxes or containers. You can see these gardeners out tending, dead-heading, watering and fertilizing their miniature gardens just as dutifully as those with gardens in the ground. They decorate doors, walls, railings, porches, balconies, fences and of course, windows. No space is left without something colorful. No pot left unplanted is the motto of some, and if the ground is full, they go up. They even fool you into thinking little gardens are bigger. Mirrors are popular garden tricks. Before I give all their secrets, let’s look at some of the best of the best in container planting anywhere around. All on Garden Walk Buffalo.


Shade gardening is an art in Buffalo. It is often more pleasant than gardening in draining, wilting sunshine. But Buffalo has trees and trees creating this comforting shade. It also creates gardening opportunities, not to mention it is less demanding when the thermometer is on the rise. See my post on a great shade garden, Train Garden and Shade Gardening – What a Great Combo. All the gardeners in the National Garden Festival know about shade gardening. Notice the shade plants, like coleus. Sweet Potato vine is also used liberally, but by season’s end their roots do push and tug at other plants in the container.

Buffalo knows how to put on the Ritz with containers and theater with window boxes. Notice how the planters coordinate so well with the painted and brick homes. There are many artists in Buffalo, but the gardeners here are talented in every respect no matter their background.


Now for more, much more… The gallery below shows the window boxes and the homes they decorate.

One thing to note, gardeners here will sometimes start their potted gardens indoors early in the season, or make use of the many greenhouse nurseries in our area for mature plants. With a shortened growing season, they get a jump on garden walk season to prepare their gardens for Garden Walk Buffalo. After 20 years of this event, these folks have growing gardens down to an art.

Since we are talking planters, check out the garden from the National Garden Festival Open Gardens. The post is called, How Many Containers Do You Maintain?

NOT A VIDEO. Click here for the video.


Check out a very well done video appearing on Art of Gardening with fellow blogger Jim Charlier, former president of Garden Walk Buffalo. Jim’s window boxes are in the gallery above. Check out his blog to see his garden. Well worth the blog hop.

Next, see the gardens created in tight places. Hell strip gardens and more.

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22 Responses to Colorful Window Boxes and Containers Add Pizazz on Garden Walk Buffalo

  1. Oh My Goodness – BEAUTIFUL:) Need a Sign – Do Not Mess With Guard Kitty – ha! Happy Weekend.

  2. Some very creative, and beautiful container gardening. It certainly adds a finishing touch to all the beautiful gardens. Those gardens are something to be proud of! And your photos are wonderful.

  3. Oh, I know! I’m so inspired by the incredible container plantings people design. My favorite combinations are bright pink Petunias with chartreuse Sweet Potato Vine and Purple Salvias. Or similar plants with similar colors.

  4. I have to get more creative with my window boxes. At least now I fill them. I used to be too stingy with my plants.

    • Seeing these containers and gardens does leave one with container envy. I fill mine, but am bad about keeping them watered. I don’t fertilize them either after Zehrs add the time release. I know it would help to do so too.

  5. My Heartsong says:

    Colours of houses sure have gotten more exciting over the years. And that cat! I know who runs that household, at least in its mind.

  6. bittster says:

    Awesome! I love a nice container planting. I was going to say house 5 with the elephant ears and brick and teal trim was by far my favorite, but then the one before that, and before that one, etc etc…. I would be proud of any of them and they all make me smile!

    • I am always amazed at the creativity in GWB garden containers. And the care they take. Mine only ever look that good after I plant them. I forget to water three times a day. My garden is coming up and I almost don’t want to include my container images.

  7. Alisha says:

    very very beautiful !!

  8. Just beautiful! I do like how they use the sweet potato vine, especially the dark cultivars, which is odd because I have always avoided them in my own garden.

  9. I like Jim’s garden. I have a secret passion…windowboxes. I have always wanted them, but I cannot convince my husband to attach them to the house. But I could try to find a few that would fit the picket fence and get my fix that way….ooooo….a new project to add to the redesign! Yippee!

  10. Inspires me to do more with my window boxes next year! Love the arrangement with the caladium. P. x

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