It’s Cold Outside, So We Are Not Happy, Right?

Jack-in-pulpetWell, there is just something about wilderness…

I know you gardeners need a fix right about now and I thought to show you some images to bring a little Spring your way. It is from a mountain property in the woods, with some of the images looking from inside the house to the outside woodland gardens – probably what you gardeners are doing right now. I bet some of you are parked by a window lamenting the cold weather and gazing on what you envision for spring. Am I right?

ThrushLet me further venture a guess. You have your hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire as the snow falls freshly upon your garden plots.

What you see through large windows is an ever-changing palette of color, texture and animal life in your gardens, big and small.

Inside-OutAll photos are seen from inside, except the first and last two macro images in the post. If your fancy is flowers, this property mostly has native woodland flowers. They are those that grow wild here. The appeal is the property as a whole, not individual plants or gardens. I do have a garden of a plantsman coming up, but it also has its wooded hideaway.

White-Breasted-NuthatchIn winter, snow makes the mountain property almost completely inaccessible. I love winter, but I don’t like being snowed in. I am not fond of a frosty face as I shovel the driveway, but I like getting out and about.

Window-ViewThere is no snow here in Niagara Falls at the moment, so I thought to show you some gardens I saw last May.

Inside-OutsideI have a few posts with a remarkable garden coming up, one you should not miss. But then again, most gardens I show are usually worth the time to see either on GWGT or in person yourself.

Thru-WindowThis garden is privately owned.

InsideOutside-1So I hope you enjoyed this private visit.

WrenI know all the birds that visit do.

MossBut as all gardening goes, not every form of wildlife is welcome.

Tent-CaterpillarsOn Nature and Wildlife Pics, Analyzing the Backgrounds in Photos. Lots of summer critters if you need to see some pretty insects.

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12 Responses to It’s Cold Outside, So We Are Not Happy, Right?

  1. Thanks for those views. What a beautiful place! 🙂

  2. Cold outside but so beautiful in here! Thank you for the warming post, Donna! 🙂

  3. Kevin says:

    I so enjoy how you view the world through your lens. Also, here in South Florida, “spring” is just beginning — and it’s so easy to forget that northern gardeners are chilled. Stay warm!

  4. Great photos. I like that you took these photos from inside. I liked the view with the furniture.

  5. Lovely selection of photos. 😀

  6. My Heartsong says:

    Oh yuck, I hate those tent caterpillars. But I love the shot of the desk or table and the view outside. I can picture myself sitting there.

  7. Lula says:

    Going back to one’s archives dives me a great pleasure, I guess you had also a great time looking back at your pictures from May.

  8. Great capture of the nuthatch with the bug!

  9. A.M.B. says:

    I love the nuthatch photo (& all the others!). I am looking forward to spring, but not to all the work I have to accomplish between now and then.

  10. What a treasure to be able to visit this private retreat….I would love it, but not in winter….and yes my face has been leaving prints on the windows.

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