Thank You for Your Wishes



Summer has drawn to a close.

Now is the time to embrace the changes brought on by fall – the cool nights, the euphoria of the football season, the beauty of colorful leaves, and the cute kids parading as fairies and goblins at the end of October. The march of the seasons through all the hectic busy holidays is underway. For those of you that can get out into the brisk autumn air, it might even offer a relief from the heat of the past summer. It really is amazing how Spring was here not long ago, its late arrival hampered by a long, cold, snowy winter.



As autumn makes an entrance, now is the season to make the most of every day. Maybe the scent of freshly baked fruit pie catches your attention, or the sound of the breeze rustling the dried leaves, or the way the morning light graces the autumn landscape. These seemingly insignificant things are here to notice, here to appreciate.

As much as a blogging break seemed likely, it was a bit more not of my choosing. I mentioned before, I never run out of material or ideas for posts, but sometimes health issues are what kicks my butt into having the needed rest. Health issues also makes one re-evaluate time spent, assessing value and importance.



Thank you to those that commented on Going Dark, and did so without expecting an immediate return visit. I have been very busy with doctor appointments this past month and have another appointment in a few days. This blogging break will unfortunately continue for one more month.


Being absent from blogging has been regrettable with the many medical tests, appointments, a variety of specialists, hospital visits, and a particularly nasty upper respiratory illness, all of which filled the month of September and waltzes its way into early October.

Some interesting traveling is coming up though. No photos have been taken in over a month, so I hope to have many on my travels. It has been tough not photographing, something greatly missed especially at this time of year with all the color and textural interest. I see beauty everywhere and am anxious to find it where I am to travel.


Happy and smiling, I will be back blogging when I return from my trip. Leaving and leaves… both themes in this post.

Anyway, I thought I owed readers an explanation and will be back posting photos at the end of October or early November. I plan on enjoying each season in its glory of gifts – even in far off places. Thank you again for your understanding and well wishes.

No comments on this post because I won’t be able to read them or respond anyway, but I will catch up on those leaving comments on Going Dark. See those of you then…


I wish you all a wonderful Fall.

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