I’ve Got Breaching Whales…

But not here!


Sunset at Hale Pau Hana Resort

You get pretty scenery. No fear, the closeup photos of whales are but a click away on Nature and Wildlife Pics. Oh are those behemoths amazing. But so are the tropical sunsets that we are enjoying.


Fisherman on Hawaiian Beach

On this trip, we were quite lucky the beaches were not crowded, yet the people there were having a good time in the water activities.


Young boy on Hawaiian Beach

We were told the number of breaching whales was unusual for our whale watching tour. They do make sure the groups see whales, but as many as were breaching and as close to us was what was very fortuitous. I really urge you to visit my other blog, Nature and Wildlife Pics. Also coming up on Nature and Wildlife Pics are birds you likely have not seen… like this one.


Hawaiian Stilt

The place where we visited the whales had gorgeous scenery. As much as I wrestled with what camera to bring, I did bring the AW100 and the P510. Do I regret that choice? A bit since I knew there would be stunning scenery, but bringing a good camera to windy, salty beaches is always taking a chance. The two little cameras performed just fine.


From the boat was quite a view. Our boat was a research vessel and you will learn more on Nature and Wildlife Pics.

I hope you did not miss Sea Turtles on GWGT. They were a great find too. Talk about a BIG turtle. My gosh were they big.


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13 Responses to I’ve Got Breaching Whales…

  1. lulu says:

    The finds in nature are so camera alluring. Love your stilt photo.

  2. aussiebirder says:

    Is that a Black-winged Stilt? I love photographing stilts, especially how they reflect so beautifully on the wet sand.

  3. Hawaii is beautiful and your ‘from the boat’ view makes me feel like I’m literally sitting in the boat! Funny how names of birds vary depending upon where you are . . . here in my area, we refer to this bird as a ‘Black-necked Stilt’.

  4. Impressed that the beaches seem so uncrowded and unspoiled.

  5. There are perfect moments that remind you that life is good.

  6. kerlund74 says:

    Wonderful photos from a wonderful place! Makes me want to go there:)

  7. Looks like you’re having a great trip, Donna. Thanks for sharing some of the highlights. 🙂

  8. Karen says:

    Keep having fun, you’re getting some nice photos.

  9. Les says:

    Even though I am trying not to be envious, thank you for posting these Hawaiian photos.

  10. A.M.B. says:

    Tropical sunsets… Are you trying to make us jealous! 😉

  11. Stunning vistas….I don’t think I would want to leave the beach…

  12. we have stilts here in ecuado, and i painted a very large study of them this past year… it’s time to do more! am heading to the whale images next!

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