Charles Cresson Gardens – Part 2 – The Pond

CC-Gardens-PondIt is hard to pick a favorite garden room on this property, but one that many might, is the area of the pond. Many moisture loving plants surround the pond and as you will notice, a rock garden gives some height to this space.

Primrose, Azalea, Rhododendron, iris and viburnum are all in bloom here in May. Many of the plants in this garden are specialty plants since Mr. Cresson is a collector. If you ever get to meet him, he is a warm and generous individual. He is so knowledgeable on plants, and as a designer, I was listening to every word.

Click through these galleries and you just might get some ideas for your own property. He has a great sense of how to use hardscape elements. Look at the walls, fences and red bridge. Notice how this pond blends seamlessly into the landscape and is enveloped by the plants that surround it. It really becomes a destination and exudes sense of place.

Next, I have images from around the house. There is a completely different feel to the spaces around the home.

CC-Gardens-5On Nature and Wildlife Pics, a bird you may have not seen before. I am not telling you what it is, so go have a look!

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28 Responses to Charles Cresson Gardens – Part 2 – The Pond

  1. lulu says:

    What I like is the naturalness of the designs you show.

  2. bittster says:

    Beautiful 🙂
    I love the trees, I think in general people are afraid to plant full size trees these days and go for “smaller plants for today’s smaller gardens”. I guess that’s a safe approach, but a big house with little trees always looks slightly disappointing to me.

  3. Annette says:

    So pretty and natural looking – such pics make me yearn for a proper water garden which I could plant not that wild pond we call our own but one day that might look different too.

    • I have quite a few “wild ponds” I feature on my blog and they are just stunning. Even though they look very natural and are not manmade, they do have the designer’s touch with edge plantings that naturalize.

  4. These are beautiful gardens!

  5. I love the pond. He’s made it look so much more natural with the ground sloping into the water and all the emergent plants. Lovely white primulas.

  6. Beautiful gardens, very natural looking, despite all the hard work. Lovely photos. 😀

  7. The pond area is magnificent in May. You really caught its magic. Charles loved your last post and will love this one!

  8. Alisha says:

    beautiful gardens

  9. Jennifer says:

    Wow! What a beautiful garden Donna!

  10. Charles Cresson says:

    Donna, your blogs about my garden are the nicest I’ve seen! Makes my effort seem so much more worthwhile. You have a great eye for bringing out the best in your garden photos. Thanks for a breath of spring in December!

    • Thank you Charles for having me. I very much loved visiting with you and was quite taken with what you have done in your many gardens over the years. The love of your gardens comes shining through at every turn. Carolyn is very lucky to have you as a friend.

  11. These gardens are stunning – so rich, colorful and lush, and beautifully landscaped. What a treat it must be to walk through and enjoy them in person~

  12. Indie says:

    So pretty! Love the pond. I was going to ask what those white flowers were next to the pond, but someone commented that they were primulas. Lovely!

  13. My Heartsong says:

    I would love to go for a walk in a garden with someone like you who could tell me the names of the flowers I am seeing. Lovely!

  14. debsgarden says:

    Truly my dream garden! So much to see. I wish I could walk through there in person!

  15. I love seeing ponds that blend so well…this was a treat for me.

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