No Ugly Landscapes

Tundra-Swans-flyingThis is just a view of a large water body of the Niagara River where the Tundra Swan can be found. It is not the prettiest landscape, but it certainly is not an ugly one either.

“God never made an ugly landscape, so long as it is wild.”  John Muir

Does this quote make you think? I know when I was young, I would never have appreciated the scenes in this post. I was a bit preconceived and bias in my views of what was pretty and what wasn’t. I think I believed landscapes needed to be green and lush if fields with a bright sun overhead. Mountains and trees needed to be in view. Water was a given. I now appreciate many various forms of landscape of each season or weather condition. I have expanded my views where you cannot help but believe Muir’s words.

But did you really look at what Muir said closely? “…so long as it is wild.” He did not say, there are no ugly landscapes.

I think he found a number of ugly landscapes that had the hand of man. God was responsible for the beauty found, but man came in and messed it up. You can say that about quite a few waterfronts in cities across the world. And why do you think water was so important for factories?

Tundra-swansIf you look at the graceful swans, God really did a great job there too.

There are countless places to explore all across this vast earth, places of immense beauty that few people ever get to witness. It seems a shame more don’t get to appreciate it, but then again, that may be the very reason the beauty remains.

Ice-at-riverThe greater garden of nature… next the gardens of Charles Cresson – Part 3.

On Nature and Wildlife Pics… some pretty rainforest birds.

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23 Responses to No Ugly Landscapes

  1. swo8 says:

    It is a pretty view. Just try to avoid those power lines etc.

  2. aussiebirder says:

    He sure did a great job Donna! Beautiful!

  3. Nicely put, Donna. As you know, Muir’s words and philosophy speak to me, too. I’ve had a similar journey with my perceptions of beauty. Until recently, I didn’t fully appreciate prairies. I thought of them as fields of grass with a few flowers here and there. But now when I visit a remnant or a restored prairie full of native plants, birds, and pollinators, it makes my heart sing. Your Niagara Falls area, as you have shown in your stunning photos, has similar beauty and wildlife value.

  4. I was going to say, before I reached your John Muir quote, that this place looks beautiful because it is untouched, rough, and wild, as it will still be long after we are gone…I hope.

  5. I love the ‘barren’ landscapes, when the trees stretch their fingers against the sky. Every image was lovely! z

  6. Love the quote from Muir. Some wasteland landscapes can have hidden beauty too as the wild moves back in. Great fly post and photos from 2013.

  7. There can be ugly pictures of landscapes! I think it is a talent to be able to capture beauty that other people can’t see. I love the image of the towers holding overhead lines reflected in the water.

  8. Rose says:

    I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of the wild in any season, too, Donna, and even in my own garden I’ve learned how lovely dried blooms and faded foliage can be. Your photos give even more proof to Muir’s powerful words!

  9. Your photographs and words are beautiful Donna. There is so much beauty in the untouched landscape and I too have learned to look even further beyond and appreciate the inner beauty of it all. Muir’s words are powerful and meaningful.

  10. I love the light you captured, for me it makes the color in your images so rich and inviting…I find your photos so engaging.

  11. Oh, so true: No ugly place indeed and I know of one person who is perfectly talented to portray it: YOU! 🙂

  12. Great post and photos. You did manage to take some beautiful photos of man made objects too. 😀

  13. Indie says:

    How very true it is that some landscapes stay beautiful just because people have not ventured there yet to mess it up. I must say, though, your photos make those smokestacks look quite scenic next to the water! Oh, how I especially hate seeing a wild bit of area marred by plastic bottles and other litter, much of which ends up in the ocean and harms the wildlife.

  14. I just love walking year around, weather permitting. I can’t stand those power line stations though. I’m glad I have routes that aren’t visually polluted by them. Great pictures!

  15. Muir’s words made me pause and think, Donna. I am a perfectionist (which is a fault, I believe) so I prefer my landscapes to be ‘perfect’ even before man messes them up. I must grow more tolerant as you have become. Please don’t get me started on what man has done/is doing to this earth of ours. It’s too distressing. P. x

  16. I especially liked the contrast of the industrial scene as backdrop to the swans.

  17. Muir sure had it right: only people can create an ugly landscape.

  18. Annette says:

    I don’t believe in some God making landscapes but I believe in the power of nature and find beauty in natural landscapes but man made landscapes are often rather scary.

  19. Aquileana says:

    Amazing landscapes!… And what a quote by John Muir: “God never made an ugly landscape, so long as it is wild.” Great post. Thanks for sharing and sending you all my best wishes!.
    Aquileana 😀

  20. debsgarden says:

    Your eye sees the beauty and translates it through the camera. Thank you!

  21. Nevertheless, some cities are beautiful.

  22. I completely agree with John Muir…nature is beautiful and boy has man messed it up.

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