Cardinals in Hawaii?


I am off again on a trip to a sunny location, leaving the snow and Northern Cardinals behind, but rumor has it…

I will be seeing those birds on these tropical islands. I am leaving today to warm the spirit, follow the sun where it might take me and shake things up with a little change in latitude.


Trudging the crunchy snow underfoot, I make my way to the first of two planes taking me 2113 miles to Seattle then in three days, 2646 to Maui. Funny post time for GWGT? It is when the plane is to take off exactly. As I fly away…

I will still recall the wonder of winter in the Northeast as I travel with a suitcase packed with bathing suits. Being a good steward of the planet means taking good care of myself too, so I am taking off on a relaxing, carefree vacation with a friend for laughs and fun. The slow pace of winter has a lethargy that is fittingly welcome. I can use a bit of color and heat around me these days, I really can. Bye, bye white landscape.


I am leaving my studio behind and it seems I am making a habit of leaving at this time of year. And the Studio is Quiet…Yet the Cardinals Still Search.

This morning revealed a quietness like no other. No sun was shining through the fresh snow, but the snow was gently bending branches from the Norway Maples out front. The wind-blown snow was disturbed by tiny footprints of creatures who ventured in the dim morning light, hundreds of little bird footprints that wonโ€™t ever be duplicated exactly the same way again.

I noticed how fresh it all looked, and how in only a few brief hours it will look entirely different as the busyness of the day wears on โ€“ a day I will be 32,000 feet off the ground on my way to Seattle. My new camera has stayed home, and the little P510 is off on an adventure in Maui.


I bet these cardinals are mighty jealous of their brethren in Hawaii! If I post from Maui, maybe you will see a cardinal or two… amongst the colorful, tropical flowers.

Nature and Wildlife Pics says farewell too with a trip to the Buffalo Waterfront. Pretty images on a cold, blustery day. On GWGT, January 27th, I have a post called Stuff Photography Beginners Need to Know When Shooting Birds. For those of you wanting to know some tricks, stay tuned.

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56 Responses to Cardinals in Hawaii?

  1. Mike says:

    Have fun in Hawaii! I’m hoping your find a few specials birds there.

  2. swo8 says:

    Have a great time in Hawaii, Donna. The winter hasn’t been all that bad this year for us, so think we’ll tough it out. Don’t forget to post your pictures.

  3. alesiablogs says:

    I am watching the roads to the airport this morning lined with Hawk Fans! The 12’s are saying farewell to our Seahawks as being motorcaded to the airport! Glad their flight is early or you would have ran into a bunch of burley men!!

    • I am sitting in Detroit right now. When I left Buffalo, every thing was in ice, and it was snowing on top of last night’s ice coating. The runway even had ice! Anyway, I am extremely excited to see Seattle. My flight so far is on time.

      • alesiablogs says:

        The weather is gorgeous here! You got out on time I do believe!

        • I am sitting beside a gentleman from Seattle. Nice guy too. He told me it is 60 F there today. I have three sweaters on since it was 23 F when I left. Already I am feeling the temp increase. I am writing this from way up in the sky. I never get to sit this long on my blog, and I have three hours flight time left. So excited.

  4. Enjoy your trip in the sun! I look forward to your posts on your return of the flora and fauna of Hawaii!

  5. debsgarden says:

    Take lots of fabulous photos and share them all with us!

    • Deb, don’t know if you will see this reply, but I tried five times to post a comment on your winterberry post. Your blog is rejecting me. Anyway, I use winterberry in design and it is a great plant. I like your images of it planted waterside with the reflection. That is a wonderful application, the plant looks best in a natural setting where it has room to grow and be seen at its best.

  6. Love the pics of these beautiful little birds! Enjoy your holiday…

  7. Great photos and have fun in the sun. I look forward to seeing your colourful photos from Hawaii. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Have a fabulous time in Hawaii. We did see cardinals there with red heads and gray and white bodies enjoying some berries from a nearby tree. Enjoy your time in paradise and I can’t wait to see your photographs on your return!

    • I know they have a different Cardinal there, but the Northern Cardinal was said to be imported. I want to see the ones you saw since they look quite different. I am hoping to do a post from there, but like when I was just in Eastern Europe, the photos and post itself never looks as good with doing it on my iPad. In Eastern Europe, it was the Internet that was the problem and it was frustrating. I have no clue if our internet will be good at the condo.

  9. Virginia says:

    Such amazing photos, I am always admiring the beauty of these Cardinals at my feeders. They brighten up my suburban garden, and add some cheer during the cold winter. I will stay here with them while you fly off and enjoy the sun. Thanks for making our days brighter with your talent.The males brilliant red plumage against the snow is striking, but I am looking forward to seeing him and his mate against the Spring foliage as they raise another family.

    • You made me smile saying you will keep them company while I am gone. I really like the cardinals and each time I go away in winter, they are featured here. On my other blog, Nature and Wildlife Pics, I showed all the gray birds. They are pretty too, but those cardinals have such personality.

      • Virginia says:

        Yes I agree while I admire the Cardinal for his vibrancy, it is the chickadee that has become my favourite, In the winter months I love to look out of my window and see them playing and nibbling in the shelter of my fir trees. And on the calmer days I go out and chat with them as I place extra seed treats in the notches of my weigela bush where they come to visit with me.

  10. Are there really Northern Cardinals in Hawaii? Were they introduced or indigenous, I wonder. I’m sure out local Cardinals would be very jealous indeed. And yet, they do have the sort of brilliant red that might fit into a more tropical scene.

    • I read they were introduced. Since they are native to our southern states and were imported north, it kinda makes sense they were sent to the islands. You got the reason they were southern birds. They were better camouflaged amongst colorful flowers. Up north, the males are easy prey for hawks and it explains why the female cardinals are at feeders first. I guess the males are pretty smart sending out the girls for reconosence.

  11. aussiebirder says:

    Have a wonderful time away Donna! Your pics are always most welcome and beautiful, hope you see more on your trip away!

    • I hope to post from there. Right now, I am posting from high in the sky. Lots of time to be on the Internet. Thank you, I am glad my Cardinals get some love… such a cute bird in the snow. I always feel like they need little jackets since they actually originated down south. the little guys do pretty good in our cold climate and have Ben moving further north from here. New habitat awaits.

  12. have a great trip and rejoice in the warm climate and tropical flora. we don’t have cardinals here in ecuador, but there are two varieties of mockingbird! the long=tailed sings in my yard almost daily and sounds like i’m back in mississippi!

    have a great time! z

  13. Have a safe and pleasant journey, my dear Donna and take good care of yourself!
    Will be looking forward for your news, accompanied of course by your amazing imagery! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I just love seeing this cardinal in the snow. Enjoy your R&R!

  15. bittster says:

    Have a great trip and I’m looking forward to hearing about it!
    -Also looking forward to the photography tips, I can always use a few of those ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think I am in for a treat here in Seattle. I am amazed at this place, the mountains, lakes and city life are such a great combo for someone like me. As an architect, the bridges, buildings and the art have really captured my attention and my heart. I can see why people love living here.

  16. Laurin Lindsey says:

    Just catching up and it is lovely to hear you are getting a respite from the cold. Looking forward to seeing some beautiful pictures : ) Enjoy!

  17. Lucky you, have a great time.

  18. So fun to see these carnivals frolicking in the snow! I really love the female in that shot on the end of the short branch, all cozy and bundled up in her winter coat.
    Looking forward to the amazing garden and other nature shots I know you’ll be posting soon from Hawaii~

  19. Enjoy your much-deserved vacation! Perfect timing with all the snow out east. Our winter here in the Midwest is bearable this year–unlike last year, which was horrible from December through early March. But I will be escaping the northern latitudes soon, too. Interesting that Hawaii has Cardinals, too. I didn’t know that. Can’t wait to see your tropical photos!

  20. I think red cardinals in snow are my favourite though I look forward to pictures of cardinals on white sand beaches! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Indie says:

    Oh what a wonderful trip to go on in the middle of a Northeast winter! I look forward to seeing all the beautiful pictures. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. It’s on my list! Safe travels!

  22. Well look at you off again….and to HI no less….looking forward to seeing your thoughts as we are hoping to go to HI in a year or 2….we are told it is good to do it how you are by breaking up the trip out. And I can’t wait to see the pics you take with the P510. Have a blast as it stays cold and snowy here.

  23. Kevin says:

    Safe travels — and looking forward to seeing your posts and photos from Hawaii.

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