Blue Eyes are Not Only for Santa


I am partial to blue eyes since I have them myself, but this pinto really has blue peepers with a merry little twinkle. I found it eking out a bit of grass in the snowy field. The jolly, Santa blue eyes really jump out on this painted pony. The horse even has a pink nose like Santa too!


Any way, I hope you have a White Christmas if you are celebrating this holiday. I hope you eked out all the joy the holidays have to give. Have a restful holiday season, see you when I get back. I am Pennsylvania bound, lots of horses there.


On Nature and Wildlife Pics, Santa is Real.

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20 Responses to Blue Eyes are Not Only for Santa

  1. Pony !!! It’s a cool Pony!! With blue eyes none the less. Love him.

  2. alesiablogs says:

    Elijah and I can’t believe how blue the pony’s eyes are in your photos!!!

  3. Beautiful beast in the snow.

  4. Lula says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Have a happy holidays!

  5. What a stunning horse! My dad has bright blue eyes like that, but sadly none of us kids inherited them–they skipped a generation to one grandchild. Did you know that warm brown compliments blue? Notice how the horse’s eyes are surrounded by brown and they really “pop.” Some blue-eyed people look stunning with warm brown around their faces. Anyway … beautiful horse, beautiful photos, beautiful you. Have a great time in Pennsylvania, and Merry Christmas!

  6. Beautiful horse and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to seeing more of your photos next year. 😀

  7. Beautiful photos of this very lovely creature – so soft and gentle-looking. The blue eyes are remarkable. I also have blue eyes and never knew that a horse could have blue eyes!

  8. My goodness, does this beauty really exist? What a Christmas gift, for you to have found it and for us to see through your eyes. Thank you, Donna! 🙂

  9. May your journey be safe and your holiday be spent enjoying the warmth of friends and family…Thank you for sharing your wonderful posts this year.

  10. A horse with blue eyes! What magic! I can’t wait to share this with my equine-loving friends 🙂 May you have a warm and wonderful holiday season Donna 🙂

  11. Annette says:

    I d0n’t think we’ll have a white christmas but after having had so many already I’m not that keen on it. Have a lovely christmas and I’m looking forward to reading your blogs in 2015 🙂

  12. Indie says:

    I’ve never really thought about what color eyes Santa has, but the eyes on that horse are gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful trip and a merry Christmas!

  13. Your photographs are beautiful and magical! Happy holidays to you!

  14. Sarah says:

    Beautiful picture! It could be on a calendar for horse lovers. 🙂

  15. Aquileana says:

    Beautiful horse with eyes as blue as the sky 😛
    Merry Christmas and happy New Year! ❤
    Aquileana 😀

  16. Those are stunning eyes. Seems we will have a green Christmas this year but I will enjoy it all the same. Merry Christmas Donna!

  17. lucindalines says:

    These pictures make me homesick for the horses on our farm when I grew up.

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