Buffalo GOT BLASTED but We Get a Nice Day

Clouded-SkyBuffalo is under an epic 7 feet of snow today in some places, so no traveling this week. Roofs creaked then some fell. Niagara Falls only got much less than a foot, so I can take you around our area. Want to know about the famed lake effect snow? It occurs in the snowbelt areas of the Great Lakes Region and a few other places in North America. You just don’t see it everywhere that gets snow.

img-Uncut-Timelapse-video-shows-wall-of-snow-creeping-into-Buffalo-New-YorkThe image of Buffalo above is by Joseph DeBenedictis and Jason Holler of ABC News on WCVB 5, Boston. The image shows the Skyway – the elevated highway, and the wall of snow coming through. It is a still from the original video time-lapse.

Lake Effect occurs when a mass of sufficiently cold air moves over a body of warmer water, creating unstable temperatures, picking up moisture to drop inland in the form of snow. You can see it coming pretty clearly in the WCVB image above. Likely you already saw this video as it has been shown often, but if not, check out the WCVB site in the link above.

Since I could not drive to Buffalo because of driving bans and hazardous conditions, I thought to take you around Niagara County for a taste of our snow and cold. Nothing dramatic like what you see coming from Buffalo. The land temperatures determine where the warmer air and moisture hitting that wall of cold air will create the heavy snow. We get some, but not as much until our land cools. Come February and March, it hits us harder.

Above, the icy Falls. I will delay the post Eastern Europe Cafes, to show you more of this weather and also another weather anomaly. It is not especially common in our area and the Great Lakes regions, but it is similar to lake effect snow. Last year I recorded it here but did not report on it. It seems fitting to talk about it now.

Icy trees at the Falls are a common sight because of the mist at the Falls. You want some real Niagara Falls beauty dressed in ice.

See my post from last year, Niagara Falls State Park Under the Ice in Holiday Spirit, or Niagara Falls Is Not Closed, Nor is it Frozen – But It Is Beautiful. The images below are from those two posts.

Niagara-Falls-in-IceDecember 22, 2014 and January 30, 2014

Niagara-Falls-in-Ice-2Here are scenes of the same spot today. It looks much different because the Falls is getting new landscaping.

Tomorrow because our area is expecting freezing rain on Sunday, you will see a completely different landscape in the scenes above. Rain will persist with temperatures reaching 60° F  next week, bringing flooding likely to the Buffalo area having many feet of heavy, compacted snow.

In the setting sun at Whirlpool State Park, you see the trees and fall grasses.

The Lower Niagara River in Lewiston (wanna take a dip?) and fields above the Niagara Gorge at Lewiston. Both places are very scenic.

Fall11-20-14-3pmA view looking over to Canada through the trees in Whirlpool State Park.

Hawk11-21-14Just a peek!

On Nature and Wildlife Pics, a cool post on The Hawk and the Squirrels, (no, they did not get eaten) also Didn’t We See That Before?, with a link to a downloadable FREE e-book by professional nature photographer, Ian Plant. Well worth your time to grab this great book on one post and see why the hawk is looking down on the other.

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39 Responses to Buffalo GOT BLASTED but We Get a Nice Day

  1. Sherrie says:

    You captured the beauty and power of winter snow and it’s still only Fall for another month !
    Gorgeous photos… Do you ever use a happy snap camera or cell phone camera ?
    The wall of snow coming towards the bridge reminded me of a tsunami.

  2. You dodged the bullet, I was wondering.

  3. Thank you for this Donna. I loved this info. I’m glad you didn’t get hit that hard.

  4. It all looks beautiful, Donna! I’m glad to hear your snow totals weren’t as bad as Buffalo’s! I can’t even imagine that much snow on the ground, much less withing a short period of time! We don’t really get Lake-effect snow here (just tiny lake effect since we’re on the east side of Madison’s small lakes). But if a crazy weather system tracks this way, sometimes we get a substantial event–never in my memory anywhere near what Buffalo got. Wow! Anyway, your photos show your area in all its winter beauty!

    • It was a short period of time. Even when we got the snow it was inches per hour. Buffalo region never saw it this bad before. I cannot image opening the door and seeing a wall of snow. My husband said in the blizzard of ’77, they exited the house from the second story.

  5. johnvic8 says:

    Please, please stay safe.

  6. It looks like the kind of day where you walk through the neighborhood a bit and then spend the rest of the afternoon baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate and hot green tea…Stay safe.

    • I stayed in a lot and did bake pies, but it was only because I had no idea of how far the ban went. I found out, much of the City of Buffalo was opened, but no going to the mall or any store right outside of Buffalo.

  7. My Heartsong says:

    That time lapse video is amazing! If someone here says “Oh, it is going to get cold again”, we remind them that they should be grateful they aren’t in Buffalo. Of course we joke , no going to work, but just imagine how claustrophobic it would feel being stuck in the house and trying to dig out.Sounds pretty terrifying. And now they are worried about flooding as it warms up…I echo your words, “stay safe.”

    • I am concerned about the flooding. That is a lot of snow to melt in those areas, plus heavy rains are expected. Niagara Falls got 5 inches officially, but here we got a bit more, maybe 6-7 inches. It is hard to tell, because like in Buffalo, it packs down. It was heavy, wet snow.

  8. It was sunny here most of the week but cold. Always a pleasure to see the parks and landscape around the Falls and surrounding area.

  9. Spectacular shots, Donna!

  10. Rose says:

    What a beautiful area you live in, Donna! I’m glad you didn’t get as much snow as Buffalo; I have been watching the news, and it looks awful. We’ve had lots of snow in past years, but never so much that we had to worry about roofs collapsing–that’s something I hadn’t even thought about before. Chicago is another area that gets the lake effect snow, so I always hear about it, though I live downstate.

    • I could not believe how much Buffalo was on the national news. There will be jokes about Buffalo again. When they had the Blizzard of ’77, the jokes were flying and I was living in PA at that time. I did not get here until 1984. All the Great Lakes get Lake effect. The deeper ones like Michigan and Erie really hold the heat longer.

  11. lulu says:

    When you do get your blast of snow let’s hope it’s nothing near what Buffalo got. Been crazy about your pictures of ice covered trees which are so magical.

    • We do get it but usually later. Hopefully, it will not bring as much snowfall. Thank you. I love taking photos of the trees in ice. Next post has a lot of ice. It show the base of the Falls and all the plants living there are covered in ice.

  12. Pat says:

    Beautiful shots.

  13. Wow, you did get blasted. We got a couple of inches, but it’s already melted. The trees coated with fresh snow are very beautiful.

    • Our area did, not us though. The trees are coated in ice, not snow. Near the Falls, the trees are in ice much of the winter. Not so good to be a tree living there. Branches are falling constantly. They have the trees roped off so people don’t get beaned!

  14. Great post. Buffalo has been shown on TV here – major news so keep warm and take care. 😀

  15. debsgarden says:

    So much beautiful snowy scenery. I love to see it from afar! I cannot imagine being buried under 7 feet of snow. I saw it on the news and thought of you! I am glad you had just enough to make things pretty.

  16. lucindalines says:

    Interesting and beautiful. I have not seen much about that weather, we really aren’t told all that much about it on our local channels or perhaps I just ignore the weather a bit. Stay warm, and enjoyed the post.

  17. Beautiful scenery! It looks like another world!

  18. Karen says:

    Even living in Wisconsin, I cannot imagine that much snow in so short a time. I’m glad you were spared the worst of it, Donna. The road crews must be exhausted.

  19. Luckily for you (and us) that this Lake Effect storm missed us. We got a little snow and that was it. My niece lives in the area that got hit the hardest, and they could not leave their house for 6 days because it took that long for the snowplows to get into their area to plow them out. They just tried to keep the roof shoveled off so that wouldn’t cave in. So sorry for all of them. So much they had to deal with. I hope they will not have to deal with flooding from these warm temperatures as well.
    Nice photo of the ice around the Falls.

  20. I cannot imagine that much snow. Your winter photos look so pretty, the frosty trees seem almost magical in their wintery finery.

  21. A.M.B. says:

    I love your winter pictures!

  22. Lula says:

    It must be really hard, but the images are so beautiful, stay warm!

  23. bittster says:

    Beautiful. I remember lake effect snow from my college days, I couldn’t believe a little rain and snow EVERY DAY could ever be possible!

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