Fall in the Falls Before It’s Too Late


I have to say with my long absence and European trip, I pretty much missed Fall in our area. What color you do see in the images is straight from the camera. The golds and reds are making quite a splash, although way past prime. We had our first snowfall this past weekend, but temperatures are not really that cold as of yet. Days in the fifties, nights in the thirties.


Some trees are stubbornly hanging onto colorful leaves but as I walked my usual haunts I noticed how much I really missed this season.

I had the 105mm macro lens on the camera but quickly realized that all the beauty I captured last year of fallen leaves was pretty much gone. The tiny leaves above are laying on a bed of moss and were the only macro images I took. The leaves are very small and are not particularly the best color found. Just happened where they landed caught my eye.

Then a small American Kestrel carrying prey flies to a tree right above me when I have on the 105mm macro lens.


I switched out lenses for the 300mm and what flies by then but a red-tailed hawk (that tiny dot in the sky above). Usually there is not that much raptor activity, but another photographer stopped me to say a red-tailed was munching down a squirrel just down the trail. I figured birds were not in the cards and only having the 300mm I was not going to get them anyway, so I left the gorge trails and hopped on over to the Falls.

There I ran across some very tame gulls posing for the crowds. See my funny take on it over on Nature and Wildlife Pics.


I hope you enjoy the color I did find. Even with trees bare, the Falls makes such a nice place to be in Autumn. Next post, my favorite spot in Eastern Europe. I would bet you would not even guess the country!

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25 Responses to Fall in the Falls Before It’s Too Late

  1. diggingher says:

    The contrast of the falls with the city in the background is truly remarkable. Not exactly what you would expect to see.The Native Americans certainly didn’t have that view!

  2. We are a little past peak but still plenty of fall color around. The sugar maples and witchhazels are in their prime. Still can’t resubscribe to your blog.

  3. Mike says:

    Fantastic! One of my favorite areas of the country.

  4. We’ve had a beautiful season. Usually the leaves fall all at one with a freezing rain, but temps have stayed very temperate so the leaves are hanging in there. The squirrels are going crazy burying acorns though.

  5. Aquileana says:

    Such a marvelous gallery of photographs… An exquisite post over here. โญ
    Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you, Aquileana ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Winter is on the way here in Wisconsin! Sounds like we’ll have a deep, deep freeze in the next few days. And snow. The white stuff isn’t all that unusual in November, but it will be a little colder than “normal.” I know what you mean about missing the fall color. That’s what happened to us last October when we went to London during the peak of color. I can’t wait to find out what was your favorite spot in Easter Europe!

  7. My Heartsong says:

    Nice to see those reds.

  8. My first fall NOT in upstate NY, so I appreciate the beauty you shared!

  9. It looks like a lot of leaves are still hanging on there. Same here, but about the only colors we have on the trees are some browns and a few golds. Beautiful photos, and I liked the one of the curved shadow rail along the walkway. You are such an inspiration to me in photography and gardening! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Not to rub it in, but we did have a beautiful autumn. Even though it’s past peak, you still got great shots.

  11. Welcome back, you were missed, but your photos of your trip where nothing short of amazing. I am glad you were able to enjoy fall here in the US when you did return…Love the fall photo shots.

  12. I am pretty sure the colors you find come from within! Beautiful, Donna! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I haven’t been to the Falls in fall since the mid 70s. I remember how gorgeous it was too. Great images brought back great memories Donna.

  14. lucindalines says:

    Beautiful. We are expecting our first snow this weekend. Keep enjoying and stay warm, thanks for sharing.

  15. Karen says:

    Enjoyed your photos. Your weather sounds just like ours. Our trees are almost bare of color yet I can drive 20 minutes south and still see reds and golds. Unfortunately that will all be gone very soon.

  16. Beautiful shots. You still have a lot of color. You know, despite growing up near NYC, I have never seen Niagara Falls. As to your favorite spot in E. Europe, I’m guessing it was in Slovakia,

  17. Annette says:

    Can we ever get enough of autumn’s splendour?! Glorious colours but I bet the trip made up for missing autumn.

  18. Rose says:

    What a beautiful area you live in, Donna! You may have missed the prime time for color, but your photos still show so much of the beauty of fall. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys fashion shows, but certainly enjoyed your clever take on your nature blog of the gulls’ fall showing ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. bittster says:

    Sometimes missing out makes you appreciate it all the more next year. It’s always good to break out of the ruts now and then…. and it doesn’t hurt if breaking out of ruts includes a beautiful trip to Europe!

  20. debsgarden says:

    I enjoyed the fall colors very much. The leaves on the moss made me smile, as this could be from my own garden. Autumn is my second most favorite season; spring edges it out, barely.

    I always like your images of the falls with the mist rising up. By the way, I checked out the birds on your other blog, and I was quite entertained!

  21. Trying hard to think of your favourite European country, not so sure, I do know that where you live, and going by the images which you show us, Niagara, is for me the favourite place that I haven’t as yet visited.

  22. Wonderful post. I loved those pictures of the falls with the trees in the background, gorgeous. Of course all your photos were just a delight to see.

  23. A.M.B. says:

    Beautiful! I love the deep red and yellow of late fall.

  24. Alisha says:

    Fall is amazing, it is so colorful, thanks for sharing Donna

  25. Beautiful Donna! Are you settled after all the travel. I know you had such a marvelous time away. Welcome back.

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